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    Worksheet save as .csv(Comma deli) and rename as .txt by cmd.exe

    I am trying to save a sheet as .Csv (Comma delimited) and then rename as .Txt by Cmd.exe (Shell) but not working. Please help me !!! Dim MyFolder As String, MyFile As String, MySheetName as String Dim ShellComand As String ......... MyFolder = "D:\Revise" MyFile = Dir(MyFolder & "\*.txt")...
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    Saving a new version of spreadsheet to a folder using VBA

    I have a spreadsheet with c20 sheets in it and a lot of VB code. I want to have a macro that will save a copy of the spreadsheet (with name = value in cell B3 of sheet 1) in the folder: G:\Indv\EQA\Rec. I'd also like to have the new version saved without the VB code in it, and as an xlsx...
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    Save Multiple Files from Data in ONE sheet

    Hello, and thank you in advance for any help. I have a sheet with a LOT of data in it. I am looking to export/save a .csv or .xls file based on a change in column values. For Example: I would want 1 csv for J Todd Foster, 1 for Loran J Marmes, 1 for Matthew Atkinson, etc.... The seperate...
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    Macro for a "Save Form" Button. Help please.

    Hello! I have created an xlsm file that contains two worksheets. One of them is a locked down form that contains a list of options and pricing for our dealers. the top row is frozen and has a print, save form, email form, and reset button. The problem I am having is with the save form button. I...

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