1. S

    Getting the reverse percentage of an equation

    I have tried to google...Can't find. Please help. I am trying to get the answer of a formula to give me the reverse percentage. ex =SUM(D2/C2) (7/18) = 39% - But what I really want is 61% Thanks in advance
  2. D

    reverse array value in one cell

    dear mr excel i have problem in one cell lets say G1 i have value <tbody> 106.97259485721588,-6.261230615140504 106.97383940219879,-6.261321266258494 106.97372138500214,-6.2627076931611905 106.97363018989563,-6.263576874303437 106.97224080562592,-6.263475558784672...
  3. K

    Conditionally Formatting (Highlighting) Top 5 / Bottom 5 when there are two scales in same column?

    I have a column of topic scores. Around 50 cells. I am trying to highlight the bottom 5 and top 5. There are about 10 of these topics that are on a reverse scale meaning a lower score would actually be better and could put them in the top and a higher score would be worse and could put them in...
  4. muhammad susanto

    Reverse Text with Criteria not All text can be reversed

    hi all... i have problem how to reverse order text with criteria like this : Excel 2013 64 bit <tbody>#888888[/URL] "] #FFFFFF[/URL] ]F #FFFFFF[/URL] ]G #FFFFFF[/URL] "] #888888[/URL] "]#FFFFFF[/URL] ]4 PT THE BIS BOSS THE BIS BOSS, PT #FFFFFF[/URL] "] #888888[/URL] "]#FFFFFF[/URL] ]5...
  5. muhammad susanto

    Reverse Order After First Spacing

    hi all.. how to reverse order this text below after first space and the final answer adding mark (,) comma like this : <tbody> data expected result PT. Big Boss Big Boss, PT Drs Agung Maju Sejati Agung Maju Sejati, Drs CV. Indah Karya Solution Indah Karya Solution, CV FA Tiger Chong...
  6. R

    How to find a character in a text string without creating an error?

    I need to check when characters are and are NOT within a cell. =IF(AND(FIND("<>"&"!",$G11),FIND("<>"&"^",$G11)),1,0) G11 = !Project Planning The first logic test will produce a TRUE, but instead of the second one giving a FALSE, it gives a #VALUE error. I know I can do the reverse by doing...
  7. J

    Reverse scoring for likert scale

    Hello, I am analyzing data from a survey (1= Not Interested, 5= Very Interested) in which some questions have reverse scoring (5=Not Interested, 1= Very Interested). I am seeking to have a formula for a column to automatically reverse the scoring. How do I do this? Best, John
  8. D


    I need to change a list of names in my spreadsheet: John Smith to Smith J Is there a single formula I can use to do this? I know to change the first name to an initial I can use =LEFT(A1,1)&RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-FIND(" ",A1)+1) and to reverse the order I can use...
  9. P

    Reverse order of data range and exclude the blank cells

    Hello - looking to reverse order of a data range and exclude the blanks. Possible? Data Range B10:B15 B10=10 B11=20 B12=30 B13=40 B14=blank B15=blank Needed Result C10=40 C11=30 C12=20 C13=10 C14=blank C15=blank
  10. S

    Reverse of Fill Down in PQ

    Hi How can i do the reverse of Fill Down in PQ. ie remove the duplicate and keep only the first one in a column (Eg "Store" in the below code) let Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="Table1"]}[Content], #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"Store", type text}...
  11. A

    reverse compound interest

    Hi, I need a formula to calculate a daily compound interest rate where I know the initial value and the present value. For example, if in a week an investment increased by 30% (let's say $100 becomes $130), how would I display the daily compound interest, ie by what percent did it increase each...
  12. T

    Reverse Numbers

    I have a column of fields that I need to reverse the order by every 2 digits. Current: 021598 Need: 981502 So last 2 digits, next 2, then first 2 Also if the current number only has 5 digits, it needs to do the following, Current: 21598 Need: 98152 So last 2 digits, next 2, then...
  13. D

    Reverse Word/String in Excel using VBA

    Im taking one of those free continuing education courses to maintain my designation...anyway, one of the tasks is to make a loop that reverse the string in Excel, but im totally lost...could someone help me, pleasE?
  14. B

    Reverse lookup index/match excel w/ duplicates in array

    I need a reverse formula to identify the column headers from sheet2 based on model and OS version on sheet1; if no match found return text “OLDER”. It is important for me to note sheet2 contains duplicate model numbers listed in column A; this is necessary due to the various versions of OS...
  15. J

    Reverse engineer date

    Hi, I know the year, weekof year and day, How would I go about reverse engineering it to show the date. <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Year Week Day Date 2017 26 Monday 2017 26 Tuesday 2017 26 Wednesday 2017 26 Thursday </tbody> Any help...
  16. J

    Reverse of INDEX function

    Is there a function the reverse of INDEX that will match a variable and give its row and column position in a nxm array?
  17. B

    Perform Reverse Simple Match

    Hi all, Every Keyword has a route associated with it. I want to find out which description contains the keyword and then post the associated route for that keyword . For example, Abrasive is associated with Route 22. I want to match the Description "Large Abrasive Tool" to the keyword...
  18. D

    Auto Increment Number on Data Capture Sheets but reverse print out

    After much searching i found a macro to incrementaly step an order code for our company data capture sheets: Sub print_sheet() P = InputBox("How many sheets?") For I = 1 To P Step 1 Worksheets("Sheet1").PrintOut Range("C3").Value = Range("C3").Value + 1 Next I End Sub but...
  19. T

    Reverse Concatenation

    The question is of reverse concatenation in Excel VBA. I currently have this: <tbody> Joe, Jon Joe, Pam, Carl Joe, Jon, Jeremy </tbody> And need to reverse concatenate so I can then have each individual name in its own row and cell as follows: <tbody> Joe Jon Joe Pam Carl...
  20. J

    Finding exact numbers

    Hi! I'm new to excel. Using the following formula, when searching for single-digit numbers, double-digit number are also found and reverse, e.g. 62 and 26. =IF(ISBLANK($F$1),0,ISNUMBER(SEARCH($F$1,$A1&$B1&$C1&$D1))) How do I modify this formula to search for exact numbers Thanks Jimbo

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