1. R

    Name Manager does not open

    In an Excel 2013 workbook when attempting to open Name Manager (Formulas > Name Manger) I receive the progress circle for a few seconds than nothing. I have searched the forum and internet with to luck. Anyone have ideas? Thanks Ron
  2. C

    Change Decimal to mm:ss.00 format

    Can anyone help? I'm new to forum and this is defeating me but cannot give up!! I have lots of swimming time data which has been input manually using a decimal instead of a colon between minutes and seconds, how can I convert this? Changing the format to this does not work as some times have...
  3. Rick Rothstein

    An amazing diversion...

    I am not sure if I am breaking any rules for this forum, but this is just too good to miss. I saw this kid on an American TV show and could not believe it. Here he is in a YouTube clip I found setting a Guinness world record. What does he do? He solves 3 totally mixed Rubik's Cubes in under 5...
  4. D

    Convert Seconds into hhh:mm:ss?

    Is it possible to convert 323584 seconds into Hours, Minute, Seconds?
  5. R

    MFG Line balancing help: can excel do this?

    I have a set # of operations, each requiring a set time to complete. Is there functionality in excel to identify operations that sum to a max amount of time, group those operations, and then sum the next operations up to a max time, and so on... Ex. Operation 1: 50 seconds Operation 2: 30...
  6. S

    Tricky: Excel is faster in a new workbook, speed in original is lagging

    Hello everyone, I have a lot going on it my workbook for work. The sheet has had a lot of modifications to it and it is now behaving slowly. It takes roughly 6 seconds to apply a filter to the worksheet when it used to take .01 seconds. If I move the worksheet into a new book the speed is right...
  7. H

    Time Difference in SECONDS required

    A2=6/27/2018 9:59:32 B2=6/27/2018 10:58:38 In C2 TIME difference in seconds is required. How to accomplish? Thanks in adv
  8. L

    Fix a 3 second delay when entering text in any cell

    I have a fairly large workbook (60+sheets) that I'm taking over maintaining. Its got a lot of macros in it that control moving data from entry sheets into databases, and collecting that data into report sheets. I've been successful speeding up several sheets that had macros that took 30+ seconds...
  9. C

    Prevent Display of PageBreaks before opening a Workbook - VBA

    Hi all, I have 300 spreadsheets that have 10 worksheets, each opening on PageBreak view. This slows down the opening of each spreadsheet. From ~42 seconds when displayed to 3 or 4 seconds without. This slows down my VBA code by a similar factor. I'm trying to figure out how to disable this in...
  10. Z

    value after comma as seconds

    Hi, I have the sheet with time measurements written as number and need to convert it to time format. For example 3,40 means 3 minutes and 40 seconds. How should I do it?
  11. M

    VBA- how can i have a userform behaviours just controltiptext?

    Hello, Actually, I need a small userform to pops up after mouse over and disappearing after mouse leaves the control. Is there any way for that, or any workaround this? now I am using a userform + application.ontimecommand to close that form after 2 seconds, but this does not look good at all, I...
  12. R

    Refresh userform after 30 seconds but also keep it open for changes

    Hello I have created a registration userform. People come to the PC, enter they badge number and register for an event. After they register the userforms background turn green. => registration OK If for some reason the user try's to register again the userforms background turns red. => Already...
  13. T

    Formula to tell me how long something will take in minutes and hours

    Hi Everyone, I just want a formula to tell me how long something is going to take based on the number of items. So in Cell K3 I have a number say 17 The formula needs to workout how many hours and minutes it will take to do all 17 items if each item takes 20 seconds so basicly in English the...
  14. J

    VBA - Copying and Pasting new workbook to existing sheet

    Hello, I am creating some script in workbook "A" that allows me to open workbook "B" from the internet and paste the contents of workbook "B" into workbook "A". The problem I am running into is workbook "B" is staying open, so when the script reruns it pastes from workbook "C" into workbook "B"...
  15. M

    Sheet suddently slow

    Dear All, I'm working a quite big process with a userform with 8/10 buttons doing different things on a sheet. The file il 1400 kb big and it used to be normally fast. Some weeks ago all the processes suddently slowed down but I can't understand why and i don't know where to start to find out...
  16. N

    Whole numbers set in seconds to Hour Format "00:00:00"

    Hi. I need your to convert whole numbers in seconds in a time format. May I know an easier way to do this with this format "hh:mm:ss"? I tried to manually calculate. 3600 (secs) is already equivalent to 1 (hr), but if I format it to time, I can't seem to find "1:00:00" there. It appears as...
  17. H

    Close Workbook after idle for 30 seconds

    Good morning All, Would anyone be able to assist with a vba code that will automatically close a workbook and save changes once it has been idle for a certain amount of time, say 30 seconds? Thank you Herbie C
  18. K

    Check if a value is in a list of ranges and more

    Hello, I have the following data: <tbody> A B C D E Ranges<strike></strike> Time Seconds 1:06:31 PM<strike></strike> 1:07:00 PM<strike></strike> 1:06:54 PM<strike></strike> 3.739 1:07:01 PM<strike></strike> 1:07:30 PM<strike></strike> 1:07:15 PM<strike></strike> 3.124 1:07:31...
  19. J

    VBA Excel / summing values by time window

    Hi, i am looking some advice to make a script in VBA. I need to get some values summed in time frames that range from 5 seconds to 60 seconds from cells that are updating all the time with 10 to 50 updates per second. Lets say that in 5 seconds I get the values 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 1 2 1 2. I would...
  20. J

    Run Macro for 2 minutes, stop, refresh queries for 10 seconds and then Loop back to Macro

    I have an Excel file with 3 tabs that are all pulling info through queries which rotate every 40 seconds. The VBA I have for it works great. After rotating through the tabs I need the queries to refresh via VBA. However, since a macro is being ran, the queries wont refresh until I manually stop...

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