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    Need help with rounding multiples of minutes in Excel

    Heres the situation: I am trying to create a workout spreadsheet which will show 90% of my previous best time on an exercise rounded to the nearest 15 seconds. example: A1: 00:06:00 B2: =A1*.9 this displays 00:05:24... I would want it to display 00:05:30 I have tried a number of...
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    Rounding time according to entry in a cell

    I have developed the following formula- =IF(F3="","",IF(E3>="*06",ROUND(F3*96,0)/96-1/96,ROUND(F3*96,0)/96)) Which is designed to take a time in from D2, a time out from E3 and return the time difference, rounding down to the nearest ¼ hour if it is six or less minutes past the hour...
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    Calculating and Rounding Time to Nearest 15 min Interval

    After finally getting my spreadsheet to do exactly what I want it to do, the payroll department made a change...grrr. Now the goal is to automatically round the time to the nearest 15 minute increment within the same cell. I also want to total these times at the end of the row to show hours...

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