1. S

    Web scraping tag name

    Hi, I am trying to retrieve data from a table of a website, but I am stuck getting the correct tagname. Website : Here's what I wrote so far : Public Sub Zacks() Dim html As MSHTML.HTMLDocument, hTable As Object, ws As...
  2. D

    Scraping HTML Tables with VBA

    I am scraping HTML tables with a GET request. The req.responseText is then passed to the module below to process the HTML tables. My code works 100% but I'm trying to optimise it. It is a large daily crawl. I have 2 questions: 1. In the section where I'm processing the "className =...
  3. I

    can you recommend scraping addons?

    hi, Is there any good add-on for scraping html? VBA is too hard to work with.
  4. J

    Requested Help with changing default Web browser for Macro web site scraping

    I have done many google searches for trying to change macro web site scraping code from using Internet Explorer as the default web browser to an alternative web browser for scraping data. Unfortunately, all I have found is changing the web browser for hyperlinks in an excel cell. Is there a way...
  5. Nelson78

    VBA and Excel: scraping data from a table in a modal window

    Hello everybody. I'm scraping data from a site composed by hostile zulpages. I'm doing pretty well performing a good number of tasks. Now the problem is scraping a table in a modal window. As you can see in the image, the window is opened clicking the red button...
  6. N

    VBA Web Form Scraping - Blank field

    Hi everyone, I'm using VBA to populate a web form and 99% of it is working just fine. I have one problem, though, when trying to populate a field that depends on a previous one. This is an internal (corporate) web form so I can't use a real example, but here is an exercise: Imagine I want to...
  7. J

    Excel VBA Macro to Scrape Webpages

    Hi there, I am a complete beginner working on this macro. The goal is to have it input pickup numbers from an excel spreadsheet, put them on the carrier's website form, submit, then pull the results into excel. Which is essentially what I have managed to figure out so far. Now my roadblock is...
  8. L

    VBA - Scraping a Web Page Problem

    Hey, I'm trying to obtain the id's of rows in a table on a website (the url is in the code). My problem is that I can't find the table. When I run the code it tells me that only one table exist, and that is not the one I'am looking for. Can someone please explain to me why it only returns the...
  9. W

    Web Scraping with MSXML for Etrade values - close but not there.

    The following code is my attempt to glean my data from my account at Etrade. The site is meant to confuse, but the code sample has copies of the relevant divisions and id's. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. There are six such amounts. Sub FetchET() ' get Etrade values, Warren...
  10. J

    Scraping data from websites

    Hi all, I'm trying to scrape data from a webpage, but when I go to the Data section of my worksheet, the tab that is supposed to say "From Web" says "From HTML" instead. How do I get the "From Web" tab to come up? Thanks!
  11. I

    Please help..scrap data from website

    PLEASE HELP I NEED TO SCRAP DATA FROM IN BELOW FORMAT . <tbody> Unique ID Arrest State Arrest County Name Age Gender Home Address Home City Home State Postal Code Occupation Arrested on Charges Photo File Photo Link Link </tbody> I HAVE ALL READY A...
  12. F

    Trying to scrape emails with VBA

    Hello Ladies & Gents, I am trying to scrape specific emails, but when I look at the source code & when I use my scraper, there seems to be 15 different emails for one email. for i.e. the email is hiding in in a with 15 tags --- and only one contains the email A better example... I am...
  13. F

    Help With Scraping Emails VBA

    Hello All, I am very new to this and I have been taking bits and pieced of codes that I have either found online or on youtube. [+>[SCROOLL TO BOTTOM FOR QUESTION]<+] I want to collect emails from this website: The State Bar of California Home Page I have automated the process to click and...
  14. R

    Scrape From Website & Insert X Columns Over

    Hello, I am looking to scrape the contents of a website specified in cell Y1 and insert the contents into the first row of the column specified in Z1. For instance, if the number in Z1 was the number 4 then the contents would be inserted starting at cell D1 since column D is the fourth (4)...
  15. P

    Need help in Scraping

    Hello, I need to extract Names and Phone Numbers of teachers from a website. Visit this URL Mumbai Teachers. Home Tutor Mumbai Private teacher Mumbai India There you can see plenty of teachers listed, click on any teacher's name e.g. Private Maths, PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY Tutor Andheri...
  16. F

    Running a macro that samples a website all day long

    Hello: Suppose in an excel Row I have a series of time values (hours of a day). For example, Row 4 has the following series along columns: 7:00:00; 8:10:00; 10:30:00; 15:23:00 The mission of this macro is: - Check the first timestamp - Schedule a web sample (scraping) at this time - Do the...
  17. S

    Scraping Data from Web Page

    Hi I'd like to extract a few elements of data from the following page. FRANCE: Ligue 1 All I need is the Team Name (Team) & the average number of goals they have scored (G/M) which would then appear in excel as a 2 column table. I have no understanding of HTML at all which from the research...
  18. C

    Problems with QueryTables from Web in a Loop

    I've been having problems trying to run a crude VBA web scraper, attempting to loop through relatively large numbers of pages to consolidate the data I'm looking for. Essentially, it'll work for a set number of loops, and then just freezes - I get the processing circle, but nothing's happening...
  19. E

    Basic web scrape of zillow.

    Can someone please help. I have been looking for a way to pull information from zillow and haven't found much. I would like a macro to pull all the normal stuff like zestimate, number of beds, baths, sqft, and price of a property as well as surrounding properties that are and are not listed. but...
  20. J

    Excel VBA scraping a nested table

    Hi, I'm pretty newbie in excel vba. I have this problem: I want excel to check the availability of an item @ BGS technic for instance "1195" I wrote this vba:Sub ImportMyData() Dim IE As New InternetExplorer IE.Visible = False IE.navigate...

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