1. M

    Show duplicate values for combination and it's reverse version

    I have 4 digit numbers in two columns. What I need to see is if the combination of them is being repeated below. So, if the number in column A is 1000 & column B is 1300, combination of them will be 10001300. Now I need to see if this combination or it's other reverse version (13001000) is...
  2. B

    Paste in reverse

    HI can someone please provide me with a VBA that pastes backwards for example if i select cell A1 TO A5 and click copy and the try to paste it in Another column it would first paste A1 then A2 etc.. i'm looking for a VBA that would reverse the order it should first paste A5 then A4 then...
  3. R

    reverse by one day

    I have a cell with a date in it. I would like to have a button the user can click on to reverse the day by one day. so if the cell ready 7/26/17 then clicking the button will make the date 7/25/17 and then if you click the button again it will go back to 7/24/17, i am having no luck with this...
  4. A

    Reverse Geocoding in Excel, not just for the address

    I have been looking everywhere for an addin or a code for excel that can help me do reverse geocoding: Reverse Geocoding basically consists of getting the address of a place after providing latitude and longitude. Google maps...
  5. andrewb90

    calculating hourly rate

    Hello all, I'm having a bit of a problem, and I'm hoping there's a simple solution. I am trying to enter in Cell B1 an annual pay amount ($28,600), then in C1 place the number of hours worked per week (50), then the next cell D1 should display the hourly pay rate ($10). Iv'e managed to...
  6. B

    Flipping a cell content in Excel 2007

    Hello How can I flip the content of a cell in Excel 2007 For example:- I want to have Trim Motors : Electrical System : Honda Outboard as Honda Outboard : Electrical System : Trim Motors I have thousands of cells with data in this order that I need to reverse/ flip. Please advise Thanks a lot
  7. R

    Auto fill backwards

    Is it possible to auto fill backwards? I have 2 sheets. Sheet 1 has data from T2:T39. I am using a =t2 =t3 =t4 formula. But the destination cells are AN2:C2 in Sheet 2. The pasting will be AN2 AM2 AL2. Basically like this; AN2 will contain =t2 AM2 will contain =t3 AL2 will contain =t4 I have to...
  8. I

    Need help backtracking and figuring out what this conditional formula means in words.

    I am applying a formula from one existing project to a new project with similar data, but need to understand the formula so that I may see if any changes must be made to accomodate the new project...
  9. H

    Reverse HLOOKUP - Stumped...How do I do it??

    Hi, This is my first post after months of being an observer on this site. For some reason I can't solve this.... <BR> <img src=""></img> <BR> I am trying to type in an amount into cell C8 then have cell C10 display the company name from the...
  10. K

    Multiple Criteria Ranks-Sumproduct, But skip duplicate ranks! & Reverse Ranks

    I need a big help from experts. =] After a day-research, I learned how to rank entries from multiple groups. I ranked column D (A+B groups having highest C value) using sumproduct..But I need to skip duplicates in this column, and retain sequential orders. (1, 2, 3, 4...Not 1, 2, then 4!) I...
  11. L

    Web Query Question

    Hi, So I just started messing around with some web query stuff and it's pretty useful. Is it possible to do the reverse? For example, say I have a web query which pulls forum information, is it possible to do the reverse (with a macro or other) which can paste information from a cell in excel...
  12. C

    Reverse Hyperlink

    Is there any way to create a reverse hyperlink in Excel? It would be something that would mimic the back button in an internet browser, only my hyperlinks are not URL oriented- they navigate through a workbook. So for example, if a hyperlink takes me to one worksheet within a workbook, is...
  13. J

    Another Reverse Concatenation Issue

    Hello all. I need to reverse concatenate a column of addresses, but text to columns won't work. I'd like to have a formula that takes into account each of the following scenarios (basically any standard address you can think of): 102 Bart St 104 Homer Simpson Ave 106 US HWY BSN 805 W 108 N...
  14. Smokeyham

    Excel 2003 Switching from Lines to Columns

    This should be simple to do.... I have a Line - Column Chart, and I want to switch some of the series from lines to columns and vice versa. I have tried right-clicking on a series, and tried changing the chart type (as suggested in other posts), but that changes all of the series, not just the...
  15. C

    Reverse Lookup Function

    I have been trying to figure out how to solve the following question: Data: CA AZ WA OR 452 2302 1251 236 3176 228 491 219 1552 435 451 210 3024 244 1751 The columns are States (regions), and the rows contain store location numbers in...

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