1. T

    Trying to reverse arrow head shape in diagram

    Hi there, I have a diagram where I've created over a 100 arrows. However I am trying to reverse the arrow heads from flat to triangle and vice versa but my code doesn't seem to be working. The code doesn't recognise the line/connector type so that I can reverse it. any ideas? Sub...
  2. D

    type mismatch??

    if i have this finalrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row Set myrange = range("c3:c" & finalrow).SpecialCells(xlVisible) If Application.CountIf(myrange, "Repo") = 0 Then im basically filtering, one at a time, each name in column A and looking if there are repos in column...
  3. L

    replacing = with '= works but not '= with =

    Hi I have several formulas in different cells. I wanted to show the formula not the value so I thought of adding ' to = I went to Home-->Find and replace--> = with '= It did work Then I wanted to do the reverse and replacing '= with = but I got error message saying could not find '= Is that...
  4. K

    Highlight the reverse patterns

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to highlight all the reverse patterns of column C&D are find in the Columns E&F, G&H, I&J, K&L, M&N And in the O&P and want to be highlighted colours as shown in the example including C&D column... for Example C7:D7=2&1, reverse of it find...
  5. P

    Reversing a String of numbers or text with delimiters

    Hi all, new to power Query and I need a solution to the above problem. basically I have a list of prices in 1 cell that are separated by a full stop "." E.g. 10990. 10450. 10190. 9990 And so on up to a max of 19 changes. I want to reverse these to show the below 9990. 10190. 10450. 10990...
  6. A

    Reverse the order of the new worksheet

    Hello Everyone , I have created a macro to copy the active worksheet and paste a new one. I want to make a slight modification to it : The newly created worksheet to be pasted on the left side of the workbook rather than on the right (My team is used to this format). Dim sName As String...
  7. B

    Arabic formatted Excel spreadsheet

    Hello everybody, have you ever met situation when Excel columns go from right to left (column A is first from the right) but data are ingested from left to right (January is in column L, December in A). If I just copy and paste all data I have wrong order. How can I reverse order of columns? Can...
  8. S

    Reverse Formula.

    I'm looking for a reverse formula that will give me back the number of the beginning meaning : 0212010 would give me back 2436 ? in cell : R8 Q8 =IF($I8="","",INT(LEFT(MOD(SUM($H8/1),4)))) P8 =IF($I8="","",INT(LEFT(MOD(SUM($H8/4),4)))) O8 =IF($I8="","",INT(LEFT(MOD(SUM($H8/16),4))))...
  9. D

    Reverse Lookup

    I really enjoyed your tutorial on Excel Reverse lookup ( but Im wanting to convert it from a function to a Sub Routine and getting HEAPS of erros {its obvioulsy not just a matter of removeing Function() and replacing with Sub()}. Is anyone able to assist with this...
  10. V

    How to reverse the order in a SUMPRODUCT funktion???

    I have the following example where I found the correct SUMPRODUCT formula but I would like to reverse the order i.e.: In column A I have different names, each of these names has a corresponding value in column B see example below: The following formula can look up any name entered in C1 (i.e X)...
  11. W

    How do a add a group of numbers in reverse until a condition is met?

    I am trying to add a group of numbers together until I reach a 0 in a cell; however, I am starting with the last number in a column and going in reverse. <tbody> 100 200 300 0 450 200 600 </tbody> i.e. I would like to start with the last number (600) and add until I reach a...
  12. A

    Flip Flop

    I have a set of data listed from AZ2 all the way to AZ556. EXAMPLE. 1675 4578 5689 1256 4456 5568 etc. I want to flip the data so the column will now read. This will allow me to align it with the correct dates that are set in stone on the spreadsheet. The dates are set in reverse order of...
  13. J

    VBA problem - reverse an alphanumeric string, but reverse only letters and leave digits where they are

    Hi everyone, I have a VBA code puzzle to solve. I want to reverse an alphanumeric string, but reverse only letters and leave digits where they are. So for example: abc123dfg ---> gfd123cba 451ubno98p ---> 451ponb98u egc88rtv972nq100 ---> qnv88trc972ge100 Do you have any ideas? Probably I...
  14. D

    Reverse Index Match to find row?

    Hi all, I have a grid with grades as the row headers and a series of different tests as the column headers, with the data in the grid as the % boundaries for the tests. I would like to have a lookup for the grade achieved based on the test name and % scored. I've had a look at a few different...
  15. J

    Reverse Index/Match

    I have a vertical calendar I use to set up my yearly audits. I want to create a table with a function that will automatically return the start date and end date of each audit based on the first and last time the audit name appears (i.e., Test Wall). Is there an easy solution to creating this - I...
  16. sharky12345

    For Loop reverse order

    I'm using this to loop through a range of cells and grab their values for use later: For Each Cell In Sheet11.Range("J2:J20")If Cell.Value = "YES" Then Links = Cell.Offset(0, -8).Value & " " & Cell.Offset(0, -7).Value & vbNewLine & Links End If Next At the moment it starts at the bottom and...
  17. L

    reverse lookup + array

    Hi I want to ask user to enter date then excel will return the average of temp1 and temp2 (reverse look up + array). My formula is this =AVERAGE(INDEX(A2:C7,MATCH(F1,C2:C7,0),{1,2})) (ctr+shift+enter) but for the date 4/22/16 , excel returned 35 ! I was expecting (35+33)/2 instead. So excel...
  18. S

    reverse match/index

    Hello, I got a quick question about match/index and its reverse function. I'm fully familiar wth ow index and match function work, But when it comes to the other way around, Im confused. for instnce, if i have a data set as written below in column K-L, and I have a blank cell set like...
  19. K

    Highlight the reverse patterns

    Using Excel 2000 Hi, I want a Formula or may be VBA to "highlight the reverse patterns", look through column C & highlight if found reverse pattern in column D. For examples C10 is 1|X & D10 has X|1 C12 is 1|1 & D12 has 1|1 C14 is X|1 & D14 has 1|X C15 is 1|2 & D15 has 2|1 and so on...
  20. K

    Macro - Find Last Duplicate And Copy

    Hi Excellers, Need a little help - In column G I have duplicate text, what I want to do, is find the last occurrence of the word "Bal" and then copy everything below that row into a new sheet, called P&L. The macro I have so far is, with the part I am stuck on highlighted in bold and italics...

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