return different column

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    Search one column to return item from another column but in the same row

    Excel novice here, but I'll try to explain what I'm trying to do as clearly as possible. I have two columns of information, and I want to create a cell that will allow me to search the first column and then return the element that is in the next column, but in the same row. To explain further...
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    Search and return column value from table based on highest date in another column

    Good day everyone! I was looking for some help on making the following search work. Would like to search for the value of E3 in the table to the left, and then return the value in B based on the highest date in C. So the value in F3 should be 10/17/2014 Spent a couple of minutes on it but...
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    Compare 2 columns return different column

    Hi all, I'm sure this is pretty simple. I have a a worksheet where I'm looking up a users name from one column, finding it in a different worksheet, and if found want to return the office location of that user to the first worksheet. So far I have this: =VLOOKUP(D2, Users!C$2:C$404, I'm...

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