1. A

    Max Drawdown by ID and Transaction

    I have a worksheet with IDs in column A, Transactions in Column B, Balance by ID in Column C and Date in Column D. I need to calculate Drawdown in Column E per ID for each transaction in order. Your help would be greatly appreciated! The problem is the formula below only works for one ID at a...
  2. H

    Increase / decrease arrows based on what user types in

    Hi. I have a RAID log and we wish to allow risk owners to indicate when a risk has increased or decreased in severity (in their opinion). So they would review each risk and for any that they felt had got better or worse, they'd be able to say "this one's getting worse", "this one's gotten...
  3. N

    SumIFs for two tables

    Hi everyone! I need some help. I have two tables (short version, see below). And I want put these together with the and want to have the total sum (from table 1) for the categories in table 2. The R and Z is the positions in a grid. So I want to sum up the weights in table 1 for every...
  4. S

    Formula to find highest unique values in a range

    Hi All, I have a range of risks with risk scores between 1-25 ("F2:F2460"), and details about each of these risks within the range ("E2:E2460") I need to provide a list which will return the top 'X' amount of risks depending on what the risk scores are. I need to show a minimum of 5...
  5. R

    Risk Profiler

    Hi, I doing investment risk profiler in excel. Basically, what I want to achieve is that each letter on the questions corresponds to a number and based on the user's choice it will add up on the analysis box. The score then will be evaluated as aggressive, low risk, or mid risk. My question is...
  6. K

    VBA to return numeric value instead of text from the UserForm

    Can someone help me with a User form? I created a form for a Risk Register with 2 command buttons: "Enter new Risk" and "Update existing risk". Both work fine however, when updating existing risk, the value of the risk is not returned to the spreadsheet on as a numeric value and therefore is not...
  7. A

    Formula help explanation (search function)

    Hi All I have the following formula =IF(SEARCH("Risk",D41),"x","no") Where there is risk an "x" does appear so the formula is working but where there isn't the word risk instead of getting "no" I get #VALUE . Could any one assist me in getting "no" and explain why the "no" isn't being...
  8. A

    Move entire row to another row based on a cell value

    Hello everyone. I need a code that will move specific rows to other rows in the same sheet based on a Cell Value. My spreadsheet has 4 sections (high risk, medium risk, low risk, completed). In column "J" of each section will be a number or a letter. Any number less than 3 is high risk, 3-7 is...
  9. C

    Dependent list with tables

    Thanks for your help. I have a number of Suppliers and I have listed the products they supply under the Customer name. I want to be able to choose a Supplier and have the output generate the list of products for the Supplier. I would also like to get the output to display 2 other features: a)...
  10. A

    Checking multiple cells to see if they contain any of a list of choices

    Good morning guys... I have been racking my (less-than-ample) brain on this one for a couple of days... please help... If i have a questionnaire which contains something like "What countries do you do business with?" and it yields a single cell with all their answers delimited by a comma, is...
  11. Johnny C

    Spreadsheet audit software

    Our Internal Risk framework covers Excel models. At the moment, users classify the level of risk associated with each model themselves, as high, medium, low depending on the complexity of the models (e.g. if the owner got knocked down by a bus would someone else be able to maintain it) combined...
  12. B

    Risk Assessment Calculation

    I am trying to calculate the level of risk for a particular item based on the user inputs to two fields. Column A = Impact; drop down of values Column B = Probability; drop down of values Column C = Risk Level; calculated based on the entry in Column A and B and where they intersect in a...
  13. M

    Arbitrage Spreadsheet Formulas

    I was wondering if someone can help me out. I've been using the top set of numbers for a few years while sports betting. However, it seems like all the NJ sites base your betting on how much you will WIN, as opposed to how much you will RISK (on favorites, where the "ML Odds" are -101 and...
  14. E

    Countif not counting

    Ok so let me start off by saying that I know that this is a common problem but none of the common solutions I've tried are working. I will do my best to describe the problem and I am willing to email the spreadsheet to anyone who thinks that they would be able to help. About the Spreadsheet...
  15. S

    Excel OLAP cube formulas

    I have created an Excel user form that incorporates locked fields that populate with customer information from a SQL server by way of OLAP CUBEVALUE formulas. It works great, however I have run into a problem b/c I have other CUBEMEMBER information that I need to display per user selection...
  16. P

    GetPivot Function to get Sub Total

    Hi All: I have a formula: =GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Sum of Apr-19 2]",$D$15,"[TotalCombinedFTEByCheckType].[Check Type]","[TotalCombinedFTEByCheckType].[Check Type].&[High Risk Trader]") - which gets the subtotal for column named High Risk Trader. I need this to be dynamic and refer to a...
  17. R

    Search multiple input from one workbook and replace value in another workbook

    Below is the data in my two different sheets: Workbook1 <tbody> LastName FirstName NewPermission <tbody> Aadhi </tbody> <tbody> Vetrivel </tbody> <tbody> Risk Quality Reviewer II </tbody> <tbody> Abudhahir </tbody> <tbody> Imrana Parveen </tbody> <tbody> Risk...
  18. B

    Urgent help over a Countifs formula with multiple criterias

    Dear I am using this formula but not calculating =SUM(COUNTIFS('Risk & Issue Log'!G:G,"Used Cars",'Risk & Issue Log'!M:M,{"15","16","17"},'Risk & Issue Log'!AA:AA,{"Open","In Progress"})) Could anyone help me over this Many thanks
  19. T

    VBA Code for Pop Up

    I am trying to create a pop up window with VBA code. I am not good with VBA code but found some things on line but it's not working. I want to have a pop up window display a message once if the value in F7 equals a certain value and if possible have it only popup again if the value in F7...
  20. O

    Count based on on criteria

    Hello, everyone I have three columns, F, AC and E. On column F I have the name of a Risk and on AC I have the department which have identified such risk. I'm trying to give a serial code to risks on colum E. Things to consider: - Each department can identify the same risk more than once. In...

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