1. F

    Conditional Formatting?

    Hi, everyone! I have what I think is an easy question. I have a spreadsheet where column A is route numbers, and column B is item numbers. I need to highlight rows that have the identical route number and item number. Example Row 1: route 1 item D4 Row 2: route 1 item C3 Row 3: route 1 item...
  2. L

    Extract value between text and character

    Hello, I need to extract the route number, which can be between 1 to 3 digits, see example below: Route 1-1 South Route 26-7 Ludlam Route 29-2 West Route A 101-1 North As you can see the Route value and (-) dash character are constant. Is there a formula in excel and/or PowerBi I can use...
  3. N

    VBA Macro to find duplicates on different columns in different sheets and countif value

    Good day I have workbook with multi sheets named as today date in each sheet column x route nam the count of this route in column y I'm creating macro to copy all route with unique value and paste the result in sheet (main of month) column Aa. I want to compare column x in all sheets with column...
  4. H

    VBA: Replace X with X @ Col X

    Hi, i need some help. I try to google but see hard for me :( In myweeksht; At Column D 1. Find WPxx And Replace with 'Poster' 2. Find number (the number can be single or double digital) And replace with 'Route' <tbody> Col D Col D (Result) WP1 find WP @ Col D & replace with 'Poster Poster...
  5. S

    Schedule forecasting to maximize throughput

    I am trying to setup an automated scheduling spreadsheet in Excel but have hit a road block. The actual problem I'm working on is quite complex so as an example imagine a new delivery business (Acme Shipping) that is purchasing trucks and starting delivery routes. As Acme wants to maximize the...
  6. P

    Array formula

    <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M Date Route Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 MAY May 1 3 23 32 29 Route P1 P2 P3 May 2 5 35 53 71 3 May 3 6 14 27 12 4 May 4 5 18 81 65 5 April 30 3 54 19 21 6...
  7. K

    VBA script to create an interger value of the current date and time stamp

    I'm looking to modify a VBA code to create a unique date and time stamp. The code I have so far is Sheets("Route Import").Cells(x, 1).Value = Int(CDbl(Now())) This gives me the integer value of the date but I also need the time because the macro I'm using will go to the next line and...
  8. P

    have a list of employee/s name auto populate on different tabs

    Looking for help. I would like to create a formula that would pull in employees name/s. I have a database I type in employees names and the route each person is assigned to. Each route has its own tab. I want he employees who belong on the route/tab to auto populate. The crew may be one or 6...
  9. V

    Consolidate data from sheet name "Route sheet" from 15 workbooks

    Hello, Good day I have 15-20 workbooks, where in in every workbook the 2nd sheet name would be " Route sheet ". I want a Macro which can consolidate all the data from these workbooks in the same formate. All 15-20 workbook " route sheet " formate will be same. can any one help me in this...
  10. H

    Basics to start

    I have considered Excel, Business Intelligence as career. I want to learn basics but don't know where to start. Can anyone please guide what should be the route. Power Pivot, Power Query or BI. Shall be thankful to all of you
  11. N

    Extracting data from text

    I have a Spreadsheet which I have linked to other sheets effectively, (thanks to this board). I now want to go one step further and be able to write in a name in a column and within the same column, return a number (in this case a duty no.) I have tried Vlookup, if and match and so far, I have...
  12. R

    Turn part of a list into a table

    Hi, I am trying to turn a text list into a table. The list is approx 60 'routes' as similar to below. I would like use a macro to turn this into a 60 row table. What is the best was of achieving this? Many thanks, Rich From a text list:Route *TEST_AD* User 1 name: Business Unit...
  13. W

    looking up data and displaying it in another sheet depending on selection criteria

    Hi, I currently have an Excel spreadsheet one sheet has a listwith all my job data. I have a separate sheet with my selection criteria andthen I wish to populate another sheet based on the selection criteria do youknow if this is possible if so how do I go about doing it. For Example: - Data...
  14. C

    Counting unique values based on criteria

    Hello, I have two columns in my workbook Column A - lists dates Column B - lists route numbers There are several duplicates since there is a row for each shipment done by the route each day. I need a formula to tell me how many unique days the route operated. See below - BCG1A operated 1...
  15. B

    Perform Reverse Simple Match

    Hi all, Every Keyword has a route associated with it. I want to find out which description contains the keyword and then post the associated route for that keyword . For example, Abrasive is associated with Route 22. I want to match the Description "Large Abrasive Tool" to the keyword...
  16. L

    MapPoint and VBA - Any Active Users?

    Hello all 1st post on the forums but have been a long-time browser :) I am wondering if anybody can help point me to some good MapPoint resources or can help me with some code. I think what I am trying to do is quite simple but struggling to get started. In Excel, I will have a list of...
  17. D

    Need to capture Data from Huge .Txt file to Excel

    Dear Team, Do needful as iam having txt fine contains data in below mention format ================================================================================ TRAIL EXT_NPLC_VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INDIA PVT LTD_4 MBPS_0127402731980_SRF-731980-100915-VC12_01...
  18. M

    VBA Help, Correct way to repeat code

    Hi!! Im wondering if anyone can help, below is the code ive written so far and as it is, works well but what i need is the route number to be a variable which can be read from a cell range ie if the route range is C1:C70, it uses the value of C1 then moves onto C2 then C3 etc, im not sure whats...

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