search files in folder

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    Search through folders and subfolders to find a file and open it.

    Hi I have started this macro but I am having a problem (Labeled '????? below). I am tring to find a file which is typically .doc/docx/.pdf within a folder or its subbfolders then open it if found. Can anyone modify my solution below to to alos searchthrough all subfolders? file =...
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    Searching for .pps files in subfolder and then open

    Hello, I am new to vba progeamming. I am looking for a vba macro preferably in excel. It should pick up a file name (e.g.example)from one of the cells in the excel file add .pps extension and then look for example.pps file in subfolders on shared drive (L:\). If it finds the file then it should...

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