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    range.interior.color - value

    Hi What is the maximum value that color can take? I wrote the code below. Can I say the min value is 0 which is the value of rgb(0,0,0) and max value is 16777215 which is the value of rgb(255,255,255) Can I say that? Thank you very much. Sub myrgb() MsgBox RGB(0, 0, 0) MsgBox RGB(255...
  2. B

    Combine 2 subs

    Hi guys, i would like to combine the codes below so that you can only double click when you are logged in; Private Sub cmdLogin_Click() If txtPassword.Value = "1" And txtUsername.Text = "ROH1" Then With AdvancedInformation .lblInformation.Visible = False .cmdLogin.Enabled = False...
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    Saving a copy of an updated PowerPoint through VBA

    Hi People, I have created a script that pastes charts to an existing Powerpoint, however I want the Powerpoint to Save As so I have a new copy. I don't know where to start with this... I have copied my code below. Hopefully this makes sense Thanks for the help Lewis Sub TransferCharts2()...
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    How to Change Axes Title Color

    Hi People of the Internet, I am struggling to find the correct line of code to change my x axis titles. I can change the color of the values but I can't find the code to change the color Any help is appreciated For Each excelChart In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects...
  5. D

    Radial Color Gradient

    Below code fill liner I need to fill Radial Color Gradient THX Public Sub RadialColorGradient() Dim Shp As Shape With ActiveSheet For Each Shp In .Shapes If Shp.Name = "MyShape" Then Shp.Delete Next...
  6. S

    Vba code for table formatting

    Dear Team, I need outside border of table white and alternate rows having interior color RGB (211,217,,222) Please help with the following vba code. Sub All_Tables_All_Sheets_New() Dim T As ListObject Dim c As Long Dim i As Long For i = 1 To Sheets.Count For Each T In...
  7. A

    Unable To Return To Normal Texct From Italic

    I was successfull in italicizing text in my textbox, but I am struggling with turning the italic format off to return the text to normal. With uf9_poststaff .pin.Enabled = True .dcard_id.Enabled = True...
  8. D

    Add an "or" command to vba

    Hi, I have a macro that conditional formats a cell depending on the country it contains. What I need though is a way so that a particular colour scheme can apply to more than one country. So basically if A1 = "Sweden" "TRUE "FALSE" can become if A1= "Sweden" or "Ukraine" or "Barbados" "TRUE...
  9. A

    Worksheet Change Macro

    I am having a problem getting a worksheet change macro to run. I have range B1:B6 that is toggled between 1 and 2 by way of a radio button. The worksheet change macro runs fine if I manually input a value. And the macro I try to run through the worksheet change macro runs fine if I run it...
  10. B

    Value based on Color

    Is it possible color a cell & have a value populate another cell? So if I filled cell D1 with RGB(0, 176, 80)...Cell A1 would ="1". <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <tbody> </tbody>
  11. R

    Changing graph rows by reference to a cell

    I have a line graph that can have a variable number (currently 31) of lines in it, some of which will be same colour. The macro currently reads: Sub InterestG1() Sheets("InterestG").Activate With ActiveChart ' 1 - 5 .SeriesCollection(1).Format.Line.ForeColor.RGB = RGB(192, 192, 192)...
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    text formatting help

    Sub AddFormCond() With Range("A2:I2").FormatConditions.Add( _ Type:=xlExpression, _ Formula1:="=$A2=""SAP""") .Interior.Color = RGB(255, 128, 0) .Font.Color = RGB(0, 0, 0) .StopIfTrue = False .Font.Bold = True End...

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