1. D

    how do I make a macro run on any key press

    How do I get vba code to run if any key if pressed?
  2. B

    Nested IFERROR/ISERROR statement

    Trying to write this formula and keep flat lining. If G2 is a error (always #VALUE ), return blank...otherwise run the below if statement IF(ISNUMBER(G2),"1","0") Can anyone help I am really struggling.
  3. R

    VBA does not run

    Hello, I am using this VBA code but it does not run automatically when I enter data in the sheet, I have to run it manually! Sub Pop_Up() Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Range("c1:U439") If IsDate(cell.Value) Then If cell.Value < Now() Then MsgBox...
  4. N

    Deleting Columns Faster

    Hello all- I am running a line of code to delete multiple columns of unneeded info, this is what i am running: Range("A:B,H:H,J:AD,AG:AK,AN:AX,AZ:BJ,BL:BN").EntireColumn.Delete Is there a way to run this code and make it go faster? I have a timer on for this line and its taking between 9...
  5. W

    Importing multiple excel files into one spreadsheet

    Hi, I'm trying to import multiple excel files (with the same format into a single spreadsheet) so that each day's file is listed underneath the previous day's data. To make it more complicated each day's file has two tabs that i need to import but I'm assuming the code below will do this...
  6. S

    Slight alteration to VBA code for renaming sheets

    Hi - hoping someone better than me can help with a slight adjustment to the below code. I think its easy for someone with the skills. So it currently opens all the files in a picked folder and renames the sheet to Sheet1, so long as there's only one sheet. Problem is I have a combination of...
  7. D

    Multiple formulas in 1 cell

    Hope someone can help I am trying to change the calculation returned in 1 cell depending on the entry of "X" in another If an "X" is entered in I2 run the calculation in Worksheet1 - =IF(I$2="x",LOOKUP(AY5,'1'!A$3:B$65)+1)*AY5 If an "X" is entered in J2 run the calculation in Worksheet2 -...
  8. R

    Run the function when the first 5 cells have at least one figure

    Hello there, I am currently using this function =INDEX(('1'!$A2:$A262),MATCH(MAX('1'!B2:B262),'1'!B2:B262,0)) where B2:B262 includes figures and NAs (text). What I would like to do is to run this function when the first 5 cells (B2:B6) in B2:B262 have at least one figure. Otherwise, return 'NA'...
  9. S

    Repairing Hyperlinks in a Workbook

    Greetings, When Excel crashes my hyperlinks placed throughout the workbook break. I am trying to create a macro that will fix the paths of all the broken hyperlinks. This is what I have: Dim hl As Hyperlink For Each hl In ActiveWorkbook.Hyperlinks Debug.Print hl.Address...
  10. D

    Enable Microsoft Scripting Runtime with vba within a Public Sub with Public Declarations

    I have a Public Sub that has Public declarations as Public sdProcess As New Scripting.Dictionary Public sdHeaders As New Scripting.Dictionary I would like to automate the activation of Microsoft Scripting Runtime using this code or something similar...
  11. J

    "Choose" function for the Best Running Time

    Hi, I am storing all of m running times on an excel sheet. I have the distance run in column A (lets say A1:100) and the time in column B (B1:100). In a separate table columns E and F have ranges of distances (0 - 10[in E1 and F1 resp.], 11 to 20 in row 2, 1 to 30 I row 3, etc). What I want is...
  12. K

    run time error'9':subscription out of range

    i wanted to disable radio buttons through vba code using this code: Worksheets("Sheet4").OptionButtons("Option Button 18").Enabled = False but when try to run it says "run time error'9' :subscription out of range". How can i make it work. those radio buttons are in normal worksheet not in...
  13. P

    Delete entire rows by conditions

    Hi to all of you! Kindly require to provide me support for a VBA code so that to run through columns "O", "P", 'Q" and where the rows are blank or "0" should delete entire rows. Therefore that, the rows "1" - "7" are headings and the code should run from row "8" till rows down. Thank you all in...
  14. N

    Macro to run formulas and convert them to values

    =HH31+HH32+HH35+HH36 =HH40+HH41+HH44+HH45 =HH49+HH50+HH53+HH54 =HH58+HH59+HH62+HH63 =HH67+HH68+HH71+HH72 =HH76+HH77+HH80+HH81 These formulas start in DQ32 and end in DQ923. Each are 9 rows apart. Need a macro to run these formulas and convert them to values
  15. Beatrice

    Auto Run "Import Database" upon open file

    I need some help here as still learning Excel Macros I have few sets of code within an excel file. 1) clear "results" data if "input" criteria has any change 2) Export "results" as a separated file in values only - button 3) Import "Database"- button So far, I tested them separately, all are...
  16. J

    Upgraded to 2016: Graphs are no longer animated running VBA

    Hello, I did some searching but could not find anything that seemed to work for me so I apologize if this has been asked before: Our office recently did a batch of Windows upgrades and I'm now on Excel 2016. I have numerous macros that will perform iterations and update numbers on the screen...
  17. I

    Data Conversion

    Hello - thanks in advance for the help. How do I convert the following "2019-Q3" which is formatted in excel as "General" to a date format so I can run a pivot table and be able to group by the date? Thank you
  18. M

    Best Way to Clean Up After Running Code

    Curious about the best way to clean-up after running code. I often run code that utilizes Workbook, Worksheet, Range, ADODB.Connection and ADODB.Recordset variables, sometimes all in the same procedure. At the end of the code I set all variables equal to nothing (e.g., Set dbConn = Nothing)...
  19. D

    WORDIF Formating in VBA

    Hello, I I am working on trying to find the differences between a string of words in selected cells. I attempted to use the Wordif function, and got the changes, however I would just like to format the changes in red. For example Currently Cells Show: A1: The green dog likes to run . B1: A...
  20. S

    Autoexecute when Access is open or closed

    I have been looking for my original post or the post that I think I thought was mine but was someone else's. Anyway, we have an access tool that someone else built. Each day I press a "Run All" button and 20 mins later I finishes and I continue. We are trying to have this run automatically a...

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