1. R

    Changing Font Type in Header VBA Code

    Hello Everyone, I'm getting some odd behavior when I try running some VBA code that updates the font type in a page header. Here is the snippet of code: With masterWkbk.Worksheets("Dashboard") .PageSetup.RightHeader = "&""Times New Roman,Regular" & Format(Now, "YYYY") & " " & prevQtr &...
  2. K

    Has Excel updated their Times New Roman font?

    The symbol ∧ does not work with Times New Roman Font in MS Excel for Mac 2013. But it works in MS Word for Mac. The symbol's stats in other encoding formats can be found here: I will never upgrade to MS Excel 2016 because it's junk...
  3. M

    IF Formula Change

    Hi I’m using the following formula but would like to change it to include more than one result: =IF(ISERROR(LOOKUP(2,1/(E36:E52<>""),E25:E50)),"",LOOKUP(2,1/(E25:E50<>""),E25:E50)) If for example the existing formula was placed in cell B5 but an additional two results could be...
  4. Y

    Converting numbers to Roman numbers

    Given an Integer value , convert it into Roman number. roman numbers are like I : 1 V : 5 X : 10 L : 50 C : 100 D : 500 M : 1000 IV : 4 IX: 9 XL : 40 XC: 100 CD: 400 CM : 900 example Input : 3 Output :III Input : 58 Output :LVII
  5. F

    String with text and numbers to ROMAN

    Hi, I need a formula to replace numbers within a strin to Roman: My18Example22Is would become MyXVIIIExampleXXIIIs
  6. A

    Roman Numerals Won't Work With Join/Transpose

    Again I have to rely on this forum for I am stumped. I have a column with Roman numerals created with the "Roman" worksheet formula. When I run my macro, it works but all the numbers come up as zeros. If I type the Roman numeral in the cells manually, it will work with the join/transpose...
  7. K

    Excel changes font when I paste (Excel for Mac 2011)

    I'm using excel for mac 2011 and sometimes when I cut and paste, excel will paste in a different font. I always want everything to be in Times New Roman font but no matter how hard I try sometimes Excel will paste in Cambria font irregardless of the fact that I cut in font Times New Roman and am...
  8. Futile Crush

    Changing Roman numerals BACK to numbers.

    The title pretty much explains what I'm trying to do. Because I'm really not sure how to go about changing roman numerals back to numbers without the use of a VLOOKUP, in essence, I want to try and achieve something where the original numbers are NOT on the spreadsheet, just the numerals. Is...

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