1. mole999

    Overpass API

    Anyone with experience using APIs or this one specifically. I have 92K locations stored with Easting / Northing. The API suggests that it has Road Speed for a large proportion of the road network (UK) and I'd like to use a formula or script to import this data against known location data. I can...
  2. J

    Need proper formula for max

    Dear All Hi, <tbody> #FFFF00[/URL] , align: center"]Location #FFFF00[/URL] , align: center"]KM #FFFF00[/URL] , align: center"]Needed Output #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"]CHIKHALI #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"]70 #FFFFFF[/URL] , align: center"]70 #FFFFFF[/URL] , align...
  3. mole999

    Scripting Dictionary

    I know these appear really fast, I have a worksheet that grows every day and currently 98% has to be looked up manually (basically a location, that then develops into postcode ad easting & northing plus A&B identifier's In the table shown as A I am developing values in Col AN I want to keep...
  4. D

    Help moving data from one column into multiple columns

    MS Office 2016 / Window 10 PC So today I was given a excel spreadsheet with one column of data Column A has the the following info in descending rows Name Street Address City, State, Zip Code Phone # Then the next row down starts over the process with the next name, etc. So I have a...
  5. D

    Excel/Word Mail Merge - Same Address...different names

    Not sure if more of an excel question or a Word Question but here is my issue. We use an EHR where the contact report that is exported has every contact separated into their own row in excel... for example: mom and dad, living in the same house, have separate entries in the form and are on...
  6. P

    Conditional formatting base on another cell (if the cell 'contains' for direct match)

    Hello, I know i can do exact match formatting using the conditional formatting function, Is this possible? Data in A1 is selected from 10 options in a pick list (i.e 128 Leslie Road or 18 Taunton Street) I would like B1 to be highlighted (yellow is fine) if A1 contains either the word Road or...
  7. A

    Transposing - Line Break Cell

    <tbody> <tbody> 601, Khatau Condominium J.M. Mehta Road Nepean Sea Road Mumbai 400006 </tbody> <tbody> 601, Khatau Condominium </tbody> <tbody> J.M. Mehta Road </tbody> <tbody> Nepean Sea Road </tbody> <tbody> Mumbai 400006 </tbody> <tbody> Gold...
  8. M

    Help to sort road addresses - Complex Sort Scenario

    Hi All Excel Gurus, I have address in one column as follows 1 ABC Road 1a ABC Road 10 ABC Road 11 ABC Road 11a ABC Road 2 ABC Road 3 ABC Road 6 ABC Road 7 ABC Road 52 XYZ Road The Mansion , 8 BCD Road The Quadrant , 8a BCD Road Flat 3, 35 BCD Road 51 BCD Road 21 ABC Road Flat 1 23 ABC Road...
  9. T

    Macro to Split After "Apartment [0-9]"?

    Hello, I receive address files from clients that are rarely formatted properly and usually have all their data pasted in 1 column. (See example below) I've made a macro that adds "|" at the end of Street, Ave, Road, etc and then splits into different columns but I can't figure out how to split...
  10. J

    Post Code Calculator UK

    Hi All, I have searched the forum and found some US postcode versions, but i am looking for a post code calculator in miles for the UK by road. Does one exist for mileage by road. I have seen some mention API ( i am clueless about), so am looking for a legal version as i saw it mentioned...
  11. R

    Sort/order a list by an existing one

    Hello, I have a customer list with approx. 200 addresses, each in a separate line, that are ordered according to my needs (shortest trip with my car). Every day I receive a new list with customers, but this new one is not ordered according to my needs. Please tak a look at a sample; My List...
  12. M

    Multiple if

    lubumbashi 356 kitwe 320 kasumbalesa 356 lusaka 325 ndola 300 kipushi 425 zambia 325 those are road toll fees for those country formula on any cell to read b6 and plug the exact road toll I have done this but dont recall how i did it
  13. S

    Fuzzy VLOOKUP using a Range of Values

    Hi, I have a problem where I am trying to VLOOKUP a certain code from a range but the source field has the target string in a larger "messy" string. E.g. trying to search the cell "Y:\Certificates awaiting approval\1 Station Road TMV Dalex 090118.pdf" for the string "1 Station Road" and return...
  14. M

    Checking that a cell has an address in it

    Hi So I have been trying to work out a problem I have cells that have address in them and we have another tool for geocoding, so we need these addresses to be in a standard format So I want to basically conditional format to turn the cell red or something if the cell data is not entered...
  15. T

    Copy Data with transpose to Sheet2 from Sheet1 between 2 email address.

    Hi All, I have faced a big problem. I have huge data with name, address, email. I want to copy data between 2 email address to sheet2 & transpose. For example: Sheet 1: <tbody> Mr Karim 234, by lane Mr rashed 015987456 365 by lane mc road Mr...
  16. Z

    listbox value

    I've been looking for a way in vba to look at value(s) of a list box and find if a certain one exists, NOT selected item. but rather if it is in the list box? Any suggestions as this one seems to be a not well traveled road? Ralph
  17. B

    Data scrubbing a list of street addresses - how to trim off street number?

    Hi all, Hoping to find some help on this one! I have a list of thousands of addresses containing numbers and street names, and I'm trying to "shave off" the number (and sometimes, unit name - e.g. 15/A or 64C) from this list in order to isolate the street name. Unfortunately there are no clear...
  18. D

    User forms

    I want to set up form where I input potential client details and then send to another member of staff to follow up via t text message or messenger text .. i work out out on the road all day and use my iPad whips is set up with MS Excel is this possible .
  19. A

    Countif contains wildsearch

    Hi, I'm wondering if this is possible. I have a huge list of addresses from two different sources. I want to do a countif on both sources to count how many properties each list has for each road. The formula I am using is countif(range,"*roadname*"). Whilst this works, I really want to use...
  20. Rich_B

    Sort alpha-numeric addresses by the number only?

    Hi I have a list of addresses that currently sort as follows: 1 Acacia Road 10 Acacia Road 11 Acacia Road 2 Acacia Road 21 Acacia Road 22 Acacia Road 3 Acacia Road 31 Acacia Road etc. How can I get them to sort in ascending order of the number i.e. 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 21, 22, 31 etc I have...

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