1. W

    Pivot Table Help

    I have a spreadsheet that calculates the time a surgical case takes on a particular shift (Thanks shg!). I am attempting to create a Pivot table that could analyze how much of the available room time is taken in a particular room or group of rooms during a given time period I inserted a...
  2. W

    Calculating Room Utilization in Surgey

    Attempting to create a spread sheet that can calculate the number of minutes an operating room is used on a given shift. I thought I could save a great deal of time by asking here first. An operating room has a certain number of rooms it can use during given shift. So, if I have time period of...
  3. W

    Trying to figure out the average number of occupied rooms in a given time range...

    A little background... I work in a very busy surgical services department. We have a lot of rooms doing cases in a give day. We want to figure out how many cases are occupying rooms in a given time range. These ranges are: 0600-1500, 1500-1900, and 1900-2100 I already maintain a spreadsheet...
  4. D

    Set focus on the textbox after the message.

    Hi, I have the following code that triggers a message if one of the text boxes hasn't been entered. If ((Me.TextBox2.Text = "") * (Me.TextBox3.Text = "") * (Me.TextBox4.Text = "") * (Me.TextBox5.Text = "") * (Me.TextBox6.Text = "") * (Me.TextBox7.Text = "") * (Me.TextBox8.Text = "") *...
  5. M

    Count of specif cell in multiple column

    I want a program for below data filter to condition1 for use , then condition2 for use & then for condition3 for use Room No Condition 1 Condition 2 Condition 3 1 Use Use Use 2 Not in Use Use Not in Use 3 Use Use Use 4 Not in Use Use Not in Use 5 Use Not in Use Not...
  6. C

    Dynamic rotating work schedule

    I have a pretty tall order here everyone, I'm trying to make a rotating sanitation list for the remainder of the year for 3 teams. I want the sheet to auto assign team members job areas (Rooms;columns B,C,D) based on the days of the week the work. Members of Team 1 can only be assigned any...
  7. I

    Matching multiple information and bring the result

    Table 1 <tbody> Booked By Hotel Name Room Type No of Room Amount<strike></strike> ABC Royal Hotel Single Room 3 1400 ABC Royal Hotel Twin Room 2 1600 ABC Mid Night Hotel Single Room 4 1200 XYZ Royal Hotl Single Room<strike></strike> 4 100 ZYX 3 star Hotel Twin Room 1 120 below...
  8. J

    Autosort spreadsheet according to Date

    Hi Folks, I want to sort a spreadsheet that links information from another spreadsheet. I want to sort it by the Room Change Date column, and have the other columns sort with it as well. Here's a sample of what I'm trying to do: <tbody> Room Number Room Change Date Combo Change Date...
  9. I

    Match on two criteria

    I want to match Hotel Name, then Room Type, if matching then bring the rate from Table 1 to table 2 Table 1 Hotel Name - Room Type - Rate Royal Hotel - Single - 120 Priceless Hotel - Twin - 140...
  10. W

    Help with the kind of function and syntaxis

    Hi guys, I'm a relatively basic excel user, and now I'm faced with an issue that I'm sure it's fairly simple to resolve, I just can't figure it out. I have this spreadsheet where I'm given just the name of the passengers, how many days they'll stay and which kind of room they'll use. Also, I'm...
  11. G

    Conference Room Schedule

    The rooms are bookable in 30 mins need an excel system where details can be put in on one tab and on the other tab if blocks out the booked room I've got a spreadsheet started but don't know where else to go regards to formula etc any help will be greatly received. Thank you in advance.
  12. A

    Help with a formula

    Hi Im trying to make a formula that can take keywords i specify and change them to the name of where they are located in an adjacent cell. This is how far i have got =IF(OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Cap",A2)),ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Hat",A2)),ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Snapback",A2))),"Cap Room") but i don't know how...
  13. M

    Extract unique values with duplicate

    hi everybody I would love to get your help in either Vba of formula, to get a nice looking report. here is what my data likes like <tbody> time room 1 room2 room3 9-10 d.l t.k n.d 9-10 m.e n.d s.h 9-10 l.a t.g e.n 10-11 d.l n.d 10-11 m.e s.h t.k 10-11 l.a e.n t.g 11-12 d.l t.k...
  14. K

    Students Schedule on Excel 2016

    My excel sheets has the schedule of all the students in my school. The schedule has the following fields. Please see the sample for one student below: <tbody> A B C D E G H I J K L M N O P 1 Counselor Grade Ident Student Name Period Course Title Teacher Room Ident Student Name Period Course...
  15. C

    I'm not sure what's wrong/missing with my code

    I'm not sure what's wrong with my code. The loop in question "loops", but the TagRowCounter variable stops increasing at 318. This is right where part of the logic starts "working", or NOT working in this case. What I'm trying to do is list Tag Numbers with their respective Rooms. Every Tag...
  16. B

    Solver Help...

    I have hit a block in progress and am hoping someone out there might have some good ideas on how to make my idea work. Basically I am attempting to do a sensitivity analysis on my model to see the differing effects of the room counts of a hotel. The room sizes differ but are all priced based...
  17. E

    SUMIF or IndexMatch?

    Hi all, A pretty simple question but I am stumped. Say I have "Room Revenue" for 30 days in the month of October. Room Revenue | 30,000 |1st Oct Room Revenue | 30,000| 2nd Oct Room Revenue | 29,000 | 1st Oct Is there any way I can get the final value to sum up all Room Revenue for 1st Oct...
  18. C

    I'm relatively new to Excel VBA, and I'm not sure what code I need

    I'm relatively new to VBA, and have run into a "not knowing what code I need" section. I might have used the wrong terminology in my explanation, I apologize in advance. I'm loading Room and Floor data from Component to JCX (with a cross-sheet check on the Floor data from Space). The problem...
  19. J

    Copy images from one worksheet to multiple worksheets

    Hello, I have three worksheets, one containing many pictures called "Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3...", another with all the data and the last one should hold part of the data with the corresponding picture. So far, I've managed to import data from one worksheet to the other, but I'm having...
  20. D

    Looking to easily sum up the total per room

    Hello, I will try to explain the following problem as good as possible. In the first column, there is the name of a room combined with the number to a case (fe. R01-V02 / R05-V01 etc ) Sometimes more then 1 case per room. I would like to make totals for each room, based on the room number...

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