1. E

    What Formula to use for Rolling Inventory?

    Hello, I am looking to create a formula to update a rolling inventory need. please see below - thanks for the help! Need formula for E/F/G BELOW: <tbody> A B C D e f g 1 Current Inventory Monday sale Tuesday Sale Wednesday Sale Inventory need Monday Inventory need Inventory...
  2. Y

    Lookup __ problem

    <tbody> A B C D E 1 0.000 FLAT 2 20.000 ROLLING 0.000 60 3 40.000 ROLLING 60 120 4 60.000 ROLLING 120 180 5 80.000 FLAT 6 100.000 FLAT 7 120.000 FLAT 8 140.000 ROLLING 9 160.000 ROLLING 10 180.000 ROLLING </tbody> I want to Lookup in Column B and...
  3. B

    Calculating rolling averages

    Hi everyone, I have a very difficult, very complex problem. I have a spreadsheet of sales data which looks like this: The 3 last columns in grey are my own formula to calculate fiscal year, week ending and territory (uses VLOOKUP to repeat data from another sheet) When I display it on a...
  4. B

    Rolling averages

    Hello, i have a rather complicated issue that I am trying to resolve. I have over 200,000 lines of raw sales data in excel. The data looks something like this: Customer Id / Invoice # / Date / Inventory / Quantity / Value 1001 / inv1 / 1-1-18 / cheese / 10 / 45.50 1001 / inv1 / 1-1-18 / sauce...
  5. J

    Rolling Month w/ a Twist

    So I've tutorials online on how to do a rolling month, but I have a unique circumstance in that I need a month to duplicate. For instance Cell B1 = JANUARY I need the output to be JANUARY JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE..... If I change Cell B1 to April, my output needs to be...
  6. J

    Rolling In-Out Inventory by Date (Lookup and Sum)

    Greetings! I'm trying to create a rolling inventory for a series of products in a table that can be expanded indefinitely. Along the Y-axis are two groupings, products created and products sold. These are the only two ways products come and go. Within each grouping are a few empty cells, each...
  7. T

    Rolling average ignoring cells that have text or are blank

    I have a group with 32 members. Each day, I enter in their scores from that day's completed games. I keep track of their average score for the most recent 10 days, and have typically just manually adjusted the range (for example I manually change A2:J2 to B2:K2). In playing around with rolling...
  8. J

    Converting a COLUMN formula to a ROW formula

    trying to make a rolling 6 week chart so if COL A has my list of weeks and COL B has my list of total my OFFSET named range formulas are Total =OFFSET($B$2,COUNTA($B:$B)-($C$2+1),0,$C$2,1) Weeknum =OFFSET($A$2,COUNTA($A:$A)-($C$2+1),0,$C$2,1) note C2 is the location of the...
  9. O

    Rolling 12 month sum with data separated

    So I want to use a formula calculating a rolling 12 months, and rolling 24 months where the data is separated. Data looks something like this: Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17 Charges 100 100 100 100 100...
  10. S

    if and statement to incorporate rolling 12 month

    I am new to rolling 12 month formula. I was able to build a countifs statement which had a segment to include a date that was in rolling 12 month period. Now instead of countifs I am looking to build this formula into my data dump and need to insert a 1 if the data row meets requirements. I...
  11. C

    Rolling 12 Months Stats

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help e create a rolling 12 months stats table like the one below: The date in the October 2014 column is created using the =now() formula which has been formatted to MMM-YYYY. In the columns for the preceding 11 months I have used the EOMONTH formula again...
  12. J

    Is it possible to do a rolling sum of 12 months that changes with the 1st of a new month?

    Hi All, i'm trying to get a set of figures to sum over the last 12 months automatically. Therefore i want to be able to sum up the last 12 months figures and when the 1st of a new month commences i want the formula to essentially move along so that the last 12 months are up to date. For...
  13. B

    Year to Date sum of Monthly data for multiple years

    I feel like this should be pretty straightforward using a Sum and Offset function. I have monthly revenue data in a table as follows: Excel 2010 <tbody> B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q 1 1/31/2012 2/29/2012 3/31/2012 4/30/2012 5/31/2012 6/30/2012 7/31/2012 8/31/2012 9/30/2012 10/31/2012...
  14. F

    Advanced excel doubts - periods with different "k"(s)

    Hello everyone! Imagine I want to get the top-3 "Value" of each period of three days (in this case from 30/4 until 2/5, the top-3 values would be 78, 70, 68), aditionally I want to roll this top-3 over the time, so the second in analysis period would be (1/5 until 3/5), the third (2/5 until...
  15. N

    3 week rolling average, excluding blanks

    Hi, I'm looking for help with a 3 week rolling average. I have my spreadsheet set up with Data in columns NY through to OT as below NY NZ OA OB Week 1 Week 2 Week 3...
  16. S

    dynamic 12 month average?

    ;)Hi, Can anyone advise me how to achieve the following? colum A - random dates colum B - percentage audit scores I need to keep a rolling average of the last twelve months of percentage audit scores. The difficulty being that audit scores are not entered on a regular or controllable...
  17. B

    Customize Date Filter in Pivot Table

    Hello - I am trying to customize the date filter function on a pivot table to show the last 90 days (or last 3 months would be even better). I attempted to put a formula, "=now()-90" into the date filter dialogue box, but excel won't allow it. Is there a way to do this? I would ultimately...
  18. C

    MaxIf Function

    I would like to write a formula that looks at the last month with a percent value greater than zero, then return the percent value in a specific cell. In the example below I want to display 85.0% in the cell. It should update each time data is entered for the following month. Here is the...
  19. 7

    Counting Attendance in a Rolling Period

    So far I've been unable to get help with this and am hoping to find it here. I am using the following formula to calculate points for the first 90 day period(first 90 rows). IF(H4="","",IF(W4="","",IF(H4>0,IF(W4>0,IF(B4-$B$4<=90,SUM($H$4:H4)))))) Beginning with the 91st row(actual row 94)...
  20. G

    Formula for rolling Thursdays

    Is there a way to write a formula to get it to read every Thursday in the past rolling? Something like an =today()-7 would work if it was Thursday, but how do I make it Thurday for today and have that same formula output Thursday still tomorrow? Does that make sense?

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