1. F

    Time +/- calculation

    I am developing a flexi-working sheet for employees, and have run into a problem... For any time input cells, I have used [h]:mm as the cell format. However I need to generate a running balance (either a flexi credit, or a flexi debit). The sheet has 3 sections - Day; Date; Morning time...
  2. J

    Text to Columns - Delimited with a really weird issue with scientific notation after running

    Hi, I am running into a strange problem and I haven't been able to find a suitable solution to it. I have a macro which I am running a text-to-columns on a column filled names and ID's sandwiched together like this: 465E10^JONES, JOHN. The text to columns work fine with the consistent ^...
  3. P

    Running total with conditions

    So I'm putting together a spreadsheet for calculating hours for a paycheck and I've run into an issue generating a running total to calculate overtime. Here's my columns: Date (One row per day worked) Week number Hours worked (this is where the data gets entered, everything else is calculated)...
  4. P

    Calculation in Pivot table

    Hi As a Sales Analyst I'm constantly crunching data. I often use pivot tables as they are quick and handy. However I'm running into an issue. The data source is a simple list of sales per month per customer. In the pivot I have the months in the columns and the following measures in the rows...
  5. J

    Running Balance

    The table below is an example of what I am working on. I need help with column F. I can calculate a total balance using "Today()" in criteria: =SUMIF(C:C,">="&TODAY(),A:A) I can also easily calculate a running total in Column F without considering date expire to date used. In Cell F2 it would...
  6. A

    VBA code to return the number of results derived from Findall

    Hi all, So I made a code that looks for certain values in the file, and then calling another procedure. The code works fine but, when I tried to run it on a file where the value I looked for appeared 5000 times the running time of the code becomes unreasonable. I thought of making some sort...
  7. C

    AutoSum Error

    Hey everyone, I'm having an issue and I have no idea why it's happening. I currently have a pretty large macro running, but at one part it's supposed to find the last row, autosum the contents, add the word "Total" to the first column and delete anything in the second column. Here's the...
  8. B

    Subtract cell value from running total based on if another cell is filled

    Hi There- I have a spreadsheet that has a running total in cell G5. I would like to subtract a cells value from range B4 to B21 if the corresponding cell in range D4 to D21 is filled with PAID. Meaning, if cell D8 = "PAID" then subtract cell B8 from running total in cell G5. Can someone help...
  9. R

    Basic Formula using Addition

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. So I've never done formulas before & I want to create one. I need the total amount on the sheet (would it go at the top?) & then I will add the expenses in the rows (I assume it's one expense per line), & then as they are added, they subtract from the total &...
  10. F

    equal or less than

    Column A evaluate/validate B to see if the B cells A1 5 B 4 C A2 10 without going to the next cell (higher value) fit, writing difference or value into C I have to do logical test on A1 if true (that B value is less away from each other than A2) and A2 to check wether A1 is true after...
  11. J

    Use a textbox to requery a bound listbox

    I have a bound Parent form with a Bound Listbox that navigates the form to a certain record. I would like to be able to filter the Listbox with a "search" text box to make it easier to find the records I need to update with the child subforms. I thought it would look something like this...
  12. K

    Running total, maybe SUMIFS??

    Hi all data as follows: <tbody> A B C D 1 10 5 N 2 5 1 N 3 6 12 Y 4 1 3 N 5 14 13 Y </tbody> I need a formula in D1 that: > Looks at Column C - if "N", puts the figure from Column A as a - (negative). - if "Y", puts the figure from Column B as a + (positive). I...
  13. S

    Running one VBA on two computers

    Good day all you clever people out there I am running a VBA program on a laptop, where I import weights from a scale, calculate the prices for each item and print a ticket prior to pay-out. For security purposes, I changed the program to print only a number at this laptop. The client then go...
  14. M

    Divide Running Total Columns in Pivot Table

    I have a pivot table with two running total columns. I would like to divide one column by the other to create a running average. After much searching I cannot find a way to do this. Simply creating a calculated field doesn't work. I was able to do this in Tableau a few years ago, but I'm not...
  15. didijaba

    Running total for specific period

    HI, I have formula that doesn't start calculating running total from first date of selected period but from earliest in date column. here is code so far RunningTotalTotalExpensesTEST = CALCULATE(SUM(tblOfferSaleData[TotalExpenses]), FILTER(ALLSELECTED(tblOfferSaleData[SalesDateCalc])...
  16. R

    running total blank entry

    i have a small spread sheet and need a running total. i have managed to do the running total but i need the cell with no data to remain empty... ie my running total formula in column 'H' is =SUM($G$2:G2) and so on down to row G200 but any cell that remains blank in column 'G' returns data...
  17. didijaba

    Running Total in PowerPivot table

    HI, I'm working in Excel 2016, 64bit, and I'm creating measures for products sold during time in portfolios. My measure is simple =CALCULATE(SUM(tblOfferSaleData[SoldPrice]), FILTER('tblOfferSaleData'...
  18. O

    Mods - the site is running very slowly

    As I am not allowed to contact a moderator, this is the only way I can bring this to your attention, thanks.
  19. J

    macro to save as stopped working

    We have had this macro for a while now and lately I get a error on the below when running . Do you guys have any recommendations? ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=CompleteFilename, FileFormat _ :=xlOpenXMLWorkbookMacroEnabled, Password:="", WriteResPassword:=""...
  20. P

    Unable to select multiple cells with CTRL key

    Hello all. I have this bit of code running in my worksheet. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) 'updateby Extendoffice 20160530 On Error GoTo LZoom Dim xZoom As Long xZoom = 100 If Target.Validation.Type = xlValidateList Then xZoom = 130 LZoom...

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