1. M

    Which is a better technique, More modules, few routines in each modules

    As I trying to get my coding better, I've been searching for advice regarding which is a better technique. More Modules, each with a unique name referring to the (perhaps) one to five related modules, or fewer modules with more routines in each module. I have figured out it's easier to have a...
  2. D

    Activating Already Open Internet Explorer Window

    Hi, What is the code for activating an already opened session of IE? And can I identify this as a variable name that I can call from different routines? Thanks, Bobby
  3. M

    VBA Assign to Global / Public Variable to use in other Subs

    Hi, I'm struggling to find the answer.. probably because the way I'm wording the search. I have a Main Sub Routine which in turn Calls various smaller Sub Routines. in the 1st Sub I assign a name to the active 'main' workbook eg. Dim workbooknamemain As String workbooknamemain =...
  4. R

    How to carry a variable's value to another routine?

    How do I carry a variable forward so that its value can be used in another sub routine? I have several routines that are identical except for the column they're affecting. Just before each routine comes to an end, I assign a value to a variable (the same variable exists in all routines) and I...
  5. L

    New to VBA and Lost Windo pane to enter Sub () routines

    How can I recover the wind that allows you to write Sub() routines. I dod someting and it disappeared?
  6. S

    Macro triggering other Subs not working: Weird

    I have a Module that has worked for almost a year but is now not working. I've had to rebuild the worksheet because of a un-delete-able style issue that was causing confusion on the part of the end users. So I copied this module into the new workbook. Here's a sample: Sub VehInv() cntYear...
  7. H

    Archiving Help? :D

    Hello, i want to know how it is possible to have an automated routine that will archive the workbook and will create a new workbook ready for entering the new data. Any method of doing this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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