1. D

    Retrieve textfile properties of file in zipfolder

    Dear all, I wrote a VBA macro (partly mine and partyl snippets from the Internet) that lists all files that are contained in all zip files the macro can find in the starting path: folder_path = "C:\Users\[MYNAME]\Desktop\prod". This works. It runs through every Folder down to zipArchive which...
  2. O

    MS Scripting for directory tree parsing

    Go easy on me. I'm more of a decent hacker using other's code not a programmer. 1st post here. Tried using recursive code I found based on MS scripting (which I barely understand) to parse directory tree to fill an array with all paths. It seems to be parsing fine as I can tell HOW MANY dirs it...
  3. B

    VB Script for Data consolidation

    I have provided this request before. Tables were not visible in that thread. So creating a new one. Can someone help me with creating excel macro for the following. Data will be entered in the "Main" Table in Worksheet 1 (Main Worksheet). Shown entries for a project with two units - Unit 1 and...
  4. J

    Use VBA to install Excel Microsoft Scripting Runtime Reference

    Hi all! I'm trying to activate the Microsoft Scripting Runtime Reference within my code as I'm using FSOs in other parts of the code. I don't get any errors, but it's not activating the reference either. The path below is my actual path. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sub...
  5. M

    Create multiple worksheets in an excel file using strings in one column and auto update such worksheets based on the master sheet.

    I have a master sheet which has multiple data like Date, Item Name, Weight, Price which is updated daily by appending new data below the old data in the same sheet I wish to automatically prepare multiple sheets based on different items present in the column "Item Name" in the master sheet...
  6. G

    scripting dictionary with 2 Keys and 1 Item

    hello all, Normally I would use Index/Match but I'm looking for a VBA solution. In column A I have a list of numbers. In column B I have a list of names. In column C I have a date. Can a scripting dictionary have 2 keys (in column A & B) and 1 item (in column C)? Match the value in columns...
  7. R

    Any recommendations to speed up VBA comparison function? [long]

    Wrote this mass of VBA code in order to compare sentences for equality. Any recommendations for speeding it up? Not looking to use other programs (though it would be easier) as VBA is the only current one I have access to. Looking for better algorithms for assignment issue as well as removing...
  8. S

    Scripting Dictionary as a vlookup

    Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to create a scripting dictionary that is equivalent to a vlookup for a report that I am trying to create. Basically I have my Sheet1 where I have my list of "ID" then some other data, and the new amount, which is taken from from Sheet8 - a data dump I get...
  9. S

    Help with setting what I think Should be an easy macro

    Hello All, I'm trying to accomplish what I thought would be a fairly simple thing in terms of programming but it seems I've run into a bump. I'm attempting to create a Macro so that with the current active cell I can press my predefined hotkey\shortcut and it will do 3 things. Firstly will add...
  10. T

    Help with Scripting Library

    I have 2 sets of data that I need to compare, each set is roughly 500,000 rows. I tired to do a vlookup but it was taking far too long to complete (30+ minutes before I cancelled it) I've been reading that I want to use a scripting library to accomplish this, but I cant quite figure out how...
  11. G

    VBA - Delete all files not containing certain string of text in filename

    I have a large collection of files (many thousands) and I only want to keep those containing a certain string in its filename (that is, "10-K".) Here is a picture of what I want do to -- except for those files containing "10_K" in the file name, delete the others. (This is a sampling of the...
  12. S

    Open and Save PDFs using Excel Metadata

    I have a list of PDF URLs that I want to open and save using the metadata in the Excel workbook. Example: A | B https://link1.pdf | super_awesome_1 https://link2.pdf | totally_rad_47 https://link3.pdf | wowsers_cool_32 I want to create a script or process that will open each URL in column A...
  13. C

    Subfolders collection of FilesystemObject has a count

    Subfolders collection of FilesystemObject has a count but you can't reference it? Subfolders.Count = 12 prefect Folder.Subfolders(11) not allowed - errors Error 5 Invalid procedure call or argument likewise Folder.subfolders.Item(X) Is the Count of any use other than to tell how many there are?
  14. G

    formatting and deleting cells and rows from a txt import in excel

    I believe I have exhausted all the searches I could do on this subject and since I have not solved my first problem I hope I can post and get an answer for both of my issues... Background: I recieve a report from an old database in email as a message, I copy that message to word and save it as...
  15. T

    Script/VBA, other possible solution to automating report bursting and copy to folder/directories?

    Hello All, This is my first post here. Is there a way in Access VBA (or any other way (really)) to split Access Reports (by group change) into individual reports and send them to a directory based on the group? In other words, if I have a report for each professor within the report and I want...
  16. C

    Timestamping formula for drop down box in Google Docs Spreadsheet

    I am stuck. I am trying to add a multiple time stamps to a google doc spreadsheet. I have figured out how to add a time stamp formula to a blank column. I created the script below: function timestamp() { return new Date() } And added the formula: =IF(ISBLANK(F3),,TIMESTAMP(F3)) to the column I...
  17. J

    Using Marcos to create financial statements from journal entries.

    I'm completely new with macros. I was wondering what you would need so that the information will automatically update itself onto a summary page. For example for entries on one worksheet to create a statement on another worksheet? Example: <tbody> Asset Type Description Date Amount OA Bonds...
  18. J

    Recursive search in nested folders/subfolders and then open file

    Hello, I have been searching for a solution to a problem for quite some times now, and I was hoping one of you have a great idea in this forum. I first like to appreciate any help and any reply to my problem. My problem is, I have an excel macro that does multiple thing for a report purpose...
  19. Chaz6

    Removing rows with VBA

    I wish to compare two worksheets and remove all the rows from worksheet 1 where there is no corresponding row in worksheet 2. I wish to compare column C in worksheet 2 starting at row 8 with column B in worksheet 2 starting at row 2. I have almost got it working, except that I have to run the...

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