1. Dazzawm

    Remove Everything When Numbers End To Adjacent Column

    I have numbers as below. When the numbers end I want everything removed to the adjacent column. I cant use text to columns as there are varying lengths etc. So a code or formula please. P.S Some may not have letters etc after numbers for example WA2345 Before Excel 2010 Row\ColAE...
  2. S

    Flip LASTNAME and Firstname where LASTNAME is always capitalized

    Data in column A. I want to split the data to 3 columns and flip the lastname with firstname. Lastname is ALWAYS capitalized. When firstname or/and lastname consists of 2 words then it can be in 1 cell. Look for example (2 BERNAL Egan Arley) beneath. Any help is appreciated. Data to change...
  3. R

    Large with Average and multiple criteria

    In F2, I'd like a formula that will calculate the average of the two largest values in column C provided that the value in column A = the value in E2 and the values in column B are greater than 3. The result I expect from this calculation for cell f2 is 44 I've tried a handful of combinations...

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