1. A

    Error message: "expected named parameter" when using AllowFiltering:=True

    Hi, I'm a bit of a novice when VBA and have tried a macro that removes a password from a locked excel sheet, does an action and locks the sheet again with the password. I seem to be unable to enable filtering and sorting, getting the error message "expected named parameter". Is anyone able to...
  2. M

    Clear content of several ranges (inc Message)

    Hi, For the life of me this doesnt work, any ideas? Many thanks Sub Clear_Estimated_Hours() Dim Msg, Style, Title, Help, Ctxt, Response, MyString Msg = "Do you want to continue ?" ' Define message. Style = vbYesNo + vbCritical + vbDefaultButton2 ' Define buttons. Title = "Delete...
  3. R

    Update link faulting

    Debugger brings me to this line below in red. My file activityreportdatabase.xlsx is in the correct location and is not opened. I can manually update link with this file but it goes to the debugger when I do it with this script. The cursor in the debug window in on the line with...
  4. rjplante

    Check workbook name for specific word

    I am looking for a way to see if the workbook name contains the word "Template". If so, I want the macro to prompt the user to save the file. I have the code listed below, but it does not seem to give the correct response. How do I get this to work? If ThisWorkbook.Name = "*Template*" Then...
  5. C

    Modify existing vba to always print as PDF

    Hi guys I am using the VBA code below which works fine but it only prints to the last used printer, instead of ALWAYS printing to PDF: Sub NewQuoteGenerate() Dim sourceSheet As Worksheet Set sourceSheet = ActiveSheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim response As...
  6. A

    Reading hard drive serial number

    I have a code that inputs the HDD serial number in a text file, however when I run the code below to check if the HDD serial number matches the number in the text file, it gives an incorrect response. When I put the HDD serial number in a cell, the code response is correct. What am i missing...
  7. B

    Finding the Difference in Dates

    hello i have one column that list a date with a time and another column with a date. i need a formula to tell me the difference in months between the two columns. i am essentially trying to see how long the person owned the client at the time of the response date. so in this example below the...
  8. C

    Conditional Formatting - HELP!

    Hi, Im still a newbie when i comes to excel. I have a basic understanding of the functions but this one have stumped me I have a spreadsheet that records the date that an action by my team is completed (Column B). They email 2 other departments for a response. When the receive the response...
  9. J

    How to get the earliest time by row

    Can anyone provide me with a formula to obtain the "Earliest Response Time" for each row when "Response A" or "Response B" = "Responded". If both do not match then the earliest response time should remain blank as per the entries shown in the table below: Name Response A Date A...
  10. Nitehawkhp

    Load data from worksheet into Userform

    I have a column of data in a worksheet and need to load that data into text boxes on a userform. I have done this in the past, however, I can’t get the code to work in this new situation. A sample of the worksheet data consists of the following: <tbody> Row Description Yes/No Distance 1...
  11. C

    VBA - create function to return response information from Conversation ID in Excel>Outlook

    Hello, I have a code that pulls Conversation ID from Outlook. This would represent an email that I sent through a VBA macro. I'd like to find a way to see if any of these emails have been responded to. I have two thoughts on how this might be completed but no concept of how to complete either...
  12. H

    Multiple SelectionChange Events Issue

    Hi, I have two change events occuring on the same tab. It's currently erroring out on the highlighted RED section. What needs to be created?! Thanks! Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Selection.Count = 1 Then If Not Intersect(Target...
  13. J

    WINSOCK alternatives in Win 7 Profession 64 bit to create socket to request and read values

    Hello All!! I have an application which I am trying to connect via an IP address and port number. I have been trying to use WINSOCK control, but when I get to createobject I get an error "429:ACtive X component can't create object." I have been working with Igor's sample from...
  14. C

    Edit macro to hide rows if specific cell is blank before running

    Hi All Hope you can help. I am currently using the below code/macro which works perfectly, however I would like to add in another step into the macro. Currently, when pressing the button on the 'Dashboard' sheet it reverts to a seperate sheet 'Quotation' and then saves a specific range to...
  15. C

    Set a default folder when trying to save/print file

    Hi Everyone I hope you can help. I am a bit stuck. I am using the below code to run a macro to print a selection of data to PDF in a destination folder. At the moment this prompts the user to select which folder/directory to select. My intention is that I want to set a default folder...
  16. D

    Formula Help!

    I'll try to simplify this question; I would like a cell to display a return value/answer "Yes" or "No". I would like to know if there's a simpler way to formulate this cell; =IF(E8="","",IF(E8="Chat (CC)","Yes",IF(E8="Chat (OCS)","Yes",IF(E8="Chat (RSCC)","Yes",IF(E8="Credit Card...
  17. B

    VBA Worksheet Change "Invalid Procedure" issue

    Hello, I am new to vba and I started working on a worksheet change, below is my current code. When I tested it I used "ActiveCell.Offset(-1, 2) = 1" and everything worked great. Well now I am placing my code to retrieve data from another workbook and keep getting an invalid procedure call or...
  18. S

    Formula for automatically creating a response and fix date and time

    Hi there, I need to create a spreadsheet for recording defects so that depending on the defect classification - Sev 1, Sev 2, Sev 3, Sev 4 - then an 'Expected Response Date/Time' and 'Expected Fix Date/Time' can be automatically calculated based on 'Assigned Date/Time'. The Response and Fix...
  19. M

    Simple Transpose problem

    Hello everyone, I have a very simple transpose problem that I can't quite figure out. The data I have is currently in this format: <tbody> Name Response Respondent 1 X Y Z Respondent 2 A B C D </tbody> I want to transpose it so it is in the following format...
  20. mumps

    Insert 'pound' sign in forum response

    When I copy/pasted a suggested macro into a response to another forum member, the macro contained a 'pound' sign but when pasted into the response, it came out as a question mark. Is there a way to have it pasted while keeping the original format?

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