1. B

    VBA Selection Resize by One Col Right

    Hi, Been trying to work out a selection macro. The range to be selected is within a Pivot table and will be run monthly, so the range will grow in time. The below works but it needs to extend one column further to the right. The table is set up as follows: A5 is Row Labels and B5 to...
  2. W

    Controls change size when clicked

    Hello, I have a Excel App that developed in VBA and the controls on one particular worksheet automatically resize when I click them. I have changed the lock property to true and autosize false is set to false. But still the text in the button gets smaller and smaller everytime it is clicked...
  3. B

    Scaling for different Monitor resolutions

    Hi, I have always dealt with different monitor resolutions by detecting the current video card settings using the windows API and using the results to zoom the document in or out as appropriate. Doing it this way has always annoyed me as words start to wrap and graphics can sometimes seem...
  4. O

    Rezise Range

    Can any one tell me why this does not work please. Runtime error 1004 Sub Ave_Data() Dim NumRows As Double Dim Avedata As Range Set Avedata = Range("A81:M1515") NumRows = Range("Avedata").Rows.Count Range("Avedata").Resize(RowSize:=NumRows).Select End Sub
  5. A

    Adjust Zoom after Resizing the Window

    Hi! I'm new to - it's highly recommended by an associate. Here’s the question: I've created a summary report with VBA code that resizes the sheet to fit the size of the window - just like using Zoom to Selection. The code runs whenever that worksheet is selected. If the Excel...
  6. V

    How can I resize excel sheet to fit to my use.

    Hi Friends, I have an excel sheet in which I am using only A1:G32 cells. Rest all of them are blank and of no use to me. I this possible that I can remove them completely so that they shouldn't appear at all on the sheet instead of remaining blank.
  7. S

    Macro to set print area, select pivot table portion

    I have a workbook containing a sheet that lists several possible line items in a price quote, and a pivot table containing those items selected by the user to be displayed (using checkboxes and a report filter). I want my users to have to do as little as possible to go from selecting the rows...
  8. Z

    Mysterious Buttons & Drop Down Lists!!!

    I have some buttons/drop down lists created by the Control Toolbox in my excel spreadsheet. I have 2 computers at work and I'm running Excel 2003 1) on a PC, 2) on a Mac (using a windows emmulator - VMWare) Everytime I press a button on my spreadsheet on the Mac, the text in the button, or the...
  9. Jay Baker

    Resize Screen Help!

    Have been using Win2k/Office2003 for some time now on 2 monitors. I have recently upgraded to a new computer WinXP sp3/Office2003. I used to be able to drag my workbook across both monitors, but now excel won't let me. I used to unmaximize the workbook and just drag the lower right hand...
  10. L

    Resizing array to select similar sheet names

    Hi all I have created a script which attempts to grab data from a master worksheet and then select and manipulate 'like' worksheets (at the moment I've just put at msgbox as a place holder). The thing is I'm having a problem with resizing the array. As a result the first sheets are selected...
  11. X

    need to stretch a pivot table longer than one page? :O)

    Hi there, it's probably simple, but I and everyone else here can't figure out why I can't grab a point of the chart and stretch it (resize it) longer than one page. There is too much information for one page to be readable. Thanks!! ;)
  12. M

    Incrementing letters, ignoring blanks

    Good day to all, I have a spreadsheet that I'm designing a quote template in. I want the different items of the quote to have a ltter beside it that auto increments, even if a line is skipped. Right now the formula that I'm using is =IF(D59>0,CHAR(CODE(A58)+1),""), but that only works if...
  13. S

    Resize pulldown menu

    Can the pulldown menu be resized? I've seen it done but don't remember where so I think it's doable but don't know how or where. I do not want to change the cell size just the pulldown. I've seen it where the user can drag the corner of the pulldown to resize it. Thank you, ~Sreyes
  14. X

    Auto resize specific collumns

    i want to make collumns 1-14 And 16-32 To Automatically resize to fit in any additional text added (E.G. collumn 17 currently has 144 in most collumns, but am wanting to change one to 1475963 which will not all be shown in that cell, I want to cell to automatically enlarge to beable to show it...

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