1. S

    Screenupdating in Workbook_Open

    Our IT department recently updated our intranet/sharepoint and some of my files stored there for my department are now behaving differently. A sheet I was unhiding ("Guide") based on user name is now the sheet it always opens to even though it's not the last thing that happens in the macro (a...
  2. D

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False, Not Working, Posting Code

    Hello, I can't figure out why Application.ScreenUpdating is not working, the screen flickers every time (after entering data on G2). I tried to figure it out from other posts, but it seems different things work for different people so I'm showing the code I'm struggling with bellow. Please...
  3. R

    Application.ScreenUpdating = True but cell doesn't show update.

    I have written some code where it will turn on screen updating just long enough to input a text value into a cell that explains to the user what the current status is for the procedure. Once the status is inputted into the cell, I then the VBA turns off screen updating so that the rest of the...
  4. J

    Screen Flases even though ScreenUpdating is set to false

    I have a macro that uses a cover sheet with a picture on it. The data sheet is hidden. Even though I disable screen updating before every write operation, the picture still flashes when it performs a delete and an insert. The save for an edit is fine. The picture is about 900k and the insert has...
  5. E

    Simple Question on Screenupdating

    No biggie here. While some of my macros are running, I have ScreenUpdating=false . I update the progress for the user by changing the Caption on a Command Button and then turn on Updating and then turn it off. It works just fine. I was wondering, however, if there was a way around turning...
  6. D

    screenupdating = false causes to crash?

    i swear ive been having odd excel issues.. when i USE screenupdating = prevented the macros from crashing, but when I used crashes at the end of the macro odd, i thought not showing screenupdating would NOT cause it crash
  7. jase71ds

    Quick Question regarding VBA and Application.ScreenUpdating=False

    I almost never want to see the screen update when I run a macro (unless I'm troubleshooting) I've gotten into the habit of begining all macros with: Application.ScreenUpdating=False But I've also got in the habit of NOT ending the code with: Application.ScreenUpdating=True Are there any ill...
  8. W

    Application.ScreenUpdating=false not working when secondary sub is called

    Hi, I got an annoying issue with Application.ScreenUpdating. It worked fine until I added a secondary subroutine into the code. I tried to look for a solution and already attempted to fix the issue by calling the following subs at the beginning and at the end of the primary and secondary subs as...
  9. T

    ScreenUpdating, EnableEvents settings

    If in a single session of Excel, I have two workbooks and in workbook 1 I set ScreenUpdating and EnableEvents to be False, then close it, are the states for workbook2 still set to False? I'd like to test it but I have found that despite setting ScreenUpdating to False, when I check it in the...
  10. V

    Screen Updating - Unable to Disable Application.ScreenUpdating

    I am unable to disable the Application.screenUpdating propery. I've seen this issue referenced in various places but have yet to find a solution. Setting this value to false does not seem to do anything, as the value remains true in the watch window. Also, the screen still udpates...
  11. K

    Application.ScreenUpdating = True

    Hi, I realise there is a similar old post, but I can't seem to see how it helps me. I have a simple macro in which I want to move a shape across a screen. It worked in older Excel versions, but now does not update the screen, and only shows the shapes final position. I've simplifed it for this...
  12. 9tanstaafl9

    Can't set application.screenupdating = False ... Going insane...

    I can't seem to turn off screenupdating for any macros on one workbook. I do not have this problem with other workbooks. My macro does not crash, it appears to run properly, and when I step through the code line by line it appears like the application.screenupdating = false is being run. But...
  13. D

    Does anyone know if it is possible to isolate ‘ScreenUpdating = False’ to select columns only?

    I have a monstrous workbook with a live data feed for stock price and other data. I use this workbook to monitor just over 5,100 stocks and depending on the data received via the live feed, Excel may have to run 100,000 calculations a second. When I first wrote all the formulas in this workbook...
  14. D

    VBA Application.ScreenUpdating=False Not Working

    Hi, I can't figure out why the code below is not disabling screen updating. Any help would be much appreciated. Sub Populate_Categories() If Application.ScreenUpdating = True Then Application.ScreenUpdating = False If Application.EnableEvents = True Then Application.EnableEvents = False...
  15. J

    ScreenUpdating query

    Hi I am trying to speed up the execution of my code for a few userforms and make it as streamlined as possible. I have read up and seen in my own code that applying Application.ScreenUpdating = False at the start of the sub and Application.ScreenUpdating = True at the end (though it should turn...
  16. E

    Excel 2013 ScreenUpdating Multiple Workbooks

    We are noticing an odd behavior with Application.ScreenUpdating in Excel 2013 as it pertains to multiple workbook scenarios. With Application.ScreenUpdating = False, performing actions on other non-active workbooks causes Excel to "focus" the target workbook resulting in a momentary screen...
  17. A

    Does Application.ScreenUpdating = False work in a workbook change event?

    I've written a code that hides certain tabs and rows based on the selection from a drop down list by using a worksheet_change event. However when it runs it flicks between screens which looks a bit rubbish. I tried adding in the Application.ScreenUpdating = False however this made no difference...
  18. R

    Why is the screen flashing when I insert a picture?

    I have a project that inserts pictures in a worksheet, as triggered by a worksheet_change event. The problem is, whenever I trigger the event, and the pictures are inserted automatically, there is a brief flash that is very unappealing. I have tried everything I can think of isolate the...
  19. P

    Application.ScreenUpdating automatically changes to True

    I have a code that initially sets ScreenUpdating to False, but in the middle of the code it calls another subroutine and for some reason it actually shows me some (not all) actions (ie, when it selects a new sheet I get to see that). I have been following ScreenUpdating Property through...
  20. D

    Screen flicker when ScreenUpdating returns to True: DOES from any sub UNLESS initiated by a form control on ws

    My first post. Have searched every available discussion of screen flicker for Excel VBA (mine is 2007), but have not found one like this: Widely acknowledged that when ScreenUpdating returns to True it redraws the screen. My ActiveX Buttons on the visible worksheet flicker during this redraw...

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