results in separate cell

  1. J

    Help With Calculating Test Results

    Hi, I am trying to find a better way of calculating total metrics of our test results from various sets of tests. The cut down table and the text below shows how we are currently doing it, but the formula is going to be too long to do it on the next sheet so I am looking for a more simple way...
  2. S

    Capitalising the results of a formula

    Hello and I apologise in advance if this is a stupid newbie question (but thats what i am). I have an Excel sheet i'm working on, for tracking customers. I currently enter their first and last names in separate cells and have a formula that extracts the first few letters of each, to make up the...
  3. D

    Display Time of Result from Max Formula in New Cell

    Hopefully someone out there can help me with this; it's been years since I touched Excel. It may be important to note that I'm doing most of the creation of this spreadsheet on Office 2010 (on my home computer) but I need to make the spreadsheet compatible with Excel 2003 (on my computer and...
  4. T

    Help: VBA to display results in certain column depending on criteria

    I have done some of the coding already but now i am trying to do the coding for displaying results on worksheet. So there are four different column A- D and the represent a specific table in the database tables i loop through. so i want to results to be displayed in the specific column after...
  5. sir_smee

    Display result in a separate cell

    How does one keep your formula in one cell, but display it in a separate one for eg. 2 cells away? Even one cell away would be fine.

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