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    Save as with calculated filename - VBA

    Hi everyone, I've found a few different threads on the elements of this but I haven't been able to cobble them together, hoping you may be able to help. I'm looking to run a command which will open the save as dialogue on screen Defaultly fill the file name with 'INV_TRC_[cel c1]_[current...
  2. J

    SaveAs macro

    Hi, I'm getting an error when calling a SaveAs sub at the end of another macro. The save as is not executing, but I've had success using a similar code before. Is there anything obvious wrong with how the code is written? I've made sure that the network files path names are correct in the code...
  3. R

    Macro for saveas pdf for specific area in sheet of a workbook

    Sir, Good evening am trying to write a macro for saveas a portion of excel worksheet in pdf format, but am unable to do the same since sintax errors coming, can any one can help me in this regard one more thing is the file created should be name as content in cell "A1" of "sheet1" Thanks
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    Button OnAction Macro Assignment "drive" letter getting reassigned

    Hello, I can't find any topics on this issue. I create a button using vba and assign a macro using onaction. .OnAction = "'c:\data\macro.xla'!copy" The macro continues and saves the file to c:\data\temp\ Everything works fine with the button at this point. I can also saveas to a different...
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    SAveAS Dialog Box with VBA

    Hi! I am using the following code to show a SaveAs Dialog Box but I require a specific folder path to be set which will be a default whenever the user saves the file. How do I do this with the code below? Dim Ret strFileName = ProjID & "_" & TCG & "_" & Competitor '<~~ You can set Default...
  6. G

    VBA to sve a file new f

    I am after a little help please, need to build a macro to save a file to a new folder. So the bas path is already there say C:\files and I have a way to save the file into the same name as cell b7 but what I want is to create a folder for it of the same name so the b7 would be the folder \b7...
  7. L

    SAveAS Dialog Box

    The SaveAs Dialog Box works for me but it is the second part of the code which does not let me save the excel sheet as the filename I have set for it. It saves it as Book 18 etc. How do I get it to save with the filename I have specified? Dim Ret strFileName = ProjID & "_" & TCG '<~~ You...
  8. M

    xlsm file with vba code to save copy as xlsx on close

    I have an xlsm file that I cannot open on excel online. So I am trying to create a code that every time I close the xlsm file it saves the information to a xlsx file that I can access on excel online. I have the following code: Sub SaveAs() Dim FName As String Dim FPath...
  9. J

    Macro entry to choose "yes"

    I used the Record Macro feature in Excel 2013 to create a macro to do a Save as of a workbook to another file. However, the macro stops at the point where I'm prompted to replace the existing file, where I would click "yes." I copied the code below, and perhaps someone can tell me how to make...
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    Trouble saving document as variable in Excel VBA

    Hi, I'm trying to save a sheet based on a VBA variable name and am getting the error Method 'SaveAs' of object'_Workbook' failed. Below is a snippet of the code I'm using. Everything in the code works until the SaveAs portion. fldrPath = "C:\Project\" strPath = fldrPath &...
  11. I

    SaveAs Error

    Hi, I wonder whether someone could help me please. Using a script I found online as a 'base' I've written the query below. Sub Test() Dim wb As Workbook Dim ThisSheet As Worksheet Dim NumOfColumns As Integer Dim RangeToCopy As Range Dim RangeOfHeader As Range 'data (range)...
  12. E

    Save Multiple Cell Contents as Indiviudal Text Files

    Hello - I have a spreadsheet that contains 2400 rows and 2 columns. Column A has client notes that need to be saved as a text file (all 2400 rows need to be saved individually as a txt file), and Column B contains the name of the text file I would like. I worked on creating a macro for this...
  13. S

    memory leak open/save/close

    Pretty simple code. I have daily files (dy and mo) for multiple years (yr) for different areas (ucode) that are in .txt format. I want them in excel so that I can use them later for other vba macros. So there are four "For" loops, then I declare the file name and the path name. When the...
  14. L

    SaveAs method not working while saving workbook Sub SaveIt() Dim Fnc As String Dim Coe As String Dim Dt As String Dim Path As String Fnc = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("COELeadInputs").Range("E4").Value Coe =...
  15. V

    VBA Save as help

    Hi everyone, I need some help to achieve a task, I’ve tried getting code and adapting it but unfortunately couldn’t. What I want to do is the following: 1 Check to see if file name already exists in a specific folder. 2 Filename is not the “Activewirkbook” but instead something like...
  16. R

    "Saveas"... If file already exists, add a version number to the new one

    Hello guys, Is there anybody out there who could help me to adjust the below a little bit? I have multiple sheets on my workbook and my macro renames sheet 1 based on the values of some cells. Then the file to be saved in the folder will have the same name as sheet 1 The name will not always...
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    A file named....already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it? Yes, No, Cancel"

    Hello there. Here I am again hoping to get some help with something you may consider a piece of cake :) The code below opens a windows with the suggested file name and format. If there is no file with the same name in the folder and the user clicks on "Save", then everything works great. If...
  18. B

    Save, Save As vba help

    I give up. I have spent so much time searching this forum, YouTube and the internet on how to do something that I know is simple but I just am having a lot of problems finding something easy to use. I have a user form with three buttons on it. One is a save, one is a save as and one is a print...
  19. T

    Macro Used on Networked PC's

    I created a Macros for a spreasheet that works wonderfully up until it saves. It works just fine on my PC but when someone trys to run it on another Networked PC it bug's out at the place in red below: Dim dtDate As Date dtDate = Date Dim strFile As String strFile...
  20. C

    Excel workbook tries to save as every time I copy a line of cells down a row

    I had a workbook which became monstrously large for no reason (100mb). I copied and paste special values the tabs into a new workbook which reduced the size to ~120kb. However now, when I copy a row into the row below, it brings up the save as prompt every time. Why is this happening?

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