1. M

    Only run specific macro on sheet with cell equals particular year, or range of years

    I have the below macro that searches an entire workbook for a particular string and returns that value from a cell a few cells down. I now need it to search only worksheets that contain particular year, or range of years. So that it is out the way and kind of hidden im going to put the year in...
  2. M

    Combining IF, COUNTIF, ISNUMBER, SEARCH in a formula

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to point me towards a solution that has me stumped combining a number of search functions. I have a roster with three general information columns: Position title, is the position active, company the position reports to. There is a separate summary sheet that is...
  3. W

    data search vba

    I have a large Q&A spreadsheet with rows that include question, answer, category, sub category, and date updated. I am looking for someone to create a form in which I can search with the option of filtering by category. I am thinking a place to insert the phrase or question (and be able to...
  4. H

    VBA Find, Copy, paste

    Good Morning Friends, I have an employee training spread sheet that lists out the employee and all the areas that they are trained in. However, the row is super long because their are a lot of areas across different departments that they could be trained in. My row currently goes all the way to...
  5. M

    Find / Search Duplicate Values in slash or (-) character Data in one cell

    I want to find a value among the multiple values in one cell, I hope the given picture will help understanding the actual issue. Hope to get some solution from some Mr. Excel :) P.S :- Please i need some formula instead of VB Code
  6. M

    Count Number of digits 0-9 to the left of a Specific Character in a Cell

    I used a formula to parse a field that typically contains text like the following: 1F5H or 13F1H The following formula works just fine when the number of digits to the left of a given character is static, like 1 numerical digit. However, I'm not sure how to determine how many numerical digits...
  7. D

    Search two columns using one criteria return third column

    The results in column "N" are either in column "T" or "U" I need to be able to find the matching number in Column "T" or "U" and return what is in column "V" into column "K". If no results are found it needs to say "check lookup table" Index, Match will only look at one column, not sure what...
  8. C

    Copying a dynamic range of cells

    Hi I've currently got a data sheet similar to the one below. The data sheet gains multiple rows each month as each new reporting month is added. The column positioning also changes each month. However the title for each range is the same each month. I want to be able to use VBA to search for...
  9. J

    Getting an exact match in a search

    Hello, new to VBA, so forgive my ignorance. I created a spreadsheet which I am adding data and assigning a number to the data. I have a search setup to make sure the number I am assigning is not already used. It works great except it cannot differentiate between say 75 and 175 or 1075, which...
  10. D

    Search Sheets Help

    I have an idea for a search sheet that i have no idea how to create, and am looking for help. I would like Sheet 1 to just be a search box and you can type in an address, and below it will be a table that will show the results that match your search. The matched search data will be stored on...
  11. HeRoseInThree

    search and display names

    My company hires few people, yet many apply. That being said, I would like to sort through the list of applicants to determine if they have previously applied as to not waste time on someone that we have chosen not to hire. I'd like to search their name in a cell (k12) and have it display a...
  12. A

    Filter search in MS Excel 2007

    Hi everyone, I request you to send the code to enable Filter search in Excel 2007.
  13. B

    Search for multiple text within a cell and return text

    I'm trying to do multiple text searches in a cell and return text if true. If not true then I want the cell to be blank. For example Column A is PaymentNotFound12345 and I want the formula in column B to search for "PaymentNot" and return "PaymentNot". However I need to also search for other...
  14. G

    Unstructured Addresses and Countries

    I have a column with full international addresses with no separators (commas or semicolons). I need to search each cell for a country name and put it in the cell next to it. I've tried to use the search function and it works with one country but when I introduce the full country list, I get a...
  15. I

    Search Multiple tables on multiple worksheets - find next item.

    Morning All, I have a search option on my Userform enabling the user to search via Client or Opportunity name, and use the below code to find the result and populate various text/comboboxes on the search form. This enables the user to check it is the correct record before selecting it...
  16. S

    Search sheet and pull results into a list box based on criteria

    I have a sheet with headers SKU, Name and Stock. I would like to create an userform with 3 textboxes and 3 search buttons below the textboxes to perform a search whatever i enter into each box and place the found results into a listbox for easy viewing. I can write a macro to do a search on...
  17. L

    Sumproduct Isnumber Search is returning same result for different values

    ​Hello - I utilizing a formula that is intended to count the number of visible entries in a table that meets multiple criteria utilizing Sumproduct, Isnumber, and Search. However; I have just realized that in some instances the formula is including results it should not. For example, in the...
  18. L

    Using Excel Filter to Search for text containing a comma & displaying all records that contain one

    I have a list of Email Addresses in an Excel File along with other columns. I Filter the email column to search for mistakes, like double periods (..) which works fine in the filter. But when I search for a comma (,) it's not allowed. Sometimes people type a comma for the period (by accident)...
  19. J

    Search two columns

    I have two workbooks with a company name column in both, I need to search workbook 1 for matching company name and if it's a match I need the name from the contact column in workbook 1 added to workbook 2. I can do this with INDEX/MATCH, but my problem is I have rows under company name that have...
  20. P

    VBA: Following Hyperlink that's linked to Sharepoint?

    I've got a list of Hyperlinks, that are all files on a sharepoint site. When I click on one, it opens Microsoft Edge and at the bottom asks if I want to open the file. When I click "Open", the file then opens in the appropriate desktop app. I'm wondering if there is a way around Microsoft Edge...

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