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    Excel 2007 not saving correctly in Excel 97-2003 format

    In our environment we have Office 2007 with the compatibility pack (added when we were still in Office 2003) and have chosen to have the default save as 97-2003. I have a user who created an Excel 2007 spreadsheet with a normal embedded chart in a sheet and saves using the default (Excel...
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    Saving Questions

    I have come across a few problems and was hopping I could save my self a great deal of time trying to figure these out by throwing them up on the board. I appreciate any and all help. If you only know one that's better then I'm at now. 1. I have created a production report workbook that has a...
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    Help with saving logged live data

    Hi! Thanks to your help on my previous posting, I'm now able to successfully log live data continuously. Now I'm trying to save a chunk of the logged data to a csv file in a certain location with a certain date when certain conditions are met-- for example when row 30,000 is reached, I'd like...
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    Excel's saving process interrupted

    My problem seems to be that Excels saving process is being interrupted. From what i understand is that when i save a workbook, excel first saves the active workbook as some random name. Then Excel deletes the original file and renames the newly created file with the name of the original. My...

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