1. M

    VBA to get content from internet

    Hi Need a help. In column A of sheet 1, I have links of certain section of company websites. I need to copy all the content from that section to sheet 2 of excel once all content got copied from first link move to 2nd link and copy all content and so on. however i also need an identifier...
  2. I

    If And Question etc

    Hi, Can you advise the correct way to write this, If .Range("Z14") = FFFF00 and has value Then Red section has me confused
  3. G

    Changing a formula

    I have "inherited" a workbook from a past worker and there is a formula that doesn't give the information required. The formula posted below works but I needs extra criteria. I want it to match against 3 criteria where the existing formula only matches 2 criteria. Can someone tell me the...
  4. Belair58

    Dynamic Formula for Percentages

    Hello, I have a sheet that I've created a blank row after each change in Column J. I need to have column P in that row to have the formula, but dynamic values for the column O should be dynamic : =ROUND(COUNTIF($O$2:$O$1007,"Late")/COUNTA($O$2:$O$1007)*100,2) at each blank line. I've got the...
  5. D

    Access 2010: Scroll Bars - again

    I have a form with a header section (containing controls) and the detail section which returns the result of a Search - determined by what is input in the control(s). If I have the vertical scroll bar showing, it extends into both the header and the detail part of the form. Since the...
  6. B

    VBA to sumproduct & loop...I think

    Hi all, Sheet1 has product Bill of Materials: Sheet2 is for user to input Product & Tonnes in the INPUT section: I'm looking for VBA to calculate & return Ingredients & total Tonnes under the RESULT section. Thanks for any help in advance. Mark
  7. C

    Running a "Run All" using Scheduled Task

    Greetings, I can probably do this for something similar but I just cannot piece together my needs for this specific task. I did not write the code but know if I click the button "Run All" it will go through all the processes contained below. My goal is to run this section on a schedule where...
  8. G

    Dynamic sum based on cell text.

    Hello - any help much apprciated. I have managed to sort a large (varying) data set as below but need a formuale to sum up the values returned, however the number of returned vlaues will not always be the same. For example below i have 4 areas to sum with 3,3,1,1 variables however next time i...
  9. N

    Horizontal Lookup Name Search

    Hi, I do hope somebody can help me. I have 2 sheets... First Sheet Section 1 Fred Bloggs 1001 1003 1005 1007 1009 Section 2 Amy Trams 1000 1002 1004 1006 1008 Second Sheet 1002 9.2 0.00% 1 <section name="" here="">1005 9.7 80.00% 2...
  10. N

    Section Number Search from Horizontal Cabin Numbers

    Hi, I cannot think how to do a horizontal search to find a Section Number (Cabin 15001) and hope you are able to help me? The stats screenshot, I would like to be able to add the Section number for 15001, but cannot for the life of me work out how to do it for all cabins for each section...
  11. S

    Sorting data with conditions

    Hi, Appologies if this is long winded but it seemed the easiest way to explain myself. I need to create a solution to break the following table up into multiple, 2 part sections A&B. The total quanity of each section must be divisable by 15. Neither section can exceed 45,270 and the sum of...
  12. V

    VBA: Custom Data Labels Question

    Hi, I am trying to apply custom data labels to my chart from a series. This is the relevant section of my code. ActiveChart.FullSeriesCollection(2).Select ActiveChart.SetElement (msoElementDataLabelCallout) ActiveChart.FullSeriesCollection(2).DataLabels.Select...
  13. T

    Formatting Help

    Hi I am working on a file that is filled from an Access database. The excel file has multiple tabs with a simple format with a "header", "data" and a "total" line. When the files are updated the formatting tends to get messed up. The data section changes based on the number of cases pulled in...
  14. L

    Frustration level building - any thoughts?

    I have had these lines of code in a program for two years. Sheets("ShiftReport").Select Range("B2").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = CDate(frmShiftOnDuty.dtpShiftDate.value) It has worked without any issues, in fact this very section of the code ran yesterday. No code changes...
  15. H

    Numbering Order

    Hi, I'm having difficulty getting a numbering scheme working correctly. I have a list of descriptions that I want to assign a number. If a certain description is used one time the number that gets assigned needs to be the same number that is used if that description shows up again later down the...
  16. gheyman

    ACCESS: I dont see my fields on my form

    I created a Split form. Used the wizard. It put my fields in the detail section - which I can see all of them and edit them when in Design view. But when I go to Form view there I don't see my fields. I see them in the datasheet section on the bottom and I see the buttons I put in the form...
  17. M

    Optimalizing an existing sheet

    Hi there, A question about optimizing sheets from colleagues and exterior firms. I've read a bit on best practices and rules of good tables to increase user-friendliness and reduce the reader's cognitive load. As a practice, I'd like to improve and automate the following example. The following...
  18. Fergus

    Interactive Index

    I have a large amount of data on an Excel worksheet, 4000 rows. The data is split into sections, each section with a title in column D. I am trying, without success to compile an interactive index on a separate worksheet. The Index will comprise only a list of the section titles and I want to...
  19. P

    Count unique value comparing multiple coloumn

    Hello, I have a table which has two columns, column A & B - Column A have "section" and B consists of User Name. In column B user column the entries will be repeating. I need a formula which will give me the count of unique value base on the section (ref. Table 2) eg. for Section A = no. of...
  20. K

    Hyperlink multiple words in the comment section

    I am attempting to hyperlink multiple words in a comment section on Excel 2016. When right clicking on a work in the comment, the hyperlink is grayed out and dos not allow for a hyperlink. The only option is to hyperlink the entire cell. Is there a setting that needs to be changed in order to...

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