1. T

    Use A Tab Name As Part Of A VLOOKUP Formula

    Hi all, I am trying to use a tab name as part of a VLOOKUP formula however what I have so far returns #N/A VLOOKUP Formula =VLOOKUP(U5,'SCORING BY MONTH'!A4:B203,2,FALSE) And in cell U5 I have the following: =MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,255) In this instance this...
  2. F

    Lookup a value and then find the largest in a range

    Hi, I have a set of data that looks like this: <tbody> Name 1 2 3 4 5 A 12 15 16 10 6 B 6 4 15 1 19 C 22 14 13 17 10 D 6 8 7 10 6 E 8 9 15 26 4 F 10 14 19 2 10 G 15 16 20 25 15 H 16 20 22 10 8 I 14 16 19 17 6 </tbody> In another sheet I have the list of names but not in...
  3. J

    Lock Formula Return Value

    Is there a way to lock the return value of a formula. I need my vlookup formula to return the value and leave it unchanged because the data range vlookup is pulling from will be deleted on a daily basis. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. W

    Converting a Hexadecimal with a length of 14 to Hexadecimal

    Dear All, I am trying to convert a hexadecimal string eg <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>EAAA863573781B which should return <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br...
  5. P

    VLOOKUP to return from multiple columns from another workbook

    Hi Does anyone know how i can return multiple column using VLOOKUP in a new workbook? I have tried this off the net but it won't work. =VLOOKUP(A3,[Parks and Leisure Sites.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A:$F,{2,3,4,5},FALSE) Thanks Ernie
  6. A

    HELP! formula for OBIEE

    Hi all, I have tried ( I am very new to this) to write a CASE statement where if the product Family= custom and unit list price =0 return NO but the tricky part is everything else with a list price of 0 needs to be YES else NO. No matter how I write the statement the list price of 0 is...
  7. E

    Make the lowest value a 0

    Hello, If i have a series of numbers as per the below, how do i make the lowest value return a 0? A1 - 25 A2 - 36 A3 - 14 A4 - 20 A5 - 6 In B1:B5 i need B1 - 25 B2 - 36 B3 - 14 B4 - 20 B5 - 0 Thank you
  8. G

    Lookup Subject to Conditions

    Hi, In A2:A1000 in Sheet1 I have series of consecutive month-end dates (31/07/2012, 31/08/2012 etc). In A2:A700 in Sheet2 I have a series of consecutive month-end dates and in B2:B700 the associated monthly sales values. In A2:A700 in Sheet3 I have a series of consecutive month-end dates...
  9. J

    Not Equal to, if statement

    This is super easy for the experts but I can't figure this out with 2 arguments If cell D9 does not equal "WI" or "IA" then return a 1 - otherwise display 0
  10. C

    If statement

    Good morning everyone, I hope someone can helps with this one, I have the following formula(copied down through rows etc) =IF(D2=G2,"ok",IF(D2>G2,"Supplier MPQ higher","Check pack multiple")) to return a simple text answer, but what I wish to modify this (if possible) to show that t if G2 is...
  11. P


    I have a table with multiple columns. I am wanting to search one of those columns to find if there is a value > 0. If so, I want it to return back to a main table dashboard that value in one column and in the second column, it will return the number in the column it was searching. It would...
  12. K

    vlookup time format

    Hi all, i have a question on time format when vlookup. how can i easier to identify (conditional formatting with color or vlookup to return with my request only?) the table below if i want greater than 18:30(subject to change in A1) <tbody> 18:45 21:30 17:15 16:30 21:00 19:45...
  13. M

    INDEX/VLOOKUP Forumla for Unique List

    Hello So I have manged to find a formula to help produce a list of unique names based on rules, but i can only get it to return the first name from the whole list. {=IFERROR(INDEX(Master!$B$2:$B$500,MATCH(0,COUNTIF(H$2,IF(Master!A$2:A$500=H$2,Master!B$2:B$500,H$2)),0)),"")} "Master B" is the...
  14. Z

    Treeview Multiple Value

    Can somone please look at this and tell me how i can get the selected data from the treeview after its selected to return a value back to Column E. The code i have in there pulls the data from the list in Column A-D and shows in the treeview. I want the user to be able to select what they want...
  15. Z

    return certain value

    hello, i would like to know if i want excel to return certain values based on results received. example: if employee reaches 95% then he gets 1 if 98% then 2 100% then 3 120% then 4 200% then 5 what is the equation to use for such examples
  16. M

    INDEX/MATCH with Return Numbers Only

    The following INDEX/MATCH formula works but, I would like the return to be just the numbers (no text). Help modifying formula would be appreciated. =IFERROR(INDEX('SDC TRIRIGA'!$C$1:$C$15000,MATCH(A2,'SDC TRIRIGA'!$A$1:$A$15000,0)),"") Current Return: <tbody> REQ-1187706 </tbody> Would...
  17. J

    Return multiple values in one cell from VLOOKUP

    Hi, I am using this formula =CHOOSE(SUMPRODUCT(--(B11=A1:A8)), VLOOKUP(B11,A1:B8,2,0), VLOOKUP(B11,A1:B8,2,0) & ", " & INDEX(B1:B8,MATCH(B11,A1:A8,0)+1), VLOOKUP(B11,A1:B8,2,0) & ", " & INDEX(B1:B8,MATCH(B11,A1:A8,0)+1) & ", " & INDEX(B1:B8,MATCH(B11,A1:A8,0)+2)) to return more than one...
  18. S

    Weighted average but with negative values - % return on purchase and sales

    I apologize in advance as I will try my best to explain my predicament. I am attempting to find a way to calculate net gain or loss from the purchase or sale of an item. However, by inputting negative values in to the items sold column, it is throwing off my numbers. Initially I was using a...
  19. P

    Excel formula if number between two values return different values

    Hi All Got myself really stuck with something I should know better. I have values in column D of my spreadsheet which will range from 2 to 11 I want to write a formula to return a value in column E along the following lines When Col D cell 3 <= 3.5 then 1 When Col D cell 3 >= 3.6 Or D3 <=...
  20. smide

    Return index for the smallest positive number in column

    Hello. In both columns A and B (A1:A600, B1:B600) I have numbers/indexes in ascending order. Column A range is from zero up to a 599. Column B could contain negative numbers. I need to return index from column A for the smallest positive number from column B. Result should be placed in...

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