resize chart area

  1. A

    Specifying chart width and height Excel 2007+

    I'm rather new to Excel VBA and to be totally honest, the object model throws me a bit. So any help that you are able to give would be greatly appreciated. My environment: Win7 and Win8, Excel 2007, Excel 2010 I use a program called Advent Axys that embeds a chart within a frame in their...
  2. spacecaptainsuperguy

    resize a graph or chart based on paper size w/o macros?

    I've got a large spreadsheet that has a tab I keep graphs on...usually 3 or 4 graphs per printed page. One manager I send the spreadsheet to can only print up to legal size paper (8.5x14), the other prints on ledger size (11x17). If I format my graphs to fit on a legal size page, then it...
  3. D

    Resize Chart Area

    My Aim: Charts in Powerpoint 2003 that autoupdate on opening with a traceable source to Excel 2003, with high quality formatting. The Problem: The Chart size in Excel is not big enough, so the graph must be expanded in Powerpoint leading to font size changes, even when autoscaling has been...

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