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    Syntax errors

    Good Morning, Trying to compile a workbook, I keep getting a few errors. Here are the first two: Syntax Error: Function TotalAdder(RCell As Range) 'Begins Error Handling Code On Error GoTo Helper Dim xIndex As Long Application.Volatile xIndex = RCell.Worksheet.Index nsheet = Left(Tname...
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    Workbook Closing closes other open workbooks

    I have the code below in a workbook. When I close the workbook, it typically kills all other open workbooks of excel. However, excel has started opening a blank window (no loaded workbook) in a second window whenever opening any excel file. Anybody have ideas on both of these. Further, sometimes...
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    military time function error

    Good Morning, A user made this (and I just contributed) probably a year ago and I've been fighting a bug in it. I have a userform that inputs data (in a halfway pretty GUI) in appropriate cells on a sheet. The user is supposed to be able to input, say, 0900, 9:00, or any "theoretical" method...
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    Workbook Coding Effecting other workbooks

    I have a workbook that seems to cause errors with other workbooks. It seems random but usually the error is 9- subscript out of range Ideas on this? Here's an example of code that kicked when I opened another workbook Function PrevSheet(RCell As Range) 'Begins Error Handling Code On Error...
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    Error Closing Userform

    I'm popping an error when I hit the "X" closing a userform. Here's the code that should close it. Am I missing something obvious? thanks! Private Sub Userform_QueryClose(cancel As Integer, closemode As Integer)On Error GoTo Helper If closemode = 0 Then 'Application Closer If...
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    Error handlnig

    I have this piece of error coding I've written. Userform18, when called upon, gives some info on how to further handle the error. Because I have hundreds of pieces of "error coding" (each one of them is idential but has a different ### assigned in the "with error codes [xxx]" piece, is it...
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    Userform Closing Excel

    Hello, I have a userform that has decided that it is going to close excel each time I use it. I'm not sure where I've gone wrong in my coding and was hoping someone could double check it for me. thanks! Private Sub CommandButton5_Click()'"next" page button On Error GoTo Helper...
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    Error Showing

    So I've got some simple error coding On Error GoTo Help Exit Sub Help: resp = MsgBox "Sorry for the error! Would you like to see the help menu?", vbyesno if resp = vbyes then Call userform17 if resp = vbno then exit sub End if End Sub Anyway, I'd like to have a button in userform17 that...
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    Error Checking

    So I've written this error coding. I was hoping someone could check it over and tell me 1. why userform18 won't show when running and 2. Is there coding I can put in userform 18 that would allow me to "screenshot" a highlighted string of code (the code that error'd) and screenshot (or save as a...
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    Error Handler

    Have I written the following piece of code out correctly for handling errors? The XXX for error code is my own reference sheet of "error codes" so I can see which of the 187 modules (talk about a mess...) has an error and the other error code should come from excel. I want this to allow the...
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    Excel 2016 Soap Web Service API Request

    My Code Private Sub Button1_Click() 'Set and instantiate our working objects Dim Req As Object Dim sEnv As String Dim Resp As New MSXML2.DOMDocument60 Set Req = CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") Set Resp = CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument.6.0") Req.Open "Post"...

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