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    AVERAGEIFS formula adjustment to replace a number within the range

    Currently I am using a formula to calculate the last 7 days average to then use that average to project data as a run rate for the remaining days of the month. My current method is hindered due to if there is a slowdown in business (ie. Holiday, shutdown, etc.) the run rate will skew heavily...
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    Need a more automated formula for estimating a 2 month run rate

    Hello, Hopefully someone can help me here. I'm in the process of automating a report that gets written and I'm down to one final formula that I need help with. Currently I use this formula to calculate a 2 month run rate =(((N14/1)*5)+O14)/2 The '5' represents the number of weeks left in a...
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    Run rate Weighted Formula

    Help! I am having trouble making a weighted formula for a run rate.. If Number of days Passed (B4)<=15 each day should be weighted at .053 (1st 15days total .8) and if >15 then each days should be weighted at .364( last weeks totals .2) My run rate formula is MTD/number of days passed* number...

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