1. masud8956

    Unable to break external link

    Hi, I have two workbooks. Both have one sheet with identical structure. So, for workbook 2, I just copied the sheet from workbook 1. There after I made amendments to workbook 2 formulas. These two workbooks are not required to be linked in any way. But every time I open workbook 2, I get a...
  2. L

    Pivot Table Getting Rid of Row Labels

    Is it possible to get rid of the row labels for the pivot tables or is there a better way to sort the sizes based on the corresponding size with machine number?
  3. J

    Trying to get rid of select

    Hello: I'm trying to get rid of select on the following bit of code. This works: Range(ActiveCell.End(xlToRight), ActiveCell.Offset(0, 7).End(xlDown)).Cut ActiveCell.End(xlToRight).Select ActiveSheet.Paste But when I try the following, I get Object Doesn't Support this property or method...
  4. Z

    how can I get rid of white space before text in range

    Hello all, Col A has a load of text data, a lot of this text data has a gap before it(known as white space).Can anybody tell me how I can get rid of it useing a vba loop(or a vba anything).I have used the trim function but it seems a bit stroppy and tempremental:laugh:. Any suggestion most...
  5. T

    Remove everything before and including #

    Hi Folks, I think this is quite an easy one - I've seen similar solutions through searching but not quite exactly this. I have a column with data in it and I want to use vba to get rid of everything before - and including # So for instance I've got ZP02-TS-GLE#1282255 and I want to get rid of...
  6. S

    =if formula giving a #value! error

    Hello I use this formula but if there is no data in the other column "D" if gives a #VALUE ! error. How can I get rid of this and leave the cell blank? =iferror? Thank you =IF(D15>7,D15-7,0)
  7. A

    Row Number in With Value Exists in One Column AND A second value exists in a second column

    I usually use the MATCH function to find a particular row number based on the criteria I have available. For example trew = Application.WorksheetFunction.Match(RID, ws_psttemp.Columns("A"), 0) Will provide me the row number in which the value of RID can be found in column A of worksheet...
  8. Deladier

    QR Code without blank frame

    Hello experts. I need to generate QR Code with Excel,and I already done it using a vba code that I saw in Youtube, it works very good, but I need to get rid off the frame around the QR code. How can I do this?. Here is the vba code:
  9. M

    Break up a cell....

    I am working on a bibliography. (EndNote) I am converting it to excel. The Author cell looks like this: <tbody> Akil, Ali, Ziegeler, Stephan, Reichelt, Jan, Semik, Michael, Müller, Marcus Christian and Fischer, Stefan Several questions: How do I break up the authors and get rid of...
  10. A

    zero for answer

    I am using the following formula, =B84*C84+E84+G84. and when the previous cells are empty I get zero for an answer, is there some addition to the formula that will get rid of the zero's?
  11. A

    What is this bar and how to get rid of it!

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to get rid of this bar in Excel, I upgraded to Win10 and it was not there in Win7! Thanks! (image link on ImgBB below:) https://ibb.co/0B8d7ws
  12. L

    Dissecting a number string to correct format with IF AND IFS MID and getting rid of some but not all zeros

    Hello Exceptional Excel Extraordinaires, I come before you to seek your guidance with this issue i'm currently struggling with and would really like to solve and or automate. I have two databases which i need to join or relate, been trying to do it in access but one of them has the...
  13. B

    Need to get rid of ###

    Hi all,,, I have a cell that contains this formula: =COUNTIF(C39:AF39,"21")+AM38 Without the +AM38 I get a 0 but with the +AM38 I get ###. Is there a way to get rid of the ### Please. Len
  14. C

    Macro that gets rid of brackets in formula as in the example.

    Hello, First time here, as I can't find the answer I'm looking for browsing the internet. Is there a way of writing a macro in excel that does this ? How do I get from this: (A/B/C)+(D/E) To this: A+D or A+E or B+D or B+E or C+D or C+E This is just an example, the macro I want to write is...
  15. L

    get rid of formulas and functions and keep values only

    Hi Inspired by this post https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1090951-vba-excel-final-piece-puzzle-hopefully-removing-formulas-not-converting-table.html I tried my own code to get rid of all functions in the the whole sheet and replace them with the value but it did not work. Any help...
  16. B

    Rid of value error

    i am trying to extract alphanumeric data like EXAMPLE: 785abc25d so i tried so please help me i am using excel 2010 version =INDEX(ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A36))),N(IF(1,MID(A36,ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A36))),1)+0))) after i pressed f9 key to evaluate so it is showing...
  17. M

    T Function

    Hello All - I am trying to use the below formula =IFERROR(T(INDEX(Dollar_Amount1,(MATCH(cmts,DTS_ID,0)))),"") - It returns empty Whenever I use this one in the same cell =IFERROR(INDEX(Dollar_Amount1,MATCH(cmts,DTS_ID,0)),"") - it returns 500 What I am trying to do is get rid off the zero if...
  18. T

    VBA getting rid of #N/A

    Hi I have the following code that works fine, but if the Data in Sheet "Data" does not have a match it returns #N/A. I tried code to find text and change cell colour but it does not find #N/A. The next bit of code is a copy and paste special (values) so I have got rid of the formula in the...
  19. tryingcake

    How to get rid of the calendar template pop ups?

    This pesky pop-up message shows up every single time I click a cell. It's the same info over and over. How do I make it stop? It is in the way when I want to click the cell under it, which is often. This causes me to double my clicks. Thank you. [/URL]******** async...
  20. K

    Virus Warning

    I am running excel 2016 under Windows 10. I have a sheet that has a bunch of hyperlinks toprograms in it. When I click on one Iget a message: Microsoft Office OpeningC:\users\Dave\Desktop\State Contests\Oklahoma QSO Party Contest Log.lnk Some files cancontain viruses or otherwise be harmful to...

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