1. Caribeiro77

    Paste Image and resize cell with VBA

    Hey guys, how you all doing... I have a question. How do i paste an image ( for example in cell A1) and automaticly resize cell to fit image Thanks
  2. J

    Resize Pictures At Once

    How can I resize hundreds of pictures to the same size at once?
  3. hatman

    Window Resizing and the CustomUI Ribbon Appearance

    I have a fairly complex ribbon tab for an application that looks quite good when viewed fullscreen on a 1024x768 display. But as soon as the window size gets smaller than that, all of the groups in the tab collapse to icons that must be clicked to display the controls. The default ribbon tabs...
  4. L

    Macro Automatically Paste Copied Image And Resize

    Hi, What I’m trying to achieve is if I was to google image a picture and the copy it, I want my macro with CTRL E to paste it into selected cell and then resize it to 3.77 cm height and 2.37 cm width. Thanks
  5. muhammad susanto

    Vba To Resize Picture in cell then extract

    hi guys.. i need your help .. i have extract/insert picture 4 pic from a folder in cell then i want that 4 pic can automatically resize and placed in cell star row from 84 to 87 (4 box cell) my arrow i hope can be explain.. this my file :
  6. E

    Need help with printing

    Dear Experts, I have a table and I wanted this to print on a letter head size paper with a 3.5 width by 10 height center to the paper. Also need table to auto resize if I add / delete rows. How can I achieve this. Adjusting the margins, will get me this size? Thanks and regards Eshu153
  7. S

    VBA code to resize picture

    Hello, I am trying to copy cells from one tab to another as a picture. It copies as a picture, but won't resize. Code gets an error after pictures.paste Thanks in advance. Application.CutCopyMode = False Worksheets("Orig-Plant").Activate ActiveSheet.Range("B2:N67").Copy...
  8. P

    Active X and Form Controls all seem to resize themselves on pressing

    I've been having this problem for years, that on pressing, my Form Controls and Active X controls (when used on a sheet, not in a UserForm) resize themselves, to the point that after a few presses, the size of the control is far larger than originally set, the font of the text increases as well...
  9. T

    Offset or Resize Selection

    Hi, I have the below code. I need to resize this to exclude the last row. In other words I want to keep all but the last row selected. Range("A3:B3").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select I've tried various offsets and resize combinations and can't seem to get it...
  10. T

    Resize function - does it work in 2003?

    I am working on a workbook that uses the following piece of code: <code class="vb keyword" style="font-size: 16px; white-space: pre; box-sizing: content-box !important; font-family: Consolas, "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono", "Courier New", Courier, monospace !important; border-radius: 0px...
  11. bs0d

    Resize Table to Last Non-Blank Row

    I'm using a query to dynamically populate a defined table in Excel. I'm trying to re-size the table to the last non-blank row, without success. I'm getting stuck on detecting the non-blank row. Here's what I've tried (two different approaches), both find the last row the table is set to, which...
  12. B

    Resize all Worksheets in a WorkBook to a cell range on startup

    Hi, I currently have a worksheet that changes range and zoom when opening on different resolutions on different computers. How can you have a script that automatically resizes all worksheets to the same cell range when the workbook is opened? Many thanks
  13. R

    Resize multiple pictures to fit their respective cell

    I need help resizing multiple pictures to their respective cells to which they have already been inserted into, here's the catch, If possible I'd like to do it all at once. I've tried: <tbody> <code class="vb keyword" style="white-space: nowrap; padding: 0px !important; font-family...
  14. J

    Find Text and Resize Row -- Add multiple "Texts" to find (instead of 1)

    Hello, I am using the following code to loop through my worksheets and find the text "Method of Quoting:" -- once the value is found, it resizes the row to 100 as I need. I would also like to resize the "Source of Data:" row and the "Description:" row. Is there an easy way to add these two...
  15. K

    How to return a limited section of an array?

    I have the following formula which sums the first i rows and j columns of a range ("MyRange") using Resize: WorksheetFunction.Sum(MyRange.Resize(i, j)) Now is there an equivalent VBA function which can be used with a general VBA array (and not just a range)?
  16. J

    Find Text and Resize Row Height - VBA

    Hello, I am attempting to find a code that goes through all worksheets in activeworkbook and searches column C for the term "Method of Quoting:", when it is found, I would like to resize that row height to 100. Is this possible?
  17. bs0d

    CodeJock ActiveX Controls in Excel Workbooks

    Anyone have experience using their ActiveX Controls in Excel? I've built a workbook using the standard ActiveX controls available from the developer tab directly in a sheet (Windows 7, Excel '13). I have issues with their behavior when viewed at a different resolution, or in Windows 10. Combo...
  18. L

    Code Modification Help Needed

    I need help modifying this code. When I use this code I need it to resize the picture to fit into the selected cell but keep the same aspect ratio. Also, is it possible to have the code compress the picture to reduce the file size? Sub piccy() Dim sFile As Variant, r As Range sFile =...
  19. D

    auto fit the cell

    Hi :) I am using excel 2016 and I want my cells to fix automatically, for ex., if I enter the text into my cell and that text goes out of the cell size then the cell should automatically resize it. I want wrap text to be done automatically. can any one help? Now I am using the below code it...
  20. M

    How to apply the resize property to an active cell

    Hi there, I would like to ask for help on how to resize based on the active cell location. I need the macro to copy the last 20 rows (Jan) of my existing data to generate the same formulas for the next Month. This is the code I recorded/edited. Range("A2").Select...

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