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    Price list roundup with different parameter

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Barcode Price Result 110022002095 43.7535 45 2200000000019 78.75 80 2200000000026 105 105 2200000000033 105 105 2200000000040 105 105 2200000000057 105 105 2200000000064 175.0035 175 2200000000071 52.5 55 2200000000095 15.75 16...
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    Round numbers based on last digit

    Hi again guys! Thanks to you I'm optimizing a lot my worksheet! I have another question to ask you. AQ2: =(AO2-AP2). That ecuation gives me a result that I need to round with the next criteria: If the result ends with the digits: 2, 3, 4, round it to end with 5 (ie. 102, 103, 104, round to...
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    Round to the nearest 10,000

    Hi, can anyone help me round down to the nearest 10,000 So, if it's 84,000, it'll round to 80,000 If It's 86,000, it'll round to 80,000 etc... I found this online, but it doesn't work properly past 100, just rounds down to the nearest 100,000 when it gets past 100,000...
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    Rounding to the nearest 10th Millionth and using a decimal

    Greetings! I am trying to figure out how to have Excel round to the nearest decimal and separate the Billions/Millions with a decimal :confused::confused:. For example, I would like 6,026,221,586.4 to become 6.03. Any ideas? Thank you! David
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    How to Round the last 3 digits.

    Hi, I need to round up the last 3 digits. If the last two digits are >=50 then I need it rounded to the next hundred and if the last two digits are <50 then I need it rounded to the previous hundred. For example: If I have 22,560 in A1, then the formula in B1 should give me 22600. If I have...
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    how to change rounding rules?

    The formula of round currently rounds up if the decimal value is 0.5 and above and rounds down if the decimal value is below 0.5. Is there a way to change this? I want a round up if the decimal value is 0.8 and above and round down if the decimal value is 0.7 and below. E.g. If value is 2.7...
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    New Twist on Time Conversion Problem

    Hi all, I need to convert a time into a decimal, but also add a specific rounding function. For example, A1 shows the hours and minutes worked in the form of 8:39 (meaning 8 hours, 39 minutes). I want to convert this to a decimal in B1 and also round to the nearest quarter hour. Where...
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    Rounding and IF/Then Formulas

    I need to round the result of the following formula to 2 significant figures: =IF(B21>0,B21/$B$10/($B$11/100),"") The following formula seems to work well for rounding to 2 sig figs: =ROUND(C21,2-(1+INT(LOG10(ABS(C21))))) How can I combine these formulas to yield a nicely rounded result...
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    Help with 2 macros

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help with 2 macros I have that work but both have kinks that I would like to check 1) Number format macro ................ Selection.NumberFormat = "#,##0;[Red](#,##0);-;" This macro is for formatting numbers in a way I like. However if I inadvertantly use it on...

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