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  1. R

    VBA: Find matches in other workbooks for a list of values

    Hi I have very little experience in VBA but need to puttogether some code to save me a great deal of time. To set the scene: Each day I get a list of style numbers for products. I have to check each style number against acollection of other workbooks and copy the corresponding row(s) to a...
  2. A

    Find text then Copy Adjacent Cell and Paste into two seperate cells

    Hello, just hoping to get some help with this. I’ve two words that have different values associated with them, I just want to findthe words and copy the values from the adjacent cells into separate cells for example Cell R43, R45, R47 etc for the value associated with Wait and a separate cell...
  3. S

    Search Table Copy to another Sheet

    I have a worksheet called Master Table with columns A-CR. The Column I am searching is in column B. In the same workbook I have a spreadsheet called SearchMasterTable I am using cell C1 in this workbook for the input of the requested lookup. If the data in SearchMasterTable C1 equals one or...
  4. D

    VBA, search in range of data and then copy and paste

    Hi Guys, I'm working on a extremely tedious project and my hands are about to fall off :help:. So to give you an idea of what I'm doing, check out this GIF: (Note: In the GIF: there are more columns to fill out) So I'm not sure if there is a VBA possible for filling out all of the...
  5. D

    VBA, index to search in a range of numerous data then copy and paste to other sheet

    Hi guys, I'm working on a extremely tedious project and my hands are starting to fall off :(. I'm not too sure if this VBA is possible but if anyone has suggestions please feel free to post it. To demonstrate what I am doing manually check out this GIF: Typically I could make a macro to...
  6. H

    For Each Value in Sheat1 A:A, Search Sheat2 A:A, Copy An:An+? and Paste Sheat1 B:B

    Hi All, I'm new here, but I've used excel and macros occasionally in the last few years. Usually I've been able to figure things out from the posts and replies of others, but this time I'm stuck. So here it goes... I have 1xWB with 2xWS. WS1 has 3xColumns, WS2 has 1xColumn:WS1 <tbody> ID...
  7. Manolocs

    copy text that contains...

    Hello, I have 5 columns from B,C,D,E,F. Only one contains "<<" followed by text, I want to copy the entire cell that contains "<<" in column H. Any help is more than welcome. Preferably with formula.
  8. P

    VBA to search column and copy entire rows to new sheet

    Hello, I have a problem where I want to be able to search a particular column and then copy that entire row to a new workbook based on the value found in the particular column. I have the following worksheet called '2016':- <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M 1 DATE NAME DATE PAID INV NO...
  9. B

    Help Modify code to allow multiple criteria

    Hi i was wondering if someone can edit this code so I can search by 3 criteria instead of one. Also if 1 or criteria are chosen it will give me those results aswell. This macro works perfectly just missing 2 more criteria. The video below gives me a way to add a second filter but only if both...
  10. R

    Excel VBA search multiple files for text in txt files and return the line/paragraph containing that word

    Hello, I have found an excel macro enabled file which search for a specific word in all documents in a specific folder, if the word is found then it returns the mark 'x' against the file name. Check attachment. I want this to return whole line or paragraph containing that searched word...
  11. Y

    Kindly Help in Solving this Excel Problem

    Kindly help me solving searching problem in excel. I have to copy and past following detail from one sheet to another. For Example i have list of 1200 sites with name and description,numbers and other details in next columns A1 to A1200 Sites IDs B2 to B1200 other info....... i have to take...
  12. B

    Find text then Copy Adjacent Cell and Paste into Column A

    Hi, I need help. I've tried searching for macros and editing them to suit with no such luck. I need to search my worksheet and find the word "Acct", then copy the value in the cell 2 columns over into column A. For example, if "Acct" was found in P18, then copy value from R18 and paste into...
  13. B

    How to tell excel to run a macro when column headings become blank

    Hi everyone, I took a stab at making a macro that simply adds a column, copys adjacent cells formatting into it, and copies the adjacent cells column heading into the new one - but changes it slightly. For example, it changes the column heading "Case Price Effective 05.01.15" to "Case Price...
  14. K

    Select sheet based on sheet name and copy range of columns from one workbook to another

    I have 2 workbooks with various sheets in each book. I would like to copy a certain range of columns (A:J) from source to target book (same range A:J). Additionally, I need to copy from source book based on specific name (For e.g. I have several worksheets: Product1, Product1 Sales, Product1...
  15. T

    Search issues

    Hello, I am using an embedded search function in excel (example below). =SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Sounding Lake",$F14:$F30))+0,BD14:BD30,$J14:$J30) The problem is that the search is also grabbing and summing another similar embedded search (see below) =SUMPRODUCT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Sounding...
  16. K

    Search values in multiple CSV files using VBA

    First, I'm really a rare user of Excel. And now, I need to 'develop' with it. So, basically, I have this form in a workbook (as the first sheet). This form have the folder destination (of which the CSV files are located), the value to search for (say, a unit name), and a button. The folder...
  17. M

    Vlookup combine with an IF statement?

    Hi i need to search a spreadsheet and retrieve data based on whatever i enter into a cell. Does this make sense So if i enter 5 in the cell in question i would like a formula that would seach a specific column, say A, on a spread sheet and whereever Colum A contained a 5 retrieve the...
  18. N

    How to sarch a text in a particular cell with the list of cells

    All, Stuck in excel, which I am not finding solution. I need to search a text in a cell with a column and if matches, the value in which the adjacent cells should be copied to other cells. I am attaching two sheets, which I have the data as, and the second one is the data I am in need of.. If...
  19. J

    VBA macro coding, finding data in multiple colums

    Hi guys, I am looking to do the following: Have a button that when selected in another page, will find data across two different coloums in a different page, then copy and paste that data into another after wiping the page that the data is being copied into (as it will be used again for...
  20. A

    Extract specific text from column and put in a new column

    Hey all! I need to search a list in column B of 500 records to find specific words such as"ABC2000000000" The text will always begin with "ABC................." and I would like to extract this whole world from the text string into a new column. This is not always in the middle or beginning or...

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