1. P

    Scoring participants answers using an Excell script

    Hello, I have registered in this forum to ask a specific question about something that I was told it's possible and you can help me to find out how to do it. I am doing an experiement in which I ask participants to listen to 40 short phrases in German (e.g., Die Haeuser sind sehr schoen) and...
  2. C

    Macro to inport games and scores from website

    Hello. I need help designing a macro. I have no clue how to do it, never done a macro yet. I want to import into an excel file, the games and the scores from a web site (ie. Live Football Scores, Livescore ). I want to assign this macro to a button, so I can refrash the data...
  3. A

    Top 5 high scores

    Hello, Is there a way to have a result of the top 5 highest scores? Here's my example. Entered manually: A1 = Dan - B1 = 63 A2 = Bill - B2 = 54 A3 = Steve - B3 = 73 A4 = Ben - B4 = 38 A5 = Patrick - B5 = 45 A6 = Jack - B6 = 104 A7 = Craig - B7 = 73 I put the tie on...
  4. N

    Continue formula, skipping every 4th row, without skipping reference?

    Hi all, I'm working on a pretty hefty spreadsheet right now which will tally scores during our application review process. The sheet currently has 3 sheets, one with raw scores, one with weight values, and one where I'm multiplying raw scores by their weight values to get weighted scores. The...
  5. S

    Storing Results of a Dice Roll

    Hi Guys Hope this is possible. I have a neat little single dice roll set up, but now that is working, I want to "store" the results of each roll in consecutive cells. So, dice roll 1 scores a 5 store in cell G1 dice roll 2 scores a 3 store in cell G2 dice roll 3 scores a 1...
  6. J

    Reorganize data using VBA

    I have a database that produces reports about tests taken by students all on one row. The data always includes a test name, test date, and one or more scores. E.g.: <tbody> Test Date Algebra Geometry Arithmetic Test Date Spelling Math 2/2/2019 40 50 60 English 2/5/2019 70 </tbody>...
  7. A

    LOOKUP formula not working.

    Hi guys, I hope you can help. I have a leaderboard based on certain scores. It update automatically and puts people’s names in order based on their scores, but doesn’t show their scores next to their name. I’ve tried a simple lookup formula but it doesn’t appear to be working. Cells...
  8. R

    Getting numbers of scores to get average

    Hi guys, Need some experts to shed light on me. Trying to come up with a formula to get how many 100% scores do I need to get to 98% if my table looks like this: <colgroup><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Current Attempts Running Score Goal How many 100% audits needed? 87 96% 98%...
  9. A

    Automated ranking board

    Hello guys, I hope you can help. I have a sheet that basically has names and scores, the names are in cells B3-B10 and their scores are in cells Z3-Z10. This is part of a scoreboard with other bits in between them so everything needs to stay where it is, however I would like to put a live 1st...
  10. N

    Calculating the average of a column of cells that are populated by a formula

    Hello, I am new and have no idea what I am asking but we all have to start somewhere so here goes... I have rows of test scores for different students that at the end in a column are calculated to give me the average for each row so there is an average function in each of the cells in that...
  11. P

    Average in selected columns

    I have a spreadsheet that presents the results from a test.The number of columns depends on the number of questions and the number of rowsdepends on the number of test takers. I need to look across row 4 and where ever the word “Score”appears I need to average the list of scores in the rows...
  12. B

    Test DATA question

    Good Morning, I am working with some test DATA, i am a teacher, and i have three columns A1 B1 C1 Increase (the difference between the scores) New Scores Old Scores In the increase column i am...
  13. B

    AVERAGE but treat scores < 75 as 50

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a spreadsheet to calculate average scores from a given range,where they're 0-100. What I have is working fine, however for the purpose ofranking the averages I need to treat scores that are < 75 as “50” whencalculating the averages. Eg. Scores are 100, 89, 85, 76...
  14. A

    [H] Formula for getting the average percentage of average percentages

    Hi Guys, A little bit of help. =(B2*C2+B3*C3+B4*C4)/SUM(B2:B4) This is my formula for getting the average percentage of average percentages but what is I have more than 3 rows that needs to average? Let's say 100 rows of average scores. How do I shorten my formula? Thanks! <tbody> SKILL...
  15. K

    Automatic updates of calculations when filters are applied,updated

    Hello How would I create a formula that updates automatically when I update/change the selections in my spreadsheet filters? I have a large spreadsheet with columns for school names, teacher names, class names, subjects, students and columns for test scores. I need to count the number of test...
  16. T

    Need help returning average of top 3 scores from most recent 5 at a moment in time

    Hi everyone. First post here and I need some help. I'm setting up a scoring sheet for a golf course that needs to calculate what we call a "quota". Your quota is an average of your top 3 scores from your 5 most recently played. I have the easy stuff done. A player's score is entered into a...
  17. M

    Calcuating total of last 3 cells if they qualify

    I have a spreadsheet that calculates handicap changes - I would like script (if possible) to do the following: The first step is that the total cell (for each row) picks up the last 3 scores if they qualify A formula will then decide if a handicap change is due. However if a handicap is...
  18. J

    Find Negative Numbers based on criteria

    This seems like a simple problem, but I'm stuck. Right now I'm on the verge of a giant, if(and(or statement to look at every possible outcome, but I think there has to be an easier way. I'm assuming this is an array formula of some type, but I am not skilled enough to figure it out. I have a...
  19. D

    Problem with pasting zeros

    I have the following sub which copies and pastes a range of data which has been input by user on one sheet (Input) and appends it on (All Scores), which is a master sheet of a thousand or so players and a weekly score over a forty week season. The probelm is with zeros. I have set the workbook...
  20. D

    HOW TO: RANK.EQ With an upper Limit...

    I'm trying to rank some stats. The problem is that I don't want to encourage blind use of a particular work related function, and so I only want to count up to 100%, anything over 100% should be considered as 100%. However I also need to display the actual results still, so I cant just edit...

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