1. gheyman

    Covert a Table to range

    I have code that takes a table and converts it to a range ActiveSheet.ListObjects(1).Unlist But now I need it to check and see if there is actually a table to convert before it runs the code How do I check to see if there is a table first?
  2. M

    Storing Variant into another program

    Hello All, I have a program where I declare some variables e.g. a number for a header of a column this program then calls another program that opens other workbooks and runs some code in the workbook and needs to references the declared variable in the "main program" to add into each workbook...
  3. W

    Automatically change Average cells

    Hi. I have a sheet of my runs - dates, times etc. I have an average time of all my runs, however i’d like to also have an average time of my last 10 runs, to have a recent form average. Is there a way to automatically change the cells so that when a new run is entered, that is included & the...
  4. B

    Imported webpage data wont calculate formula's just show '0'

    Hello, Have tried a number of ways and searched for an answer to this and it's probably an easy fix. I have a web link to a page and that is working great and I have seperated the columns I want ( d and e runs scored) I wish to do sums regarding to run values in D and E but wherever I place...
  5. MFish

    Copy to next available row on another sheet

    Hi, Here's my code.. Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2000)).Copy Destination:=Worksheets("Deleted Runs") _ .Range("D2") I'm trying to get the row of information to copy to the very NEXT row down on the other WS, "Deleted Runs". I have a code around this that take the offset of...
  6. C

    Excel VBA Immediate Window Question

    When using the Immediate Window in the VBA editor, if running a macro from one of the open workbooks, is it possible to specify which workbook it runs from instead of having to click into the project containing the macro? For example, say I have three open workbooks and each of them contains a...
  7. rjplante

    Shut off a specific macro

    I have a Private Sub macro that runs upon worksheet change. I have another macro that is trying to enter a new row of data to the bottom of the list. Whenever this macro runs, the on change macro interrupts the operation and I believe is what is causing the problem with my main macro from fully...
  8. F

    Dynamic Share Array Issue

    I've got an issue with how to pull out the sum product of a value (X) set based on the share of presence of A and B respectively. The main problem is that I can't actually see A and B explicitly as shown below. Instead I've got a reference that tells me that A runs from 11/4 to 12/30 and B runs...
  9. D

    Any way to see timestamp of WHEN a macro was last run? (to get rid of stale macros)

    All a google search turned up was code that I could put into a macro that will essentially save a log of when it runs, but seems to only be forward-looking. I.e. will keep a log of all times that macro runs going forward, but I'm trying to clean up my Modules and want to get rid of all the...
  10. T

    What do i did about array sheets selection when they change the name?

    Hi Everyone, I have a document that we got someone to do some work on and when it came back some of the sheets have been renamed In the Project Widow (I hopes thats correct) So Instead of Sheet16(Dashboard) we have wsDashboard(Dashboard) now this has coused me a problem with this code and I'm...
  11. N

    VBA code

    Hi, I have the code below which one has to run it manually. I need that if cell B9 is populated, it runs automatically. Sub insertusername() Range("A1").Value = Application.UserName End Sub Thanks in advance
  12. S

    Issue with Macro called macro to close WB.

    I have a WB that opens and if left open for 2 minutes runs the macro below to close it. But if I close the workbook before two minutes it still runs the macro and for some reason reopens it and then closes it. So I tried to stop the second macro from running [WbCls] by checking to be sure...
  13. D

    Macro runs on active sheet instead of specified

    I am want to run a macro on a specific sheet by pressing a command button that is in another sheet. The code I have is: Sub FormatData () Dim Lr As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Sheets("NewData") Application.ScreenUpdating = False the rest of the code after that. The problem is that the...
  14. P

    Install Excel 365 on server so I can guaranty that file gets run.

    I understand that it is frowned upon, and in some places, considered 'bad practice', but how else can you do this? I have a .xlsm file that runs competently unattended. I want to be sure that it runs everyday. How else can I do this if not on a server?
  15. W

    How to "match" or "search" multiple/partial text values out of sequential order and still work

    Hi guys, Is there any way to search a cell for text words that the words do not have to be in order? I can get this formula to work using if everything i type is in the exact order, but not if i try to switch some words around. Formula using search: =isnumber(search(trim(C1),A1)) See...
  16. M

    Logging duplicates into a different worksheet

    Hi, I have a macro that runs and merges data, removes duplicates, etc. daily. I'd like for the macro to log the duplicates that are going to be removed before they are removed. The duplicate comparisons are at an entire row level on the same worksheet and I'd like for the duplicate row to...
  17. C

    Create a button that runs powershell command found in a cell

    I have a cell (J2) that produces a powershell command instead of getting the user to copy that cell and paste it into powershell I was hoping to setup a button that just runs the command from the cell Is this possible?
  18. T

    How do i best deal with Application.ScreenUpdating = False when using lots of macros?

    Hi everyone, A problem i've come across a lot recently. Lets say I have 10 macros in my document. each one runs and is used on its own so at the beggining i have "Application.ScreenUpdating = False" then code then "Application.ScreenUpdating = True" all works great, but then lets say I...
  19. C

    OnTime runs at the wrong time

    Hello, I've got one workbook with 2 macros (I did not originally create them): macro1 resets some cell values (for graphical purposes only) and then sets a string to equal a time (i.e. 8:30AM) in a cell and then uses OnTime with that string to schedule macro 2 for that time. Macro2 then makes a...
  20. W

    on error

    I am using this script in a macro and it runs fine but if it runs a second time and nothing has changed it geves me an error. How can I protect against that? ' pad Spaces ActiveSheet.UsedRange.SpecialCells(xlBlanks).Value = " " <strike></strike>

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