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  1. M

    Hide Data in Running Total Pivot

    Hi there, I have monthly profit data for 2014. I'm trying to add cumulative profit by monthly cohort in a pivot table. The "Show Value As > Running Total In" function almost works perfect, except I want to leave the cell blank if there is no data to add to the running total. The reason is...
  2. P

    VBA Code for an accumulator & how to install it correctly.

    Hi, I have a work sheet in which I want to run VBA code for an accumulator to keep a running total. Unfortunately, VBA code is totally foreign to me. I have found quite a few sites with VBA code that might work, eg http://www.mcgimpsey.com/excel/accumulator.html I tried to copy it into the...
  3. D

    Running Macro using Task Scheduler- Getting Run Time Error

    I keep getting Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': Method 'MailEnvelope' of object '_Worksheet' failed when trying to run the a batch file with this script wscript.exe "U:\Programming\Scripts\VBS Scripts\SendEmails.vbs" SendEmail.vbs Option Explicit Sub ExcelMacroExample() Dim xlApp...
  4. R

    Trying to find the max sum at a date in an array of dates and values

    https://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=502027697277 I'm currently working on a project for an investment company to find how much money has been committed at any specified point in time. I'm using the array formula shown to find this amount. The next thing I want to do is find the...
  5. S

    Excel Spreadsheet running slow

    Does anyone know how to speed up an excel file? I have a lot of data that is running with several formulas, but I don't feel it should be this slow. I have other documents with more info that doesn't run this slow...
  6. S

    Running Numbers Formula

    hello. Hope You will be Fine. My Question is that I Create a Table That Has Column as below ID NAME CITY AD-01 ABC UVW AD-02 EFG XYZ (????) <--Here i want the formula that change the only NUMBERS not TEXT automatically. e.g. AD-03
  7. C

    Macro validation before running

    Hi guys Hoping a genius can help me with a quick check before running through a macro... My vba below works perfectly, however can someone please help add some validation before running my macro that does the following check: Cell C9 must contain either the text "RP2000" or "RP5000" Cell C11...
  8. T

    Excel warnings

    Hopefully a quick question. In my sheet I was playing around with some activex controls for a certain function. When I realised what a headache all the warnings were on startup, especailly as this workbook needs to be distributed I quickly got rid of them all and reverted to standard...
  9. N

    Issues With Too Many Formulas and Condition Formulas.

    So I am having an issue with a rather large excel workbook that grows with more information everyday. I currently have 3 formulas running on 3 different columns and I have about 7 conditional formulas that are running, a few that may over lap. This is causing an issue as it slows down the...
  10. xeven_

    Calculate running percentage change highs and lows every five days

    I have data in coulmns C and D. I want to calculate the percent difference between th ehighest and lowest valueevery five days and have that value populate in the adjacent column/cell E. Is there a formula to help me do this? As in this example the percent change form the highest vale 8.2 to the...
  11. A

    VBA runtime error 5 with get Language

    Dear Freidns, I want to get the language code of the running Excel of the user. So I put this code: Sub scheisstest() Dim LNG_USERLANGUAGE As Long LNG_USERLANGUAGE = Application.LanguageSettings.LanguageID(msoLanguageIDUI) 'Worksheets("UI").Cells(45, 1).Value = LNG_USERLANGUAGE End Sub...
  12. N

    Running Total reset by negative value

    I am trying to setup a spreadsheet to track a number of values. I only need to create a running total when the total of 2 columns becomes a positive value and then track it back down to when it moves back to a negative. The data looks like this: <tbody> Value A Value B A + B Required Result...
  13. B

    Running clock

    Hi I am looking for a macro/VBA code which will put a running clock into a cell showing the current time but I want it to run when the workbook is opened, I have looked and nothing I have found so far works for me I am fairly new to excel
  14. R

    Please Help. How to restart running total if given condition is satisfied

    Dear all, I am Stuck in this. Please Help I want to restart the running total of column 'A' in column 'B' if the value in condition column 'C' is more than 0. the required result is shown in objective column 'D' <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C D Data Runnnin TOTAL...
  15. A

    counting unique values where those value match a criteria

    Hi all, I'm having a bit of a brain explosion over this so should I would register for some help. I have a spreadsheet which has 3 columns. Column A contains a list of computer names, Column B contains a list of services, column C contains the status of the service. What I want is to count...
  16. M

    Complex Staffing Formula

    I'm putting together a spreadsheet that determines how much staffing we need to bring in. Row 5 contains permanent data showing how many people are needed to run a certain line. Row 7 and below show how many hours the line will be running each shift. I'm using the following formula to determine...
  17. T

    Trim Formula Not Working in Macro

    I appreciate any help on this. Not sure why but the "Trim" formula I'm using in this macro doesn't seem to work. I'm trying to add this formula to the entire column A and it's reading names from column B. Here's what I have: Sub AddFormula() Sheets("Loan_Info").Select Range("A1:A" &...
  18. T

    VBA Select the workbook the macro is running from?

    I would like to select less specifically by name but rather by saying, the workbook this macro is running from, select that one.
  19. R

    Deleting appointments outlook via VBA Excel

    Hi, Se code below text. As I am running below mentioned script it is deleting every time approxm half the appointments So 1st time running example 100 appointments. second time running script 50 appointments deleted third time 15 etc etc So it looks as I am skipping one extra appointment for...
  20. 8

    Sort fields in the current selection

    I would like a macro to sort fields in the current selection ( selected before running macro). tks

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