1. L

    Copy daily changing rows from a workbook paste to another workbook

    Hello, I’m trying to copy columns A:C down to row 52. ( Attached image source1 and 2) However the amount of rows I want to copy can change day to day. I want to create a macro that will copy in the data but since the amount of rows can change day to day I’m having issues. I’ve thought about...
  2. V

    Referencing RGB Value not as String

    I am creating many userforms for a project and I want to have a common color theme. And I created a column that has all the colors I want to use. So instead of having to say Label1.ForeColor= RGB(0,0,0) in each userform, I want to be able to just reference that cell that has the color...
  3. tlc53

    ActiveX Checkbox Colour

    Hi there, How do I change the background colour on my activeX checkbox? The RGB colour is 226, 242, 246 but how do I convert that into a code that resembles this: &H80000018& Thank you!
  4. NewOrderFac33

    Determining RGB values of each item in the Standard Color Palette

    Good afternoon, Nice for for somebody for a Friday afternoon! :-) I know how to use the 56 .ColorIndex values, and how to set an interior or font color to an RGB value, but does anyone know of a quick way to return the RGB value of each element in the Standard Color Palette (Excel 2016) to a...
  5. A

    dot - what before?

    Often googling for a solution show things like .ForeColor.RGB = RGB( _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 4), _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 5), _ Sheets(1).Cells(4, 6) _ ) How do you find or work out what goes before the "." ?
  6. M

    MACRO - Change Color of Bubble Chart Points Based on Values

    Hello all, I am trying to change the colors on an excel bubble chart based on specific values. I ran across the below video and it's ALMOST exactly what I need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEOjcyGh1O0 I unfortunately have way more color combos than just the Red, Green, Blue that are in...
  7. A

    Colour Confusion

    I have this code that manipulates the appearance of a label in my user form. With .Controls(hfg & "_en") .BorderColor = RGB(51, 204, 51) .BorderStyle = 1 .ForeColor = RGB(51, 204, 51) End With The RGB is a shade of green...
  8. N

    RGB Value of Textbox1.BackColor which is equivalent to &H0080C0FF&

    Hi if selected the backcolor of Textbox1 which is &H0080C0FF& Can any one tell me its RGB Value Thanks NimishK
  9. D

    Code for Darken RGB

    Greetings Below Code for Lighten RGB How get Darken RGB? Sub lightenRGB() Dim I As Integer, Rng As Range Dim R As Byte, G As Byte, B As Byte Set Rng = Selection With Rng.Cells(1).Interior R = .Color Mod 256 G = .Color \ 256 Mod 256 B = .Color \ (CLng(256) * 256)...
  10. M

    VBA RGB Code LBound to UBound

    Hi All, this is a most excellent forum with a wealth of information and a wonderful user base! I have learned a lot from this forum, and see many thoughtful answers. I have a macro which I need help with, I'm attempting to display a list of RGB codes to the recent colors section within excel...
  11. A

    RGB value to cell color

    Hi, can you pls help me with improving my VBA code. the goal is to: - make excel automatically change cell colors in column D, according to RGB values in column A, B and C - I want it to be automatic - every time you fill cells in columns A:C, cell in column D will change color based on RGB...
  12. Scott Huish

    VBA - Interior Color to HTML RGB Hex Code

    Hi, I need to be able to convert the number that Interior.Color returns to an RGB Hex Code like #005473 or #FF00EE , etc. Any ideas? Thanks.
  13. C

    VBA code to get RGB color for a tab

    Hi! I'm wanting to discover the VBA code to tell me what RGB tab color is being used in a sheet/tab. Can anyone help? Cheers, Col
  14. F

    Background colour value of cell in RGB-scale

    Hi everyone, As I am still pretty new to this VBA-coding, I'm still strugling with simple pieces of codes. My input on a given sheet is a matrix of different values on RGB-scale. I would like to run a macro to colour the background of the cell according to its value (starting at A2). As I was...
  15. T

    Colouring cells based on other cells values.

    Hi all, I'm trying to achieve: If the value in column A is equal to cell F8 then fill the colour (English spelling sorry!) of the cell with the RGB values of G8 (contains value for R), H8 (contains value for G), I8 (contains value for B). Plus colour the text with the RGB values of J8, K8 and...
  16. SharmaAntriksh

    VBA code to change the color of cell D1 based on that is enter in cells A1,B1, and C1 in RGB format

    Can you please provide a vba Code to change value of cell D1 everytime i change the value of cells A1, B1, and C1 (RGB codes) <tbody> A1 B1 C1 D1 255 0 23 Antriksh 0 255 32 John </tbody>
  17. JenniferMurphy

    RGB function fails with Value error

    Apparently VB has an RGB function, but VBA does not. At least, when I try this in the Immediate wiondow, =rgb(255,0,0) I get "Compile error. Expected: line number or label or statement or end of statement". I don't understand that error, so I thought I'd write my own: Function RGB(R As Long, G...
  18. C

    vba to concatenate cells with different font sizes & colour and keep formatting

    Hi, Wonder if this can be achieved - I need to be able to concatenate 3 cells each with different font attributes (size & colour) and retain the original font attributes of each cell when they have been brought together. Each cell will contain text (1-2 words) and I need to leave a couple of...
  19. L

    Chart Coloring With VBA

    Hello, I'm creating Winner-Loser charts in VBA using a bar chart with the invert function. Positive bars are to be green, and negative bars red. Below is my portion of the code that is successful in inverting the negative bars to be the left side of the vertical axis while positive bars remain...
  20. bs0d

    Excel 2013 Chart Series ForeColor.RGB Ideas (VBA) - Array?

    I have a chart that when a new series is added, Excel automatically choses the color. I've learned it colors the series according to the Theme -->Colors --> Accents 1-6. I don't particularly like the default colors it's using in the chart for display/contrast purposes. Instead, I'd like to use...

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