1. D

    round average

    Hello to all! I really need your help... I'm currently following an online course about Supply chain planning and here is the issue i'm having, i can't round the average number! I'm doing the exact same things as the teacher is showing and all i get as a result is error. First thing i do is...
  2. lockarde

    Maintain last 0 if value is ".5", without using simple Round.

    Good morning all, I have some variables dimmed as doubles, and I'm wondering the easiest way to check if the value ends in .5, for it to show as .50. I can't simply round because I need it show the values out to 3, or 4 decimals if the value is say, 0.375. Is there an easy check for this...
  3. tourless

    VBA Insert SUM formula not result of SUM

    Hi Folks, I have invoice data separated with blank lines between invoice numbers and I'm currently using the following code which gives me the result of summing up the line items of a given invoice and it works fine. But what I would like to do is actually insert the sum formula for the rows...
  4. W

    RANK gives different rank for same value

    Hi guys, I'm getting totally crazy over the RANK-function. In this sheet, B2 = RANK(A2,$A$2:$A$3) and B3 = RANK(A3,$A$2:$A$3), and as you can see, it gives me two different ranks for the same value. These are constants (not formulas) and prove that the value is the same, formula in C2 =...
  5. L

    SUM IF - Round up If - Round Down Else

    Hi all, I need help building out a formula here. If I have a column of data that I am performing a SUMIF on, I would like to incorporate a Rounding calculation to the SUMIF formula. If the sum of the data's decimal point is below .5, round down nearest whole number, if over .5 round up to...
  6. M

    Round up time by quarter of the hour in VBA

    Hello The macro below works well for converting military time to regular time and adjusts the one difference in timezone. I would like to round up the outputted time by quarter of the hour as I am currently doing it manually after running the macro using the MROUND function. Ex 05:20=05:30 &...
  7. K

    Rounding with exponent

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I consider myself an intermediate skill-level with Excel, and I use it at work quite a bit, but right now I'm stumped. In the simplest form, I'm trying to figure out a formula that will multiply a cell by a another cell which is a percentage, then round...
  8. N

    Excel Round Function

    Hello, I have an inquiry regarding round function and not sure if there is a solution or not The numbers in Column "A" are depends on some calculations What I need is to round the numbers in Column "A" to be only as the numbers in Column "D" (looks like (250, 250*2, 250*3, 250*4...)) I used...
  9. M

    Screwing up a nested IF function

    Hi. I'm creating a spreadsheet for a music group that pays tutor expenses for travel. For a round trip up to 200 miles the standard payment is £25, for a round trip of between 200 and 400 miles its £50, and anything over a 400 mile round trip pays £100. What I want is to be able to enter the...
  10. B

    Excel Round off formula to get desired result

    Which uniform excel round off formula should I use to get the following result by multiplying certain figures by 2.57?: 6600*2.57 = 17000 7680*2.57 = 19700 11040*2.57 = 28900 12750*2.57 = 33400
  11. T

    Rounding in CONCATENATE

    Hello, I can´t solve the issue with CONCATENATE and rounding in this function like this screen: I need to round it only to 2 numbers after the decimal point (examlpe: 7.13%, not 7.15615615686164489%) Can anyone help me with this function to solve it? PS: Function is...
  12. J

    ROUND UP FORMULA with IF Function

    I need help with roundup in an if statement. =ROUNDUP(MONTH($G7)/3,0) I've tried everything that I can think of with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. I need Quarter come from Date but if there is not date formula show 0 not value.
  13. N

    Price list roundup with different parameter

    <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> Barcode Price Result 110022002095 43.7535 45 2200000000019 78.75 80 2200000000026 105 105 2200000000033 105 105 2200000000040 105 105 2200000000057 105 105 2200000000064 175.0035 175 2200000000071 52.5 55 2200000000095 15.75 16...
  14. R

    VBA error handling problem

    Hi, I’m having a problem with the following tract of VBA. It is intended that it should loop round until a window with a particular title (as held in string wtit) is detected. It works ok if the said window already exists before running the code, but it fails on the SECOND time round the loop...
  15. P

    Round time off to nearest 15 minutes and then convert format

    I'm struggling to work out a formula to round off time to the nearest 15 minutes. Basically the numbers are timesheet entries and they need to be rounded in the following format: <tbody> Current Format Desired Output 02:19:04 2.5 01:37:00 1.5 03:55:23 4 </tbody> I've been able to...
  16. H

    MsgBox keeps popping up

    I have this code that almost works, but has one issue. I think i know why, but dont know how to fix it. As dates are entered elsewhere, G11 counts them. When G11 = G16, it throws up the MsgBox. So far so good. When I hit 'OK' on the MsgBox, Step 1 occurs (saves the file), but then the MsgBox...
  17. S

    Numberformat with many columns at one go

    Hello I want to numberformat with many columns at one go Can i ws.Columns(3, 5, 9, 11, 23, 27).NumberFormat = Trim(Replace(Format(String(Len(Int(Cell.value)) - 1, "#"), " @@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@\\,@@0"), " \,", "")) & ".00" Also Cell.value in red requires proper syntax Will the above...
  18. R

    Rank and Round Together

    Is it possible in the same formula to Rank and Round together? I have the following formula but it is returning #N/A. I assume this is because the whole reference is not rounded which leads me to believe this is not possible to do in one step. However, I thought someone may know of a workaround...
  19. H

    100% round down

    Hi I have an audit matrix document which calculates %age scores for multiple sites. The score should always show a full number (i.e 80%, 90%, etc...), and I am happy for standard rounding to apply (i.e round down for .4 and below, round up for .5 and above) However, I don't want this to apply...
  20. P

    How to set up an effective formula for testing a betting system.......

    Hi, What kind of excels functions that involved for setting up an effective formula to check and see if the following betting strategy would work for every 9,500 or so hands, and I'm using excel 2007: +10 +20 +10 -20 +20 +10 -20 -30 -70 -150 -10 -30 -70 +150 +10 -10 -30 +70 -10 +30 -10...

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