1. A

    Printing only rows with data?

    Hi all! I'm pretty sure this may have been answered before, but I'm self-taught in excel and know about 100% of nothing as far as coding goes, so I need to try an get this explained super simply if possible. The post I think I found before talked a lot about coding and something like VBA and I...
  2. F

    Same user ID for multiple entries

    Hi all I have a column of data with Users names and a column of User IDs - the ID is to anonymise and not have the ability to trace an individual. So for example - 3 entries for John Smith; 1 entry for Jane Doe; 5 entries for Sam Brown.... so the 3 John Smith entries will have the same user...
  3. T

    Automatically name worksheets based on cell values from master sheet

    I would like to have names listed in sheet1 in column A, beginning at A3 and ending on A30. So if there is a name in A3 ( George) and (Sam) in A4, (John) in A5 and so on, I would like it to change the sheet names from Sheet2 to George, sheet3 to Sam, sheet4 to John, etc Is this possible?
  4. J

    Find, remove matching text from string

    In column C, i have a Text string spanning several hundred rows. In columns ("H:M") are a list of names, that are repeated down. I'm in need of a VBA script that will search through the text string, for key words from ("H:M") and remove all except those matching words. As an example to go from...
  5. R

    Consolidating columns of text based

    I have a data set that looks like this: <colgroup><col width="64" style="width:48pt" span="2"> </colgroup><tbody> Col1 Col2 a sam b sam c sam d sam e sam f sam g sam a bill b bill d bill g bill h...
  6. A

    VBA Function Lookup Bold Bring Back Under

    I have about 150000 rows of data like below. I would like to look up a bold value. For instance if I have New York in cell D1, I want to bring back all of the values underneath New York so it would return <tbody> Jay Fred Mary Ted Sam </tbody> Here is what the data looks like below...
  7. G

    H-Lookup to be dynamic

    Hello All; I'm using; =IFERROR(HLOOKUP(B$32,$19:$30,11,FALSE),"") The problem is the lookup ID of Row 11. Row 11 is looking at the name of Sam. If this name, Sam, moves, the H-Lookup no longer works. I've cured this problem using VBA to make it more dynamic, as Sam moves, Sam is still...
  8. N

    Transposing and compressing data

    Hi, I am exporting from a database as a csv which provides the following ID,NAME,RATING <tbody> ID1 BEN 1 ID2 BEN 1 ID3 BEN 2 ID4 BEN 3 ID5 JAMES 1 ID1 SAM 1 ID4 SAM 2 ID2 DAN 1 ID9 DAN 2 ID10 DAN 2 </tbody> I need to transform this into the following <tbody> ID1 ID2 ID3...
  9. K

    Excel formula to extract first word

    Hi there, I am trying to find a formula that will allow me to extract the first word after the dash - and leave out the rest of the string. Please advise. Happy - Data for Window. Result I want is Data Grumpy - Sam is the one. Result I want is Sam Happy - Apples for oranges. Result I want is...
  10. M

    Create Worksheets based on a table

    I have a table that looks like this: <tbody> Company Invoice Amount 1 Amount 2 Amount 3 Amount 4 Amount 5 Page Last Page John Q Company 3063615 $ 101 $ 200 $ 25 $ 25 $ 25 1 1 Peter North Company 3063616 $ 999 $ 877 $...
  11. S

    Dynamic Range Expansion (No VBA)

    Hi I want to dynamically expand my data as follows without using VBA. I have text data in a single column. There is no empty cells in between the data but the number of rows having data can vary. <tbody> Names John Sam Jessica </tbody> I want my result as follows. <tbody>...
  12. K

    Inverting last name/first name to fuirst name/las name

    Have: Jones, Mary / Jones, Sam (or could be three names) Jones, Mary / Jones, Sam / Jones, Tom Need: Mary Jones; Sam Jones (or all three names if case may be)
  13. S

    Dynamic Range Expansion

    Hi I want to dynamically expand my data as follows. I have text data in a single column. There is no empty cells in between the data but the number of rows having data can vary. <tbody> Names John Sam Jessica </tbody> I want a dynamic result as follows. <tbody> Matches...
  14. M

    Pivot Table Formatting

    Hi, I need a way of formatting cells by colour in my pivot table when the totals do not match. If you look at the example below John has a quantity of 10 while Sam has a quantity of 7. I'd like both numbers to appear red when this occurs. I'd also like the quantities to both turn green when they...
  15. R

    Multiple Match Criteria_Index across rows and Match columns

    I am trying to get value from another sheet based on 3 criteria-I have students name across rows and days across columns. They either attend Economics or Business Strategy and their attendance is recorded with "B" or an "E". In another sheet I want to find the number of students who have...
  16. JenniferMurphy

    Finding duplicates & typos

    With help I got here some time ago, I was able to build a table that shows how often a string from a master list occurs in a reference list. <tbody> R/C C D E F G H 4 Master Tally Reference # Errors Type Formula in D 5 jane 2 jane sally polly 0 D5: =COUNTIF($E:$E,"*" & C5 & "*") 6 Joe 3...
  17. D

    Excel Invoice Template

    Hi All, has anyone got a professional looking invoice where it calculates everything for you? all you need to do is set your rate and hours and it automatically works out the amount ie factors in GST/VAT part hours etc appreciate your help in advance thanks Sam
  18. K

    Filter data by multiple independent dropdowns for multiple columns

    Hi All, I received a really good response from here before and I am hoping someone can help me again. I browsed for an answer but it does not exist so far. I'll explain what I am trying to do and also what I have so far. I have a large table with a lot of data. I have some dropdowns in B2:B9...
  19. Shahria

    Summing up TIME - 2 Tables

    Hi All. I'm attempting to sum up a list of times, from two tables IF their names match. Daily i go through a long list and + them manually. Tried to mix IF statements and VLOOK UPS and didn't get anywhere with it. Can anyone help me? <tbody> Sam 00:39:36 Kate 00:38:05 Dan 01:20:53 Pete...
  20. L

    Formula to find an amount within a dollar range

    I am in need of a formula that will allow me to flag if they have a balance within a +-$1.00 range: For instance- Month: Client: Account Balance: August Bob 10.01 August Lucy 11.27 August Sam 9.56 Sept Bob...

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