1. M

    simple code to show a number of rows

    Rows 11-30 and rows 41-60 both are 20 rows (obviously) I need a bit of code that when a user enters a number in cell A1, for example 5, the first 5 rows of each of the above 2 sections is visible, the last 15 rows are hidden Any help would be great :-) TIA
  2. C

    Highlight sections of a table to display changes in cell value

    Hi, I want to format a table in excel to change the row colour when a different value is reached in one of the columns. The value in this column changes every 20 cells or so, so ideally there would be two colours alternating down the table to make the differnet sections obvious (eg make blue...
  3. S

    Conditional format based on multiple criteria

    hi folks, Struggling with this one and not sure there's actually a solution, but i'd love to be proven wrong (gauntlet, thrown.) I am compiling a Worksheet KPI that reports back a ranked list of performances, based on that areas stock holdings. Each of our stock holding areas hold a different...
  4. S

    Evenly split a length into the lowest number of equal lengths

    I have a product which comes in sections. Its total length, and the sections it gets broken into, are at issue. In some situations we will need to take an arbitrary product length (lets say 28000mm), and break it into an arbitrary number of equal sections. I've been banging my head against it...
  5. R

    Dividing a range into sections and performing calculations on each section

    Good day, I'm looking for some advice on how to do the following: I have a range variable named rYvalues to which I assign a range which can be of varying length (7 rows to 365 rows). I would like to do the following: step 1 - divide the range up into sections, the number of which is taken...
  6. A

    Hide rows that contain all 0 but not too apply to all rows only certain rows

    Hi I have a spreadsheet that has 56 columns from A to BD with numerical data contained in columns C to AD The spreadsheet also has 197 rows. The rows are grouped by headings, which then detail costs on each line within those headings and then has sub totals for each group. I would like to...
  7. A

    lookup worksheet name

    how to find the sheet name (section name ) when you type employee no. in a cell? A workbook has 15 sheets named as per sections of the department.In each section has 100 employees in range A2:A101with unique employee no. I have a list of 50 employee nos in different sections. In a new work sheet...
  8. R

    sum all values which = y if they fall in the month of a date typed in b1

    I have 2 worksheets reports and database([Table5). I want to search [Admit Sections complete] and count the number of y found for the entire month if I type in the end of the month as a single date. I've used =MONTH(B1) in c1 and Year(B1) in d1 this is as far as I have gotten but it is no...
  9. L

    Macro to Put Several Rows Into One

    Hi! I am looking for a macro to put several rows of typed wording into one row of text. I copied a closed captioning transcript from a video into excel and it puts the entire script in short sections in several rows. I am hoping to be able to easiely condense it to then copy it into Word...
  10. L

    Conditional Range, If Statements, and Sum

    I want to create a macro that sums up the numbers for both "1" and "3" separately in the second column only between the range of "S" and "N" in the first column. I want to be able to do this for multiple section without having to do all of it manually. I think I added a picture, hopefully it...
  11. T

    Individual Tabs are Mirrored on Master Tab

    Hello, I have made a review form for calls that has ten sections. The legend for the form is very wordy and is difficult to read all at once, so I split each of the sections into their own numbered tabs 1-10. What I would like to do is have a "master" tab that has the entirety of the form and...
  12. M

    Collapsable Cells

    having some difficulty figuring out how to collapse multiple rows. Here is my example of what i'm trying to do. I already understand the Checkbox VBA codes etc. Here is the formula VBA i'm putting in. Private Sub CheckBox1_Click() [A30:H65].EntireRow.Hidden = CheckBox1 End Sub Private...
  13. E

    Why is my OR Code Failing

    Hi, Can anyone correct this? My code is not quite working and it appears to be a problem with my OR sections, can anyone correct this? =IF(AND(AZ2="ID",ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Com [L5]",AL2))=FALSE),"Investment",IF(OR(AZ2="Global Consumer",AL2="Commercial too"),"Retail ",IF(AND(AK2="Activities...
  14. H

    Potential Macro Question

    Hi all! Very happy to find this resource I will try to be as thorough/concise as I can be - I have a CSV file that we download for a number of customers. I have created a macro to remove all of the unnecessary information from that CSV file - Now, there is a field of audit notes that I am...
  15. I

    2010 Max-If with Multiple Value Ranges

    Hello, Very simply, there are sections of my data I want to exclude in my Max- and Min-If statements, but these sections are not continuous. These formulas work for excluding all account numbers less than 9700000...
  16. V

    Autosum until previous cell with sum

    Hi everyone ! I have a list of items that is seperated into sections, simply by blank cells. In every section there are items in column B and corresponding values in colulmn C. What I want is an automatic sum of every section/day, this is exactly what the AutoSum button does, but it should...
  17. M

    Print Multiple Sections in One Batch

    Dear All, I am using this great Macro, for printing financials reports, developed by There's just one problem with the code: It prints all sections on a separate sheet, rather than in a single batch. Not necessarily a problem when physically printing a report, but it does become a...
  18. P

    Excel VBA Read Lotus Notes database section title

    I've posted this in other forums, with NO reponses, so I apologize for cross-posting... I'm using Excel2007 and Lotus Notes 6.5 (Lotus Notes Designer is no help either!) Many years ago, a developer for several of our Lotus Notes databases decided to "Protect" some Authorization data by...
  19. J

    Copy multiple selections in excel 2003

    In Excel you can make multiple selections in a spreadsheet by holding down "ctrl" while making selections, however normally Excel does not allow you to then copy these selections all at once and paste them elsewhere. I found a tip that suggests that this may in fact be possible using VBA...

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