1. M

    scan column for different entries (dates)

    Is there a way to scan a column and pick out when things are different, then copy them to another cell? I have column B which is all dates, about 4000 cells, but only maybe 10 dates. 288 samples per day, so each date is show 288 times, but there may not always be 288 samples of each. There may...
  2. W

    Reference cells to cells in other spreadsheets, even when sorting

    Hi I have the need to reference cells in 3 different spreadsheets but they change every time I sort the data. It's a little complex to explain - is it possible to upload samples ? Thank you in advance :) Wayne
  3. J

    Excel 2016 In Depth Sample/Example files

    Hi all, The Excel 2016 In Depth book mentions registering the book with QuePublishing to receive the downloads for the book; I did this. However, the message I get still says: "Code samples are available for this book. Register your book to get access to all the samples and worksheets." Despite...
  4. R

    Getting a PivotChart to report all weeks

    I've got a list of samples and would like to chart them, summarized by week number. Some weeks have 0 samples, some weeks have multiple samples. When I create a PivotChart, I can group it to summarize by weeks; however, it only displays weeks with samples and omits weeks with 0 samples. To the...
  5. Sandcastor

    Hide Columns based on value: List of Criteria

    I Have: A table that I use as a log sheet which currently has 29 columns (I sometimes add more), and over 500 rows (adding more all the time). It is used to log samples that our clients bring in. The first few column headers are like so: Company, Location, Job ID, Sample Numbers, Sample date...
  6. rhino4eva

    help with modding code

    Sub SampleEngine(sPlateNum As String, sRespRange As String, sLoop As Integer) Dim WS1 As Worksheet Dim WS2 As Worksheet Dim rFound As Range Set WS1 = Sheets("DATA") Set WS2 = Sheets(sPlateNum) SET WS3= Sheets("BPP") WS2.Range(sRespRange).ClearContents...
  7. S

    Vlookup to pull reults of latest date

    Hi there, I have a vlookup to pull in sample results, but occasionally we will have the same P# with multiple results, and I only would like to pull in column G (Sample Status) from the latest result if there are multiple samples with the same P#. Any suggestions? My current Vlookup is as...
  8. D

    Sending Multiple Attachments

    Hi, I am trying to send multiple attachments on an email. I am using the following code to send a single attachment however I would like to send all the attachments located in Column C on a sheet named "ITEM INQUIRY LIST" With OutMail .To = Range("P8").Value .CC =...
  9. J

    Samples about Matrix Formulas?

    hey anyone have samples or a ebook to buy about Matrix formulas? thanks
  10. L

    Different class time & Time samples

    Hello Thank you all to receive me in this forum. I have a problem that i cant solve... I have to calculate different time samples of a class time. For example: Class time: 00:30:00 - I need to evaluate 50% of this time in 00:03:00 samples) Periods : 5 - (the first 3 minutes (mandatory), the...
  11. E

    Auto picking and pasting random samples from one sheet to another sheet.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to pick random samples from the sheet which contains huge data ( many people data ). I'm new to <acronym title="vBulletin" style="border-width: 0px 0px 1px; border-top-style: initial; border-right-style: initial; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-left-style: initial...

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