1. A

    SaveAs on opening workbook

    Hi everyone, I would like to have the SaveAs dialogue box appear when the workbook is opened. I do not need a cell value to become the name or anything like that. The ability to click Cancel should still exist. The purpose is to prompt the user to save as a new name before altering the...
  2. N

    VBA Help: SaveAs window and file creation not working

    Hi All, I have code that I am using to copy some sheets from an existing workbook into its own seperate workbook. I have a few problems with it that I was hoping someone could help me clear up. (Forgive me I'm still new to this!) Any help is appreciated. My Problems are as follows: 1. Once the...
  3. M

    overwrite FALSE.xls - wtf?

    Hi there, I've written a macro, which looks like this one: Public Sub test() ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs fileName = "C:\Temp\bla.xls" End Sub When I run it Excel asks me, if I want to overwrite FALSE.xls. Why? As you propably see I'm a bloody beginner. I hate you, Excel! Cheers Matthias
  4. ClimoC

    Cancel saving if condition not met?

    Hello, was wondering if I can stop a user from saving the workbook if a condition fails? Easiest condition would be For each c in Range("M6:M1000") If c.interior.colorindex = 3 Then 'Do not allow to save Else 'Allow to save End If Next So in words -...
  5. C

    SaveAs Excel 5.0 & Excel 97 format

    Hi all, I have been searching all over to resolve this problem and cannot find any help. I have creates an Excel Object in VFP to access a Excel file but VFP dose only reads Excel 5.0 format. So I then save the excel file to the new format. This works well I get a popup which the user has to...
  6. J

    Template Save As

    When you click save for the first time after starting a new workbook from an XLT template, the SaveAsUI defaults to the user's default file location. What code will force the SaveAsUI for one particular template to default to a specific directory? I thought this would be easy, but I'm having...
  7. A

    Displaying charts in webpage

    I have a fairly large workbook. About 50% of the worksheets are charts that are updated on a daily basis. A VBA macro goes to each chart worksheet and does a "save as webpage-chart only". The chart itself is saved to a gif and a new webpage is made that displays the gif. That part works...
  8. C

    Excel.Workbook.SaveAs Question

    I'm hoping this question is fairly simple, but what exactly does the CreateBackup property do? I've read some ambiguous information from MSDN but can't decipher precisely what it does. Thanks in advance!

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