1. D

    VBA RegEx match with input box

    Hi, Is it possible to match and Input box answer against RegEx so Special characters are used, can someone help please? This is what I have so far Dim MyStr As String, addStr As String, RegEx As Object On Error Resume Next addStr = InputBox("Cells...", "Enter Character") Set...
  2. M

    VBA Error Run TIme Error 424

    I am working on a very large Geneology project. I want my code to update given fields in my data sheet. My code is looking to see if the given person has a previous marriage. If it doesnt that it should continue with the code. I am using "On Error Resume Next" but it still breaks in my line and...
  3. P

    VBA - Cant Exit errorhandler

    I know I have error after resume, but it won't trigger. Why won´t Resume exit the error handler On Error Resume Next cap = QUL_Import_Form.CAPnr file = QUL_Import_Form.Anlnr If Err.Number = 13 Or cap = 0 Then MsgBox "Felaktig data har angivits...
  4. L

    Error handling question: if sheet doesn't exist, go to

    Hello, I have the codes below to basically copy and paste some data from one workbook (book23) to other workbooks. the problem is that sheet "WDed15" may not exist. Can someone show me how to add an if statement to test if sheet("WDed15") exists, if it does, continue to execute the entire...
  5. T

    Error handling in a loop

    Which of the two methods below are preferable? Method1 with error handling: Sub Start() On Error GoTo Errhandler For Counter = 1 To 1000 i = 1 Do Until TableArray(i, 1) = MyArray(j, 1) i = i + 1...
  6. D

    Right Click Insert Button Not Removing vba

    Hi, I am having an issue where the Insert... Function is not being removed when I open Excel, However if i run through it manually it will remove it. Doesn't make sense because I have checked the Spelling to match the right click button. See code below Private Sub Workbook_Open()...
  7. E

    VBA Loop for Column select from input box

    I have a input box to select the column with the dates thenwhere I want to put the time span into words. I am trying to use a loop to enter formula down the column but keep getting error's [CODE]Sub DateSpan2Words() Dim DateNumCol As Integer Dim TimeSpanCol As Integer Dim isnumber As Long Dim...
  8. Vally 88

    VBA not breaking but not working

    Hello All, I'm trying to create a Hide- show VBA based on *name* for different tabs. Please find code below: Sub hide_Arabic_tabs() For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets On Error Resume Next Select Case True Case LCase(ws.Name) Like "*Arabic*"...
  9. M

    Run Macro on Click

    Hi. First post here. I tried searching, but did not see anything (I may not have used the proper search terms). I am new to the VBA game. I have a macro using the MonthView form. It is triggered by a keyboard shortcut: Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) On Error Resume...
  10. R

    Next without For

    Private Sub EnterButton_Click() Dim MyPoNum As Long Dim MyDate As Date Dim MyQty As Long Dim MyPNum As String Dim MyRow As Long Dim cmb As combobox, i As Integer For i = 1 To 10 Set cmb = Me.Controls.Item("ComboBox" & i) MyPoNum = Me.txt_PoNum.Value MyDate = Me.txt_Date.Value...
  11. RobbieC

    Error message handling and resuming...

    Hi there, I have a macro which I need to try and debug... I can identify the various errors, but is it possible to resume the macro if certain errors are picked up? I can then weed out which errors are the issues and tend to them applicably. This is the code I have so far: On Error GoTo...
  12. K

    VBA Macro not working after move form 2010 to 2016

    Hi, I've got a problem with a macro on one of my worksheets not working since I moved from Excel 2010 to 2016 this morning. The macro is designed to auto-sort data by column F: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) On Error Resume Next If Not Intersect(Target, Range("F:F")) Is...
  13. S

    Error 20 after a match function

    After a successful match I get the row number and move to the else statement, but somehow I'm getting an error 20. My search indicates I have a resume outside an error handling routine. I just don't see it. Your insight is appreciated. On Error Resume Next...
  14. FracinDean

    Controlling AutoFilter

    I reviewed 15-20 posts and tried a lot of different options, but I'm still having trouble. I'm trying to accomplish two tasks: 1) Turn off Autofilter only if it's on, and 2) Turn AutoFilter on for the specified range in a single worksheet. I only need to manipulate AutoFilter on the sheet...
  15. R

    Continue Macro after opening file

    Hello everyone. Does anyone know if it's possible to make a macro continue only after opening another file, and if so, how to do it? The idea is that when the explorer opens the folder (this part works), i open a chosen file, and only then the macro continues. Here's my code (don't worry...
  16. S

    Coding best practices for calling worksheet functions which may return an error?

    Hey all, So I just stumbled across an issue which I hadn't expected when processing certain datafiles with my VBA using the WorksheetFunction.AverageIf(). Evidently it's possible for me to process an array with this function call which may actually contain ONLY zeros, and hence throw an error...
  17. D

    Pause macro for input then resume?

    As powerful as EXCEL is, I am hard put to believe that there is no way to have a macro pause, wait for user input (ended with a carriage return [the ENTER key for you young pups]), then continue the macro. Simply put, I want the macro to select a cell, wait for input and an [ENTER] then continue...
  18. S

    Save UserForm and reopen later semi-complete and resume

    Hi, I have quite a long form that the users have stated they want to pause halfway and resume. I currently have the following code to save and close: End With ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs ([txtStudentLast]) ActiveWorkbook.Close End Sub but when I reopen it the data is written to the background sheet...
  19. M

    Career in BI.. Whats next for the resume?

    looking for some advice.. im a CPA that has made a career in Excel.. now that im hooked on PowerPivot and DAX,id like to move further from Acct and closer to a career in BI. i habe lots of Excel (heavy logical formulas and pivot), navigate well in PP (pivot, maps)... whats the next skill to add...
  20. C

    Excel similarities and differences to SAS/SPSS

    Okay, so I currently work in the financial profession, and through this I discovered my knack for/love of MS Excel. I feel very confident in my abilities having built several financial calculators and models that many members of my office use and enjoy. My problem is that I'm moving and I'm...

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