1. R

    roll back excel 2007 macro to work on excel 2003

    hi all I have made an excel gantt chart using macros based on conditional formatting, in excel 2007. what I would like to do is use it on excel 2003 however I am struggling to rewrite the macros to allow approximately 70 conditions per cell with various colours. this is a sample of what...
  2. E

    Macros on Individual Files Rolled Back?

    Hi everybody, I'm new to posting in forums but I can't understand what just happened so I'd like to see if anybody can explain the "why" and the "how to keep it from never happening again". At my work we have a workbook with several macros in it to perform table operations (basic reformatting...
  3. R

    Learning Do-Until Loops

    Hi there! I'm trying to learn how to use VBA's Do-Until looping function to assist me in getting a payment rollback feature to work. I have a very simple workbook created that calculates a monthly payment based on the standard set of PMT Arguments. What I'm trying to do is get an input box...
  4. NuJoizey

    Cancel change event?

    A user mistakenly clicks a checkbox from False to True. I want a message box to pop up saying "Are you sure?" If user responds "NO" then I want to exit out of the routine and set the checkbox back to False. But the problem is that when I do this, the event is re-fired and AddCols() procedure...

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