1. T

    Stupid Scientific Category

    This whole scientific non-sense that Excel defaults to for some numbers is quite annoying. Background: I have a list of phone extensions from a PBX. The list includes the port number to which each extension is associated. The following is an example of some of the ports: 01E0205, 01E0713...
  2. R

    Stop Excel changing what it thinks is scientific notation to a long number.

    Unfortunately this was bound to happen sooner or later. We have a number of product codes that are 6-digit numerical or alpha-numerical codes. It can be like "206679" or "F3465D" etc etc. Owing to the powers that be, we now have numbers like "716E18" Excel sees this and automatically...
  3. G

    Convertic scientific notation to text format

    Hi, I'm trying to convert the following string (135087E67) to text but excel keeps returning me scientific notation instead. All I get is 1.35087E+72. How can I force Excel to convert it as text and keep it as 135087E67 and not convert it to scientific notation once I create a .csv file from...
  4. F

    Nbr in E Format Text want to Convert to Scientific Notation and Decimal Equivalent

    I have text in cells: A1 2.11667e-03 A2 2.01168e+02 A3 2.54e-02 I would cells B1,B2, and B3 to convert these text cells to their proper scientific notation. I would also like cells C1,C2, and C3 to convert these scientific notation numbers to their decimal equivalent. What...
  5. J

    VBA convert scientific # to double #

    Example, -0.000153575754784432 In VBA the number is -1.115466458087536E-04 How to make it not show scientific number but just -0.000153575754784432
  6. RobbieC

    VBA scientific format of number...

    Hi there, I have a number: -300.565181720644 I need to output from my VBA code as 'scientific' format (##0.0E+0) I've found that if I format a cell to ##0.0E+0, the vba outputs to the sheet: -300.6E+0 which is correct but if I try and format the number within VBA (and not save to cell in...
  7. JTL9161

    Correct Scientific copied numbers

    I run a macro to screen scrape data from our companies database (IBM-PComm) Some of the data contains numbers and a letter, for example 30E82. This number though is copied into my spreadsheet as scientific format and shows like this 3.00E+92. When I try to re-format it to a number it then...
  8. K

    Removing Scientific Notation

    I handle data from different sources. My data has a number with between 1 to 4 decimal places. The usual format the cell to a number does not work for me since my data could be .1 or .10 or .100 or .1000. Simply changing to a number with 4 decimals would change my data. I have tried to...
  9. D

    Using form controls with scientific notation

    Can you control a cells value( scientific notation ) with for example the spin control to scroll for example from <colgroup><col width="709"></colgroup><tbody> 1.00E+01 1.00e+02 1.00e+e03 etc im using this cell as an input into a much larger set of data that will change as you spin up...
  10. E

    Pivot Table with Scientific Notation - COPY/PASTE

    On my pivot table most of the numbers are "normal" but some display in scientific notation (-1.4210854715202E-14). When I change the format in Field Settings to number they look normal. However, when I copy and paste the data to another sheet (as values) it displays in scientific notation...
  11. H

    Selection.Find not finding number with scientific number

    Hi everyone, I declare a variable as variant. The input for the variable are mostly strings and some scientific numbers. The Selection.Find keeps giving errors whenever it tries to find a scientific number. I formatted the data in the search row as "general". Below you can find part of the...
  12. R

    Pivot Tables for Scientific Data?

    Does it make sense to use Pivot Tables for scientific data where I'm not looking to auto sum various data streams? I generate weekly reports showing trend data based on 1 to 5 minute interval data slices, typically in cluster charts (for instance, water flow rate vs. time). There are some...
  13. X

    Scientific number conversion to date

    Hello, I'm on Excel 2013. We have a CSV file with data that originated as number, but went through system to be converted to scientific # so that it could be read by another system. I need to convert that scientific notation to date. I see lots of posts about converting that notation to a...
  14. J

    Excel thinks my text is in Scientific Notation

    I am importing a txt file into excel. Column B contains # and text. the numbers look like this "4454" the text is like this "95t6" and sometimes "94e7" (these are the ones that excel thinks are scientific notation bc of the "e".). When I copy and paste values into a new sheet it takes the 94e7...
  15. Z

    how do i format scientific numbers?

    i have this tab delimited text file. it has a little over 1,000,000 [one million] records. when i import this into access, it converts the "uniqueid" to a scientific number (i.e. 1.0025E+11). if i convert it to number, i lose some data. how do i convert this to a non-scientific number? thank you...
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