secondary axis graph

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    Placing the secondary Y axis below the X axis

    Hi guys This issue at first seemed really simple but I have been at this for hours and cannot make any progress. I have search a ton of articles, boards and all the solutions posed do not fix the issue i am facing, which is to place the secondary Y axis (which is a calculated field, showing...
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    How to add a Secondary Axis to a ColumnClustered chart

    I am trying to figure out, how to add a secondary xlLine axis to the TempChart in the code below. Sub CreateChart(r As Long, Sts As String) Dim TempChart As Chart Dim FName As String Dim strCol As Long Dim CatTitles As Range, SrcRange As Range, SourceData As Range...
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    Plotting data in a secondary not the entire data series

    Hi All, Could you please help in letting me know how to post a data point of a data series in a seecondary access by keeping the other data points of the same data series in the primary access. Tried changing the axis to secondary but the entire data series is shifted instead of the one point...
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    Help with a logarithmic x-axis problem

    Hi, I've been struggling with a graph I'm doing for a lab report, and I've been unable to find a solution online. I have two series, each with separate y-axes (linear) and both plotted on a logarithmic x-axis with the same x-axis values for both series. I expected the points on both series to...
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    Secondary Axis

    I have two different Series and on two Y Axis, but for some reason they stack on top of each other, instead of next to each other. How can I get them to stack next to each other?

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